Adsar Labs Logo

We have created a off-bit & futuristic Corporate Identity for Adsar Labs – A Pathology Laboratory.

Adsar Labs – is a pathology laboratory in Rajasthan, India.

Client came to us for creation on offbeat and futuristic corporate identity design.

After a first round of discussion we noticed that they have very different choice than other Pathology Laboratory, same as their offerings to their potential customers.

Usually people like to have some relevant visual elements nicely and creatively incorporated in their corporate identity design. But Adsar has totally different approach for the creative expectation.

Client asked us not to think anything relevant to the field but gave us freedom to create something unique with global feel. Although we received freedom with challenge to create something that visually appeals to mass at first instance.

And for that they permitted us to break mindset of creating corporate identity in detail regardless of reproduction value in small size.

They even agreed to go for offset printing in all their print collateral without worrying on costing part.

Most important was that it should be really creative, unique corporate identity which gives good recall value. Hence, differentiating from routine thoughts was much needed requirement.

We have put aside our most loved simplicity in creation process of corporate identity.  We  have created 3 logos which were liked but not approved.

After next discussion they revised brief with strong belief that we can further do much better and agreed to move ahead for the same.

Furthermore, revised brief rolled out and finally we created below shown approved logo design. Client loved the overall presentation, usage of colors and dynamism in it.

It was a pure mixture of geometric visualization of pyramid. Corporate identity created with a plane and shape of alphabet “A” within it.

A play of colorful hues along with globe was bit time taking but worth paying attention too for this corporate identity.

Pathology Lab - Corporate Identity for Adsar Labs

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