Indus Outdoor Media

Business Logo for Indus Outdoor Media – an outdoor advertising agency.

After creation of MK Future Media Company business logo design, we received another opportunity to create business logo for Anand, Gujarat based company “Indus Outdoor Media”.

Client was looking for some local business logo designer at their local city level.

But after meeting with some local business logo designers, they were bit upset.

And needed someone who can make creative identity design with international design standards in mind. Through one common friend we started conversation over phone for their logo design as client was in USA as that time and setting up another unit Anand, Gujarat.

Our conversation started with client’s frustration and a list of what is not required in the business logo design. Our client representative quietly understood all their requirement with minimum possible questions. We did not have to work on name Indus

They wish to see something that depict their business function. We noticed that they are into Hoarding space selling with unique selling proposition. Brainstorming helped us to reach few important mind mapping words like reaching audience at lightening speed to audience. It took long for us to think that the “Sun” is the similar element which has speed and reach both.

Our logo sketching started soon with only one strong visual thought. Only benefit on that even with single thought it provides us enormous opportunities to create so many variations. Hence, it was a non stop creation process for 4 days.

And we have almost 32 rough sketches in front of us. We selected 3 business logo designs and created and refined on computer. Client approved logo that has “I” in the negative space as well as creates a new sphere for spreading out messages of advertiser.

Client appreciated the logo design for it simplicity and reproduction value even in fevicon size for website.

Business Logo for Indus Outdoor Media

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