Laxmi Nivas – Launching Campaign

Branding & Design for for Real Estate Project of Affordable Luxurious Apartments

Laxmi Nivas is a very successful branding & design real estate project. Design played a pivotal role in the success of this project.

We choose to play with all the available media touch points such as Kiosk, Hoardings, Radio, Leading Newspapers, Auto-back Panel, Roadshow, Local Cable TV Ads, Posters, AMTS Buses.

First of all thoughtful media plan to launch the branding & design step-by-step in 45 days was crafted. Furthermore, to create the hype initially, we launched a teaser campaign for the visual brand awareness purpose. Due to symbol saying brand message, it was teasing minds of audience since beginning. Consequently we have done photo shoot with 4 well know Gujarati TV actors to create a strong bond of family. Most of all it felt like “story” of every home. Finally, people feel its their own life came in front of them.

On the second round of brand awareness campaign, we used actual photographs of models along with symbol and message which almost continued a great connect it the minds of audience. We took utmost care for brand presence and aesthetics. Hence a huge brand curiosity created between audience and competitors. Every one was just awaiting for the final name of the project.

As a result of well crafted strategy and a simple yet awesome mind triggering brand collateral, response generated was 3 times higher than expected.



  • Laxmi Nivas – Launching Campaign