Engaging Real Estate Brochure Design

How to create an engaging real estate brochure designs that will give you successful leads for your business?

Real estate is a massive industry that is defined by competition and opportunity. It is necessary to focus on the demands of the consumers while providing the right kind of service. However, to get ahead in the competition, it is equally important to market and perform branding activities for your real estate business. You need to embrace the marketing trends and be ready with the necessary tools. One of the marketing strategies that works the best is real estate brochure designs.

A lot of people feel that with the introduction of digital marketing, brochures are not needed. This is their biggest mistake. In the field of real estate, brochures work well with the customers. They can even mark various things on the brochure for their convenience. It gives a better idea of the property as well. At the same time, digital brochures are also very helpful, if you do not want to get them printed. You should always opt for the latest brochure design as it leaves a good impression on the customers.

Things to keep in mind while creating engaging real estate brochure designs

Define the customer, Define the brochure

The first step to creating a brochure is to define your consumer. If you feel that everyone is your customer, then you are highly mistaken. You will have define your customer by their age and economic status. The economic status is an important factor to consider while creating real estate brochure designs.

If you are planning to sell higher end properties, then your brochure should be designed in that way. You will want to use minimalistic and classic colour. Also, if you are planning to get it printed, then you should probably go for a luxury paper as well. If you are developing a brochure for an average property, then you might want to highlight the price and the features in the design. Thus, your target audience will check different things in your real estate brochure designs and thus, you should fulfil their expectations. Hence, as a business owner, it is your duty to convey your target audience to your designer.

White Space

This is a very technical thing and your graphic designer will surely help you with this. However, it is important for you to keep this thing in mind. White spaces are really necessary for real estate brochure designs. Clarity speaks a lot and you require that while advertising real estate properties. It is important to understand that you need to be clear on everything from your site layout, features, address of the property and contact details, while working with a brochure maker. Hence, white space helps with readability and makes things easy to comprehend for your customer. You should never underestimate the power of a white space in a real estate brochure.

Keep it simple

Real estate brochure designs should be really simple. It is necessary to avoid gaudy colours and a lot of text. Just add the important features and unique selling points of a particular property. A lot of information in the brochure will not allow your customer to focus on the important aspects. At the same time, do not confuse your brochure maker as well. If you add too much information, even he will not be able to create a good design for you. Hence, you will have to decide and filter the important points. Always remember that simple designs work better and are interesting. For example, you can use an embossed design for the title to highlight it and keep rest of the things simple in the brochure.

Focus on the Pictures

When you are in the field of real estate, everyone knows that you take business seriously. Also, appearance is everything in your field. The way your project yourself, your brand and your brochure decides the sales. Thus, it is important to have 3D pictures of the property on your brochure. It is important to remember that a proper graphic can make or break your sales. Make sure that the 3D pictures are made with precision and they look their best in the brochures. In real estate brochure designs, even the slightest changes and edits can change the entire game for you as they can attract your customers by increasing your sales.


Always hire a professional designer to create the latest brochure designs. A lot of people feel that they might lose control over the creativity and thus, try to make their own brochures. This is the biggest mistake that you can do for your real estate business. A professional designer understands the ratios and creates a brochure that is appealing and attractive to the eye. Even this can persuade your customers to buy your properties. Brochure size also plays a very important role in real estate design. You will need brochures which are of A4 and A3 size. All of these things can be suggested to you only by a professional brochure maker.


Branding is essential for every business. However, branding your brochure is considered to be one of the most important marketing strategy. Thus, do not forget to add your company logo and tag line in your brochure. At the same time, make sure that it is bold, clear and visible. As a real estate business, your brochures should be for the customers to remember you. You also create them to inform your clients about your new sites. However, informing them is useless if they fail to recognise you or do not know you. Thus, create certain brand guidelines in the form of colour combinations, fonts and logos. Make sure to ask your graphic designer to add those in each of your real estate brochure designs.

Content and Proof

Brochures contain a limited amount of text. However, it is important to create text that is precise and also sells. If you do not have this skill, then make sure to hire a professional for the same. Your customers will judge you based on your brand and offerings and thus, it is important to get the content right with the design. You can take help from your brochure maker for the same.

At the same time, make sure to continually perform proofreading checks. It is not something that you should do at the end of the design process. This is because if you have edits, then it will be easier for your designer to cater it in the process, rather than doing it in the end. This is just to ensure that there are no errors for the same.

Make Subtle Adjustments

You can have a standard format, since you are creating a real estate brochure design. However, certain design adjustments can make your brochure look classy and minimalistic. For example, you can just use the corners and give them a rounded edge. This will give a soft look to your brochure. It will appear friendlier as well. You can use such designs while creating brochures for holiday homes and farm house properties. While creating brochures for such properties, it is important to use warm hues like brown, crème and green. This will give a great look to your brochure. It is necessary to discuss these things with your graphic designer.

Use textures for your brochures

Different textures give an aesthetic look to your brochure size. Real estate brochure plans contain geometric designs of layouts and properties. Thus, to break the monotony you can use graphics of textures in background on your texts. This will look really attractive. Use these things while creating brochures for high-end apartments and offices. Try using a contrast with dark pages and bright colour in your brochure with textures. This is one of the latest brochure design which appeals to a lot of different customers. Such things add an interesting dimension to an otherwise stagnant subject matter.


These were some of the points that you need to remember to create the best real estate brochure designs. Make sure to discuss every detail with your brochure maker. Take enough time to create a brochure. Do not haste because that will not help your business. This is because a well-written and well-designed brochure can increase your sales and attract your customers.

Make sure to digitalise your brochures as well. Upload them on your website and social media channels, so that you can attract your customers form these as well. Check the brochure size for your digital media. You might have to tweak that a little based on the channel you are uploading the brochure on. You can always ask for help from your brochure maker for the same.

If you do not have a brochure already, then get it made. Brochures will help you drastically, for your real estate business. You can also tweak your existing brochure design, to the latest brochure design with a help from the graphic designer.

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Digital Real Estate Brochure Strategy

How a digital real estate brochure can skyrocket your leads and conversions?

The fast paced world has changed the dynamics of a lot of businesses. However, one thing is common and it is the digitisation. Almost all the businesses have embraced digital marketing as their main strategy. This is because there are a lot of potential customers online which help them to increase their sales. E-catalogues are one of the elements that have helped various businesses to acquire leads.

In businesses like real estate, brochure design online can definitely help. This is because human beings are more drawn towards the visuals instead of text. Customers can connect to visuals as they are appealing to the eye. Hence, online real estate brochure has come in to existence.

Why digitize your real estate brochure?

You can reach a lot of customers with your digital brochures. When it comes to distributing the brochures, you can only distribute them to a handful of people or clients who have visited your office. On the other hand, e-catalogues will reach your potential audience and help you gain more leads. The best part is that you can reach clients, that you did not know even existed in the first place. However, these are some of the benefits of creating brochures with an online pamphlet maker. 

Advantages of creating Digital Real Estate Brochures

Make real-time updates

The best part of creating brochure design online is that you can make real time updates. A paper flyer or pamphlet cannot support real time updates. Information has a lot of value in today’s world. At the same time, relevant information is even better. Hence, the best part about an online real estate brochure is that you can update it whenever you want. For example, if you have a brochure about a housing colony, then you can always update the number of houses that are sold. In that same way, you can attract the customers to buy it quickly, if they are selling out quickly.

Easily Customizable

Digital brochures can be tweaked or customised easily. Your graphic designer will not have to spend crazy amount of time changing the information of the brochure, if you have used brochure design templates. The complete process is user friendly. At the same time, these brochures do not have to be printed, every time you make a change. Hence, you are saving a lot of money too.

Affordable Marketing

Online real estate brochures will cut down your marketing costs like none other. At the same time, you are being environmental friendly as well. This is because you are saving a lot of paper. Also, you will have to make the digital brochure in different sizes for various social media channels. Thus, all you need is a graphic designer and you are done. After that, it is possible to promote that one brochure at various places. You can even email them to interested clients.

However, it is a good idea to get a handful of brochures printed. You can always give them to clients who visit your office and are interested in buying the property. Although, you will save a lot of money as you will not have to get them printed in bulk. Clients who are just inquiring, can always be given e-catalogues.

Easy Navigation

The best part about online pamphlet maker is that they can be easily navigated. This facilitates a good user interface and gives convenience to your customers. This is the major benefit of having an online real estate brochure.

Scope of Creativity

Digital brochures have a scope of creativity. Thus, if you are planning to sell holiday homes and farm houses, then you will have to create a brochure that lives up to those standards. If you want to grab the attention of your audiences, then you will have to create engaging and catchy brochures. However, this is possible with various brochure design templates. Ask your graphic designer to create certain templates for you, and then choose the one which is innovative and attractive.

Compatibility with Virtual Reality

Online real estate brochures have a wonderful user interface and are compatible with the virtual reality. If you want to go all fancy, then you can use a QR code in them through which your customers can get an easy access to your contact information. Adding such things will surely make it very convenient for your customers.

Add CTA for Convenience

E-catalogues give you a lot of possibilities to play around. You can embedded various CTA buttons in the brochures so that your customers can contact you directly. If you want customers and conversions for your real estate business, then this is a crucial thing. You will have to tell your graphic designer to add such things all over the brochure. It is a good idea to add forms in the brochure design online. Let your clients fill their queries in the form of price and location. In this way, your clients can clear their doubts in the first phase only. They do not have to come till your office as well. If they like the property, they can come to witness it. Giving such customer centric services will definitely help your business while increasing its sales.

At the same time it is possible for you to analyse your click rates. This will help you to understand whether your online real estate brochure is good or not. If it is not up to the mark or does not add value to your clients, you can always ask your graphic designer to edit it. You can check the heat map for the performance as well. The analysis will further help you to customise and tweak the e-catalogues in the future. At the same time, if your main marketing strategy is conversions with brochures, then make it a point to continually optimise them.

Add video content in your brochure

Digital brochures give you a lot of liberty. You cannot add videos in paper brochures. However, that is possible with the e-catalogues. Add videos of the site and their 3D structural models. This will give your customers an idea of the whole property. Later, if they are interested, they can always book a meeting with you.

Add enough information

When it comes to e-catalogues, you do not have to worry about the pages as you do not have to get them printed. This is because a digital brochure has the capacity to hold a lot of information. You can explain the property site and its features. You can also add the story of your brand and the unique selling points of a particular site. This will give a clear picture to your potential customers and it might also attract them to make the purchase.

Brochures emit credibility

A printed literature sends a message to your client and conveys that, you are an established and credible business. It shows that you take your clients seriously and are ready to invest in them. However, make sure to invest in a good graphic designer for your brochures. It speaks a lot about your brand and its image. A poorly designed brochure will rupture your credibility.

Share the online real estate brochure on social media

Real estate is a very competitive business. All realtors are advertising to make more sales. However, buying property is a very subjective thing. It can differ from customer to customer. Although, sometimes certain benefits and features can change the client’s mind.

In order to reach the potential clients, you must advertise your real estate business online. It is crucial to have a social media presence. You will find all age groups of people on social media. You can target them and make sure to acquire leads with paid advertising and lead generation forms. You can gather a lot of data of different customers and analyse their needs. This can help you in your upcoming and future projects as well.

Although, there are different customers on different social media channels. Thus, you will have to study them and based on that float different property site e-catalogues on different social media channels. Apart from acquiring leads, you will create a brand awareness of your sites as well. Most people might begin to recognise you and that, will help you to increase your leads.


Real estate business requires a lot of planning and strategy. However, online real estate brochures prove to be really beneficial in each strategy. It is possible to upload them on your website and optimise them for search engine marketing. Apart from that, it is possible to share them on your social media channels to announce about your new sites. You can use e-catalogues for e-mail marketing as well. 

Brochure design online has a lot of potential. It is finally time to use it to your own advantage to increase your real estate business. Although, make it a point to hire a good graphic designing company. You will need a professional to create an e-catalogue that helps you acquire leads and sell.

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7 Digital Marketing Strategies

7 Digital Marketing Strategies that can shoot your Real-estate business like none other

The business world and marketing tactics are ever changing. For instance, some years ago, properties were considered to be a luxury investment. It was said that only the rich could afford it. At the same time, the process of buying property was very long and strenuous. Property seekers had to sign long documents and also find a good real estate broker who could help them with the complete deal. 

However, the trends have changed after the introduction of internet and technology. Real estate brochure design sample properties can be seen online. Many clients just view it virtually and then, decide to meet the relator for further business. The best part is that it saves time for everyone. At the same time, a lot of people are looking to invest in properties as it has massive returns. It is no more a habit of the rich only.

However, if you own a real estate business, then you might be aware of the competition that you have to face in the market. Hence, it is a good idea to plan your digital marketing strategy to get ahead in the business. You can form real estate brochures and develop social media strategies. The possibilities are endless.  

To jump start your digital marketing strategies, use the following list as a reference.

Create an Email Campaign

If you pitch to the right kind of audience, then email marketing can do wonders for you. It is an essential tool that helps you in connecting with new leads and past clients on a daily basis. However, you do need a well- rounded campaign for the same. A good campaign will help you funnel potential clients through planned actions based on their buyer’s portfolio and previous collaborations with you. 

Based on a survey carried out by Smart Insights, 27% is the average open rate for emails in a real estate business. The CTR is 3% and the more relevant your content is, the more conversions you will get. It is a good idea to attach your brochure and catalogue designs in the email campaigns while remarketing.

Make a Brochure

Real estate brochures are almost the backbone of the business. A well-made real estate brochure design sample can do wonders for your business. This is because a brochure has enough space to contain all the information of a particular property site. You can include the area and the benefits of buying a particular property in a designated area. Apart from that, brochures contribute in branding as well.

You can choose to have digital and paper brochures as well. Clients who visit your office can always carry the brochure with them. It becomes a vital piece of literature and clients usually trust companies who can give them something in writing. At the same time, having an online catalogue design can contribute drastically in your digital marketing strategy. You can post the brochures on all the social media channels. Apart from that, you can run paid advertising with the help of your real estate brochures.   

Paid advertising will help you to attract leads. You can always curate a form to fill with the advertisement. Interested people who fill in the form can then be contacted via email or phone. Apart from that, digital brochures give you the liberty of adding videos to your brochures. Thus, you can make your real estate brochures to be fun and creative. Innovative brochures will surely catch your client’s eye on the internet and through that you can leverage a lot of sales. Always check for various brochure design samples with your graphic designer to make sure that they are attractive and engaging. 

Make a user friendly website

If you are planning to conduct digital marketing for your real estate business, then make sure to own a website. Your business will skyrocket, if you have a website. However, you should have a user-friendly website. A lot of real estate businesses have websites that do not load fast because of a lot of photos and links. However, this increases your bounce rate and that is not good for your business.

Thus, hire a professional web developer who can help you create a site that does not take forever to load. Get a responsive website that is optimized for smartphone browsing as well. Most of the clients prefer to browse through their phones and thus, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are losing out on clients.

Apart from that, upload real estate brochures on your website. You can explain the different sites with an e-catalogue design on your website. Clients can have a better idea and then, contact you based on their demands.

Have Virtual Tours

If you have a sample house ready, then you can host a virtual tour for your clients. This strategy can come in the later stage. However, it is a very beneficial strategy. For example, if you are selling holiday homes and farm houses, then you might want to target audiences from different cities and countries as well. Thus, virtual tours can be really handy for clients who would like to see the complete property before fixing a meeting.

The virtual tours are identified as video content. It is said that video content generates 49% revenue and it does that quickly as compared to literature. You can always show the virtual tours to clients who are really interested to purchase the property. Apart from that, you can curate real estate brochures with the video content in them. They can be mailed directly to your potential customers.

Get a Social Media Strategy Curated

It is one thing to post content related to real estate and your property sites on your social media, while it is a completely different thing to have a full-fledged social media strategy. You will have to acquire professional help for the latter but, the results will pay off. You can post content like: new and existing listings, case studies, blog posts, testimonials and success stories. 

Although, social media channels require regular posting in order to show some result. It is not possible for you as a realtor to divert your time for something like that. Hence, you must hire a digital marketing agency. They have a team of professionals who can dedicate their complete time in forming your social media strategy. You will need brochure and catalogue designs to flourish your social media strategies as well.

SEO is the key

Almost any digital strategy is incomplete without SEO. Search engine optimization is the technique to derive leads for your websites. If the process is done correctly, then it can acquire you a lot of leads that can convert in to sales as well. The whole idea is to get your website in the first page of Google. At the same time, your website will require brochure and catalogue designs of your sites. Thus, make sure to create those before starting the process of SEO. 

SEO is a crucial strategy which is beneficial in competitive times. Thus, you must pay attention to it. Always hire a professional agency or a freelancer who can dedicate their complete time in forming backlinks, Meta descriptions, online directories and optimizing catalogue designs for your real estate business.

Host a Webinar

Webinars are the newest digital marketing trend. However, they are beneficial as well. You can talk about your real estate expertise with the help of online workshops and webinars. You can educate you clients on the best properties and investment schemes. Although, at the end of the webinar, you can talk about your site with the help of brochure and catalogue designs.  

You will also get the data of potential customers. It is a good idea to send your company’s real estate brochure on their email. In this way, they will know about your company and your work. Webinars are one of the best way to generate leads and target potential clients.


These were some of the digital marketing strategies that you can use for your real estate business. However, each strategy requires brochure design samples. Thus, it is a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer and curate an insightful and attractive catalogue design for your business. A good thing is that you will have to create one brochure for a particular site in different sizes. Hence, it is just a one-time investment. However, it is possible to circulate that real estate brochure on multiple social media channels and mediums.  

Apart from that, focus on various strategies to get more business. Take some time out to design buyer profiles. They are the ideal clients who can be targeted with the help of your brochure and catalogue designs. Take some time out to map out your audience. Add new homeowners to existing agents in your target list. Even map out characteristics like their profession and average salary. This is because such things will impact their overall decision making process. Apart from that, the whole idea is to be relevant and attract readers based on your content and catalogue designs.

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