Lubzone Engine Oil

We created full range of Label Designs for Lubzone. 

Company Name & punchline creation was first task before label design.  punchline “Parenting Engines” was the benefit to the Name “LubeZone” in addition. After creation of logo design we quickly moved towards packaging design range. And created a full range of packaging label design along with all the size variants.


packaging label design

There was a volatile competition in the lubricants market in Ahmedabad. Also, it required to be not only in top of mind but be memorable through great visual presentation.

Differentiation of product started from the name itself. And it was followed by logo creation and punchline. Creation of large range of different engine oils along with all size variants was challenge to map creativity with timeline. Furthermore, launching date was short. But our team of creative packaging label designers worked swiftly on the same.

You can see below the range of designs created for different types of lubricants. It contains designs of large containers of 5 liters and above. Small 1 liter bottles packaging designs were also created for different type of vehicles.

  • Systems Cables – Packaging Branding Design
  • Speed Hydraulic – Packaging Redesign
  • Honcho Pump Packaging Design
  • Green Gulf Packaging – Dubai
  • Pankura Sarees Label Design