AISA – All India Shramjivi Association

We crafted a creative logo for NGO named AISA.
To Design a Logo for NGO : AISA – All India Shramjivi Association was our first logo of its kind.

AISA is a movement for the labor of unorganized industry verticals. They help labor in rural and urban areas of Gujarat. And take care of their rights at workplace.

There are few rural areas where you can find unorganized workers working in different industry verticals like few SME Industrial component manufacturing companies, Real Estate Companies as well as  farm workers etc.

Many a times it was observed that labour working at such places are prone to many life hazards like risky working heights without safety equipment, polluted work areas which can affect respiratory diseases.

Due to lack of self awareness as well as knowledge workers put their life at risk

Illiteracy plays important role in their whole life as well as they do hard work relentlessly throughout their life span.

Apart from all these workers don’t even know that they have basic human rights as a worker.

It was a whole new perspective that opened our eyes towards how workers are badly treated by company owners.

We got request to create creative logo design. Which was the feel of movement towards betterment of worker.

We made it visually appealing and self spoken logo. Black was the color of the life of factory worker, as he was facing dark side of life only. Also created few other visual elements related to labor like wheat crop, shaking hands and industrial wheel along with tools.

Overall logo depicts healthy partnership of employer as well as  worker for overall betterment of society with correct labor rights in place. Black color also creates value for justice through law, which was the actual task of the NGO – AISA.

Slightly tilted creative logo gives it a dimension as well as feel of movement as well as  justice.


Creative Logo for AISA NGO in Ahmedabad


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