Green Gulf Packaging – Dubai

During our journey of Packaging Design, we got the opportunity to work on Urdu language packaging design for the Green Gulf. Packaging Design is one of our core services, but designing the same for gulf country in Urdu language was our first time task. Client helped us to understand the basics of language and corrected us where we were wrong.

Green Gulf was coming up with a new concept of frosted ready to use vegetables. They planned the same in 3 size variants, so that people can pick the small size for the trial purpose. All they promised to deliver was “freshness”.

As a part of brief, we asked few competitive packaging designs for viewing.  Hence, we received the same swiftly. We noticed that almost all the competitor were using “Green” as a base color to give feeling of farm fresh. Thus we took different approach to distinguish our packaging design on the shelves. We used shades of Magenta, which is going very well with their logo “AL Karmah”.

Opposite to competitors, we maintained the green as 50% area and rest with design elements of magenta shades. We presented few mock-ups of shelves to show the difference.

Initially, it was bit difficult to digest, but after presentation they were quite clear to go with suggested color scheme.

Packaging Branding for Green Peas 01

Packaging Branding for Green Peas 02

Packaging Branding for Green Peas 03

Packaging Branding for Green Peas 04

Packaging Branding for Green Peas 05


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