Ananta Interiors

Brand Logo design for Ananta Interiors was first project for us to create logo design for Architecture firm.

Ananta – Means Infinite and continuous. The name has very much potential but depicting it visually as brand logo was a challenge. Because it is not a object which can be articulated visually. It is an adjective, which represents an infinite ongoing journey.

Being in the field of interior design client has clear understanding of design foundation.

Thus it was pretty clear that we need to present and discuss various thinking paths on which we can create a brand logo.

We started brainstorming together with client. Few thinking directions were discussed and agree mutually.

Furthermore, brief to us was that we need to create simple but unique logo using alphabets “A” and “M” if possible. In the beginning of idea generation, it seem to be quite difficult to have visual representation with brief in mind. We created the brand logo keeping the same thought in mind.

After working on few different directions, we started to combining alphabets and objects together.

After almost 40 plus ideas generated on paper. We liked 3 unique logo designs suitable aesthetically and visually. During our journey we noticed that creating something simple is really tough.

But our first love towards simplicity chased at a higher level. It stretched our thinking boundaries and even patterns of thinking for brand logo.

We notice new methods and implement during the brand logo

At first look symbol looks pretty simple, but has its uniqueness. It contains both alphabets “A” and “M” pretty clearly.

And we used negative space (empty space) between two alphabets to represent infinite in brand logo.

We came up with below shown logo and it was approved at first look with just a color variants at view.

Brand Logo for Ananta Interiors an Architect Company

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