Easy Coat

Product Catalogue Design for Pacemaker Pharmachem is a good idea generating exercise for us.

We conceptualize the idea of tablet coloring. And created 8 page pharma product catalogue design for their product series Easycoat. The basic function of the company is that they provide tablet coating or coloring. Service to the pharmaceutical companies was their core motive. We created several ideas for coverpage  of product catalogue design, and it was decided to have actual person doing coloring to the tablet. The idea was pretty simple but unique. We played around the proportion of tablet. Furthermore, it clearly reflects activity of the company. Finally, we have arranged a small photography and its done immediately. When we created the overall visual, client found it unique to show function of their company. They approved the design idea for coverpage and we created the whole 8 page product catalogue design with suitable graphics.

product catalogue design

We have also enhanced the look and feel of their logo to make it compatible for international audience.

product catalogue design

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