Ananta Office Space Design

Ananta Interiors & Architects – is fast paced growing Interior design firm. We worked on office space design for them for their own office.

As a branding agency, we need to learn basics of office space design. Therefore, Team Ananta helped us to understand details of the subject with their knowledge base. After a short introduction to subject, we discussed theme for the design. For the first wall of their reception area, they preferred renowned architectural monuments. As a result, we have designed few panels like Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, London Bridge. Most of all designs liked by Ananta. They loved the simplicity in design.

Consequently, we started working on Glass Panel Designs for them. The objective of the same was pretty clear – “It should maintain privacy and design should be simple enough and especially relevant to subject.”

We used line drawings and typography to have lasting effect for a long time. In addition, choice of words was important. Hence, we worked hard to create panels using some inspiring words like Idea, Inspiration, Concept, Space Design etc. So, finally team Ananta approved the same at first cut.

Insights from team Ananta was a learning curve for us, it helped us to understand the subject.

Ananta Office Space Design 01


Ananta Office Space Design 02


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