Pankura Sarees Label Design

We made Creative Packaging Design for Pankura.

We made Unique Packaging Design – a kind of label for a clothing brand for women named “Pankura. First of all keeping in mind feminine choice color and patterns was priority. We created traditional patterns to give ethnic look to the label. In addition, we tried to focus on correct usage of colours.

Indian culture is vibrant when it comes to Saree. Every region and state of the country has their unique design styles opposite to each other. Therefore, it was necessary to create versatile Indian feel through creative packaging design. We used Maroon and Golden colors to design the same. Mostly, we took care that it will overall packaging design gels creatively with logo and typography.

We used traditional ornamental motifs to design the same. Because it give Indian ethnic feel to the overall packaging design.

Creative Packaging Design

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