Aadhya Jewels

We have created mythological logo design for Shree Aadhya Jewellers.

These logo might look bit old fashioned and ethnic. This was the feel required to create mythological logo design for Shree Aadhya Jewellers. Aadhya has a deep meaning in it. Literal meaning of word Aadhya – is first power or the beginning.

It is also a name of Hindu Goddess “Aadhya Shakti” – a goddess of true spiritual power. Another name of same goddess in Gujarat is “Ambe Maa”. A shakti pith of goddess is located at Ambaji.

To understand subject much in detail, we studied few manuscripts for creating this mythological logo design. During our reading we noticed that word “Shree” has a deep routes in mythology.”Laxmi” – the goddess of money.

Furthermore, it has two different segments, “Sthira Laxmi” (Steadily Preserved Money) and “Chalit Laxmi” (Money which is in rotation).

As mythological explanations, both type of Laxmi is required for every human being.

One is “Sthira Laxmi” (Steady money) which is required for home, which brings prosperity. And another is “Chalit Laxmi” (rotates money) which is required for business to receive have better returns.

During our study we noticed that “Shree”  connects with business of ethnic jewelry. “Shree”is connects with wealth in any format. It could be cash money, it could be jewelry or equity stocks etc.

They wanted something really simple but insightful logo. We picked two simple elements – 4 Lotus Leaves & Flip side “Shree”. 4 open lotus leaves is an “Aasana” for goddess Laxmi. It also suggest wealth coming from all 4 directions.
Flip side “Shree” suggests two types on “Laxmi” – Sthira & Chalit. We started creating mythological logo design above understanding in mind.

But we noticed that one more form is coming out which was of god “Ganesha”.

It was bit difficult to clarify why form of lord “Ganesha” is there. But we discussed it with client. Our client said that,’It will be glad to have Lord ganesha as well’

Because one avatar of lord Ganesha is “Shreeji Ojarwala” – a decent jeweler who makes ornaments.

Client loved the concept and simplicity in this mythological logo design.

mythological logo design

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