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WE Salon and Spa

Scope of the Project – Creation of Logo with Complete Brand Identity and Packaging Design

The design of a super-smart logo seems to jump up and stamp itself rigidly within our consciousness. A unique, attractive, and beautifully designed logo makes it the primary source of attraction among the users, thereby helping to create the brand identity. Therefore, the logo being immensely beneficial, the clients also wish to have a logo design that appropriately suits their brand. Here we are conducting a case study about the logo designing of WE Salon and Spa.

How We Created the Concept of the Logo with Our Effective Designing Strategies?

Incredible logos should necessarily portray the brand in the best possible manner. The logo should be designed in a way that appropriately reflects the brand identity. It is precisely what we did while designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa. Usually, this technique needs active involvement as well as collaboration between the designers, clients, and other important members of the company. The ultimate direction is given by the brand identity and strategies upon which the designing of the logo is based. It acts as a crucial factor in designing the logo. With a solid briefing and up-front thinking, our team is always a step ahead in the entire logo designing process.

Our team of designers appropriately picturizes every logo that they design. They also make sure that the logo is capable of speaking for the value and the objective of the company. These are the main steps of any logo design concept that are rightly followed by our team to make sure that the designed logo perfectly reflects the brand identity of the company.
We, as one of the leading logo designing agencies, create a logo by insight and intuition. Insight, in this regard, means gathering the necessary information. On the other hand, intuition is something that develops as you gather experience and the number of logos you form with your creativity. Our team of designers is adequately trained and vastly experienced in providing the best logo design for businesses. It is precisely what we did while designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa. Our team made sure that the logo for WE Salon and Spa perfectly expresses the brand’s message.

While creating the logo for WE Salon and Spa, we tried to form meaning from the colors’ perspective. We included the ‘Sea Green’ color that symbolizes growth, renewal, and rebirth. The color is also the symbol of spring, which renews and restores depleted energy. We kept in mind about the services provided by a salon and spa. It is a sanctuary that takes us away from the stresses of modern living and takes us to a completely different world. It plays a vital role in the restoration of a sense of well being. The salon and spa services rejuvenate both the body as well as the mind. All these factors were considered by our team of expert designers to come up with the ideally suited logo for WE Salon and Spa.

Logo designers do not need a degree in human behavior, but it is the art of creativity that matters the most in this regard. The logo should be the right symbol that represents businesses. While designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa, we stressed on branding and brand identity. Then we injected creativity into the logo for the creation of better visualization. We made use of our branding strategies and combined the same with logo design fundamentals to come with a professional-looking as well as an aesthetically pleasing logo for WE Salon and Spa.

How was the Logo Used for Branding of the Company?

Logos are the point of identification; they are the main symbol by which consumers recognize the brand, and hence immensely important from the point of view of branding. If a logo is good, visually attractive, catchy, & aesthetic, it triggers a positiveness about the brand and its goodwill in the customers’ minds.
The logo designed by us for WE Salon and Spa was complete sync with the services of the brand. We created a distinctive and meaningful logo that can be easily recognized across multiple media, thereby creating a company’s brand identity. As the designing of the logo is in proper synchronization with the brand’s type, objective, and meaning, it was easily accommodable with a lot of branding programs and activities, thereby proving to be quite helpful in the branding of the company.

This case study for a logo design for WE Salon and Spa clearly indicates how the right logo design helps the creation of a complete brand identity for a business. Thus, at any point in time you are planning to design a logo for your brand, or need a brand identity, get in touch with the team of branding and logo design experts at AdVoice for getting the best solutions.

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