Marketing And Branding Concept Which Defines The Success Of Business

Marketing is an important pillar of any business. Without marketing, you cannot think of running a particular business. However, a lot of people consider marketing to be a cost centre instead of being a mode of sales. It is important to change your perspective when it comes to marketing as it can drive a lot of sales when done in the right way. At the same time, branding is equally important. Both marketing and branding have a very thin line. They hardly differ but people do have various opinions about them. However, if you are looking to enhance the worth of your products, then branding is very important. If you are confused while doing that, then you can always look up for the best branding agency in Ahmedabad to help your business reach new heights.

Read on to find out the difference between marketing and branding concept.

What is marketing?

Branding strategists use marketing concepts as a tool to promote businesses and their products. It is a very important tactic that comes in to play while trying to sell different products and services. When a particular sales personnel or an advertisement, repeats the unique selling points of a product or a service, it is known as marketing. It is all about highlighting the good points of any product and persuading the customers to make a purchase based on that. 

What is branding?

Branding has a pulling effect instead of a pushing effect like marketing. Branding is all about making your customer trust about the brand and credibility of the particular product that they are buying. It refers to the efforts that are made even before marketing. The customers also know the truth and credentials of a particular product before even making a purchase. Good branding strategists will always clarify the characteristics, attributes and benefits of a particular product rather than simply selling it off. A good branding is the reason behind the customer sticking to a particular product and also re-purchasing the same whenever needed.

Marketing and branding concept with respect to strategical and tactical constraints
Branding hold more weightage as compared to marketing. However, it is important to understand that both are equally important. You cannot skip any one of them for the sake of another. Marketing usually acts as a helping hand to the branding. However, branding is something that remains even when marketing sweeps of the room. Branding is something that will stay in a customer’s mind forever. Thus, branding is a strategical concept while marketing is a tactical concept.

Marketing and branding concept with respect to customers 

Every business has a unique and different way of selling their products and services to their customers. Everyone comes up with different policies, advertisements, and actions. These things are responsible for inspiring a customer to buy their products or services. At the same time, these things help a business stand apart from their competitors as well. This complete process is referred to as marketing. However, branding refers to the secret behind the loyalty of a particular customer. When the customer buy the same product again and again, it is known as branding. Hence, branding helps in making customers while marketing helps in activating those customers.

This complete process of branding and marketing might seem daunting sometimes. Hence, it is a good idea to take help from some professional branding agency who can make things really easy for you.   

Branding is the future

Branding will require a good amount of budget in the form of branding strategists, good employees and various professionals. It will be a good amount of investment for your business. However, it is important to understand that not having branding will be a costlier affair in the longer run for your business. Branding is one thing that will help you to generate leads and acquire profits. Also, the experts will help you with marketing and sales. Thus, acquire a budget for all of these things before starting a business. You need customers who will stick to your brand and repeat purchases. Only then you will be able to grow as a business.


This was the difference between marketing and branding concept. It is important to understand the difference between the two. Also, it is necessary to apply both the strategies and concepts in your business. Only then, it will be able to function smoothly. Also, make sure to take professional advice from a good branding agency for your business. 

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