Digital Marketing vs. Newspaper Ads

Difference between Newspaper Advertising and Digital Marketing

Now a days you may heard term “Digital Marketing” more often. But for many less techno savvy business owners have confusion about choosing their correct advertising medium. In current scenario, small or big, every advertiser has its own budget and has a pool of choice for various advertising media. 

But traditionally most popular media since almost 150 years is Newspaper advertising. Newspaper runs on advertising and government subsidy on paper buying rates. These are the core 2 direct and indirect revenue streams for any newspaper. Without government subsidy on paper we can’t get newspapers at such affordable rates.

Any newspaper local or global has their own authority and legacy in the mind of their readers. Newspaper is like mirror of society. Apart from newspaper advertising it contains brutal facts or great development news around particular region, city or country.

Few known benefits of Newspaper Advertising:

1. City Specific Targeting

2. Flexibility of Advertising Size, Location or Page

3. For large scale companies Advertising is affordable

4. Covers a mass audience

5. Black & White or Colour – Two Cost Choices

Many newspapers have their city wise editions available to local newspaper advertising clients to target particular city audience. That’s good opportunity to reach minds of specific city audience with their brand. Also, Newspaper advertising offers good opportunity to advertisers to choose their ad size, colour, page and location on particular page according to their budget. Every morning people get newspaper so early that it’s habit for many readers to have newspaper reading as their top priority to start the day. A huge chain of newspaper vendors and circulation staff wake up so early to have newspaper in your hand at around 7’o clock. They travel hard from newspaper central circulation point to homes of readers like us.

Rise of Internet in 80’s:

In the beginning of 80’s computers were a new thing in technology front. And initially it was big size calculator which occupied big room for their CPU. And it was capable of doing four basic activities like multiplications, additions, subtraction and divisions. But since then techno engineers were constantly inventing something new, better and smaller in size till date. Now we all do multiple activities on our fingertips through mobile phone. With increased usage of internet every second millions of searches are made on internet with big search engines like Google. And information and data became the mainline of research and execution both. 

With rising need of internet usage various social media became very much routine in our life Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, twitter and Whatsapp. It really takes few seconds to reach any information through information.

Online Paid Advertising Medias:

1. Google Search & Display Ads

2. Facebook Advertising

3. Instagram Advertising

4. Linkedin Advertising

5. Pinterest Advertising

6. Youtube Video Advertising

7. Remarketing Advertising

8. Affiliate Marketing Advertising

Small shop keeper or business consultant can easily promote their business online with free and paid both ways according to their own budget. It is important to understand why people tend to go for paid advertising so often. For that we need to understand online customer journey in three important stages as below:

Awareness of Product / Service / Brand:

As a free media we can using blogging to build awareness of your business existence on internet. Like currently you are reading my blog with some sort of curiosity. This way you will know me or my company better as I am providing value to you in terms of knowledge.

Relation Building with Potential Customer:

Buying very rarely happens instantaneously without much information of company or product. We always tend to find out more information online in terms of company website, product technical information, guarantee, warranty, free replacement and most importantly we read reviews of buyer. After going through reviews and other information we can know company or brand better. And we make our mind to purchase things if everything seems ok with us.

Conversion or Purchase: 

If you know my company and services online by visiting my website or reading my service reviews on other sites for several times now if you are in need of my services like logo design, brand campaign design or digital marketing you will not hesitate to call or email me. As you firstly know me or my company. Thus making a decision becomes easy for you.

Let’s assume you are a doctor or educational institute and having clients from around 5 kilometres radius, is it wise and affordable to pay for whole city as your target audience through newspaper ads?

No it’s not. Because neither it is pocket friendly nor target audience friendly. For getting 20 new customers we cannot pay 200000 bugs for newspaper advertising which will surely reach to mass but that mass audience is not relevant for that particular business. Because for some general health issues we tend to meet nearby doctor only who is in same geographical location as you. We don’t consult doctor from another end of city for normal cold or flu. Because it involves time, energy and money altogether. 

Let’s understand some core benefits of Digital Marketing than Newspaper Advertising:


Newpaper Adverting

Digital Marketing


City Specific Targeting


Area or Pin code Specific Targeting or can choose radius of 2 kms from particular location is possible



Flexibility of Advertising Size, Location or Page


In this you can produce interactive content like animation, video etc. which takes more attention of customer than plain design. Here we can buy different banner sizes and choose news portals or social media sites to advertise with



For large scale companies Advertising is affordable : National level brands finds it affordable due to their huge advertising budgets and need to reach masses


For small business owner who can spend tiny budget of only 2000 per month can even advertise in these medias to get relevant leads



Gender specific targeting not possible.


Gender specific targeting of audience is possible.



Marital Status specific targeting not possible.


It’s possible here to target new parents where you need to sell them new born baby products.



Interest Specific targeting is not possible


Here we can target who has interest in specific subject, brand or product. E.g. we can target women who is interested in weight loss by their social media activities like search queries, cookie data, video watching etc.



Age specific targeting not possible


Here we can target ads to certain age group people by considering product usage. E.g. Gym advertising to 70+ aged people is not a good idea.



Repeat Attention Requires Similar Budget Spending


Here we can set cookie specific remarketing campaigns of people who visited your website once and can show different banner ads on various sites they surf. These ads are impression counting, thus really affordable for SME.



Life event specific targeting is not possible.


Here we can target a person and their close friends on Facebook and show them cake shop ad before 7 days when they are most likely to order cake.



We can’t be part of viral advertising here.


Currently it’s Corona Virus (Covid -19) pandemic outbreak is going throughout the world and everybody is glued to their social medias, we can advertise in between viral videos grab more attention.



Audience purchase intention specific advertising not possible.


People tend to search any information with some intention of buying many times. Here we can target specific search query words matching with our product.



This is one time spending for one advertise in newspaper.


As per collected user data we can optimise campaigns for budget, keywords and bid amount for particular time and location. And budget can be divided to days as per advertiser’s choice.



Newspaper is not niche advertising media for any business.


Here we can advertise product or brand to niche audience through Google ads. Like we can show ads of dentist to famous dentistry blog where people tend to visit for particular dental difficulty.


In a conclusion, time is changing so does
the consumer. And everyone has their own needs and spending budget. But I can
assure you that if you handle each digital marketing tool with precision, you
can reach target audience very quickly and with low budget. All it take is time
to build your online brand.

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