AR Infracon

Creative Design for Architectural design company- AR Infracon

Creative Design for Architectural design company- AR Infracon. Of course, exhibiting their identity and working manner in fantastic way.  To design the brochure in identically suitable shape to their identity and working manner was the main goal to achieve. Their creative personality reflected from creative design of their brochure in reality.

Architecture is the subject which contains the same creativity as designing. And so it was an interesting project of our interest. We kept each and every side of designing open for the work. We visited their studio and observed their intense creative aspects in their field. Though their office furniture was only a glimpse of their whole work, we became speechless for a while. The content writing was indeed the next step to form their ideas into a personality.

Finely described content and the different shaped pages gave unique look to the final touch. As usual the colors complimented the personality of the company.


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