MK Future Media

We worked on logo design for media company MK Future Media, Ahmedabad, India.

MK Future Media is a company providing all media and branding services at PAN India level. We are proud to receive opportunity to work on their logo design. The brief from client end was pretty clear and easy to understand. Client needed logo design with futuristic modern look.

They needed colors that depict prosperity and reach as they are in media business. And the most of all they needed logo that we like. Our creative logo designers received full freedom from client end.  Furthermore, pencil started to create wonderful visual solutions first on paper.

Logo design of MK Future Media was totally fun for us as a designers due to full creative freedom.
It was a fun ride of logo design instead of challenge. Our team of creative logo designers crafted few simple yet unique logos.

The idea generation took two and a half days.  We all agreed to create one unique logo instead of 3 versions. As a result we carved the letter “M” with 3 cuts circular shape. Therefore, we also used the warm colors from the color spectrum.

Furthermore, Golden Yellow along with Orange gave inspiring feel to media company. It was like a spontaneous abstract idea coming out of mind without much awaited efforts.

They always offered services like Autoback Panels, Auto Hood Panels, Radio Advertising, Train Advertising, Newspaper Ad Release Agency and so on. Thus shape produces the feel of 360 degree communication with various service offerings.

Usage of Dark Grey in media company logo almost gives it a professional touch. Especially relevant typography makes logo design unique. On presentation client loved the simple idea and its execution. And it was approved in one shot without any changes.

Furthermore we worked on their stationary design and online branding presence.

Logo Design for Media Company - MK Future Media

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