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How to use rainbow in graphic design ?

Rainbows are fascinating and intriguing. They are majestic because of their colour. They also create a sense of intrigue in the human minds. Back in the time, rainbows were used for religious context only. However, its vivacious colours and extravagant visual started attracting artists as well. Hence, a lot of artists are opting for rainbow in graphic design. This makes their design appealing and eye catching at the same time.  

However, working with seven different colours is not an easy job at all. Most designers prefer to work with three colours or maximum four colours. When you use rainbow in graphic design, you really need to be tactful because using a lot of colours can completely go wrong. It is a challenging job to incorporate all the designs in alignment. When you are planning to do something like that, it is imperative to hire the best graphic design company in India.  

There are various ways through which you can use rainbow colours for a design.

1. Collaborate neutral hues with rainbow

Neutral hues consists of colours like black, grey, beige and white. The colours represent gloomy and ordinary. A good graphic design company in India, will be able to create balance and contrast to the sparking rainbow coloured shades. You will have to see to it that your designer enhances the rainbow effect with a largely dark design. It will create magic and make your design attractive.

2. Subtract the rainbow colours

A rainbow can be recognised in the most subtle tones as well. Your designer can reduce its colours and still the audiences will identify it as a rainbow. It is important to remember that context and contrast is very important while dealing with rainbow in graphic design. Also, if you are using only three rainbow colours, make sure that they are different. Think of the triadic colour scheme before finalising the colour scheme with your graphic designer.

3. Separate the rainbow

Rainbow colours usually have side by side appearance in nature. However, a good graphic designer will use his creativity and innovation skill before using the colours. A designer is always free to place them anywhere in the design. The whole idea is to make the post look more creative. This technique can be used in character illustration and patterns. Some graphic designers might think that you are weakening the power of the rainbow. However, it is important to think creatively and differently.

4. Design a rainbow gradient

This depends on you. If you are planning to keep the entire rainbow family together, then you must go for the blending technique. Instead of deducing or subtracting the hue, try opting for this technique with a stylish gradient. A gradient will enhance the smooth and celestial appearance of the rainbow. It can depict the symbol of the rainbow in the form of togetherness as well. Graphic design has the ability to complement your designs while adding a show stopping flare.

5. Give a texture to the rainbow

If you are planning to create a visual treat for your audiences, then texture is the answer. It will separate your rainbow from the other mundane designs that are available in the market. Texture can create shading and depth both. Use things like paint strokes, mosaic tiles, smoke and 3D shading.

6. Reshape your rainbows

Rainbows are portrayed in full or semi arcs. The can be seen in horizontal bars as well. Your clients are used to looking at rainbows in these shapes. Hence, a good graphic design company in India will be able to use the shape in an open flower format or complete abstract form.

7. Repurpose the shape of rainbows

Rainbow is a very common word. A lot of people will just think of arcs when they hear that word. In graphic design, you can create a twist by discarding all the traditional colours. It is possible to focus on just the rainbow’s arc and create an innovative design.

8. Go crazy with rainbow colours

You can use the boldness of the rainbow in a complete different way. You can set the rainbow bomb in your design and harness its power. This approach will work tremendously but, you need to hire the best graphic design company in India for the same.     

These are the 8 different ways to use rainbow in graphic design. 

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