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Why it is important for business to hire and review graphic designs companies before appointing them?

A business can be small or big but, it only has one goal of creating profits. Any business will want to enhance their sales and consume maximum return of investment. There are a lot of ways through which it is possible to increase the sales. The top most is marketing. One of the good ways of performing marketing is through catalogue design.

A catalogue can display all your products or services effortlessly. You can also include the description and business offers which can prove to be a great marketing strategy. Brochure and catalogue designs have the ability to bring in customers that were completely unaware of your brand in the first place.

Product catalogues have a lot of benefits of their own. Read on to find out.

1. Graphics designing services and enhancement of your brand in the market

It is important to understand that your logo is the face of your brand and company. It will speak for itself. If you have the right kind of logo, then it can project the right amount of brand awareness for you. Thus, it is important to have a catchy logo that defines your brand, work and its ethics.


A good graphics designing services will be able to come up with various drafts that suit your brand ethics. You should sit with them and explain your business and its values. Only then, they will be able to come up with some good suggestions for you.


Also, having a customised logo for your brand establishes credibility and creates brand recognition that positions your company firmly in the market place. Thus, do not take a simple logo off the internet. It will never establish your brand plus it will look plagiarised.


Also, make sure to discuss the colour palette of your logo with your graphic design service. It should be in sync with the other products and packaging. Only then, your audiences will be able to identify you with the colour combination as well.

2. Differentiate yourself in the market place with the right graphic design service

Graphics can work wonders for your brand. A lot of times words alone cannot do justice. When you want to convey a story to someone, you should use certain interesting images. At such times, a graphics designing services can come to your rescue. It can play a huge role in conveying information and messages to your clients.

A basic business is filled with complex elements like products, colours, sizes and much more. It is not possible to come up with a fancy word for everything. Hence, a graphic designer can help you with your unique selling points while aligning it with your brand image. A good graphics designer company can get it done with reports, charts and pictorial.

Such graphics will help you while putting information on your company website or brochure. It will also help you in adding information on your social media posts. You can make videos and pictorials while trying to convince customers to buy your products or services.

In this fast paced life, people do not have a lot of time to read long texts. Instead, they prefer a compact visual aid or diagram that includes the gist of the products. In fact, video format attracts more engagement. Hence, before finalising a particular graphic designing service, discuss your requirement. You need to know if they edit or create videos for you. These are some of the things that will create a unique brand identity of your company in the market. Thus, it is important to understand those aspects, so that you can explain your designer what you exactly need.

3. Understand the difference between graphic design services and brand building agency

A graphics designer company will only help you make graphics for your marketing needs. They are a design company that will normally create brochures and social media posts for you. They will also be responsible for creating lead generation forms, email templates, logo design and your website design.


They will be able to suggest you the colour scheme, texture and design. Graphic designs services can help you create designs that are in sync with your products and brands ethics. However, they cannot help you build your brand.


This is the basic difference between a graphics designer company and brand building agency. A brand building agency will understand the different audiences present over different channels and mediums. They will create graphics based on that. At the same time, the graphic design services will use keywords in the graphics which will help your customers to get what they are looking for.  


A brand building agency will have a strategy listed out. It will even create graphics strategically. Instead, a graphics designer company will understand your products or services and just create graphics around that, without any strategy. Thus, if you are looking to increase your business, then you must always opt for a brand building agency. Not only will the graphic design services take care of your graphics, they will suggest you the necessary marketing requirements your company needs. They will curate thoughtful creatives instead of just basic graphics.  They will help you in building your brand that will attract sales and profits as well.

4. Choosing the right graphic designs services

Graphic design services is also constantly evolving with marketing. The world has become visual and thus, eye catching appeal of quality with design work is necessary. So, if you are planning to put a budget aside for that, you need to choose one of the top graphics designer company for your business. Some of the things that you must keep in mind are:


  • Your graphics designer company has designed on different surfaces and mediums

A lot of graphic design services specialise in only one type of medium. Although, most of them can work with a different medium, if needed. Think about your design needs currently and also about what you might need in the future. For example, if your designer has designed a menu before, he will easily be able to design a magazine. However, designing an info graphic will be a complete different ball game.


In such a scenario, ask your graphic design services to show you their work. They will usually have a portfolio of their design and professional work. Ask them for their social media account as that will also give you a better idea. This will help you to gain a better perspective.  

  • Communicate clearly

You might already know that any relationship will work better if you communicate effectively. The same works with your graphic designer as well. You want your graphic designer to communicate the glitches in the design process in a timely manner. This is because if the designer continues to run in to problems but, does not communicate it with you and edits on their own, then there can be problems. This issue is very real with graphics as the design is more about opinion of the spacing or sizing. Also, it can differ from person to person. Thus, it is important to give your graphic designing company that space to speak with you.


To simplify this process, you must ask them their process of working with their clients. Try to understand their flexibility and whether you will be able to work with them. You can also look for Google reviews and positive testimonials to see if the clients are satisfied with them.


  • Ask them about their photography and editing skills

Any graphic designs services will tell you that photography and designing are two separate skills. Try finding a graphic designing company that offers both. This will be helpful for you because, if the design company is going to use a lot of photographs of your products, then they need to be edited. You might want a designer who at least has a little bit background in editing. Just do not assume that all designers have this skill.


Apart from that, you even want to find a graphic designing company that can create and edit videos. They will also help you with marketing. Hence, if you opt for a brand building agency, you will get a graphic team that will be knowledgeable in all these aspects. However, asking first hand will always prove to be beneficial for you.


  • Ask them about revisions

A lot of graphics designing services are very reluctant about their revisions. Each graphics designer company has a different policy. Hence, you will have to discuss it first hand to avoid any issues in future. Put your foot down and ask a deal for minimum of one revision. This will keep you on the safer side. It is important to understand their payment policy, as a designer should not charge you for every tiny revision that they make. Apart from that, a design will look different on paper as compared to the computer. Hence, the designer should be ready to make the necessary changes with you. Your designer and you can discuss the amount of revisions for a particular graphic in advance.  

  • Choose an agency that understands marketing and your industry

You need to understand that this whole process is twofold. You will be hiring a graphics designing service to create a brand consistency in return of marketing materials. Hence, the designer plays an incredibly important role for your brand. They need to convey the story and mission through graphics. As a business owner, you will surely guide them but, the thing to look for is their prior experience. If the graphic designing company has worked in your industry before, then it will become super easy for you. If they have not, just check their prior experience and innovation.     


Apart from that, ask the graphic design service manager for their design aesthetic. This will give you a clear idea about their work and you will also be able to judge, if their style will integrate with your brand. For example, you have a graphic designer that designs edgy and shiny modern cartoons. However, you require someone to create graphics for your conservative and authoritative company. Thus, these two styles will clash. Hence, you will have to make sure of understanding the work and design process of the graphic designer as well. This will help you to maintain a clear picture form the beginning only.

5. Use of graphics designing services in various marketing portfolios

Graphic designing can be incorporated in various marketing aspects. The first and foremost is your logo. It is the first requirement of any marketing strategy. Make sure to ask for multiple logos from your graphic designing company, so that it is easy for your marketing team to use it anywhere. Some of the graphic logo versions that you must take from your graphic designer are:

  • A light version which has a dominant light shade, so that it reflects well on a darker background.
  • A dark version that is dominantly dark and thus, reflects well on a lighter background.
  • A version of the logo that looks well on a medium with horizontal orientation.
  • A square version of your logo, so that it looks good on vertical or square format.
  • A separate icon of your logo that can be used separately from the actual logo. This will be needed if your logo contains only texts. If your logo is an icon, then you do not need a separate one.
  • Website

You will require graphics designing services while designing your website. This is one time when marketing and graphic designing really have to collaborate to align the final product. Your website acts more like a digital estate of your business. However, it is the most neglected marketing item in the list. Do not let that happen to you. Sit with your graphic designer and discuss each of your website page in detail with them. There are a lot of benefits of having a well-designed website.

If your website is visually appealing, then your visitors will be more interested in becoming your customers. A quality design project will want people to own products or indulge in services with high calibre. So, you need to find the right graphics designer company. You need to make sure that your website is not only attractive but, technically strong. It needs to be responsive and should be conversion friendly. Your graphics designing services needs to create a website that is SEO friendly so that the Google index crawlers locate it.

There is no point in having a website that cannot be found on the internet. It is more like a personal diary then. Apart from that, your website design should include call to action forms. This will skyrocket your conversions and increase the sales as well. Thus, hire a good graphics designing service, so that they end up making a pleasing design for your website.   

  • Marketing Materials

You will have to wrap your head around the fact that no one will be interested in buying your products, if your marketing materials are designed with basic tools like MS Paint. A well designed marketing material can weigh in gold for your brand. Also, your sales team will be able to confidently sell your products and services. Thus, graphics designing services need to be hired.

You need to understand that your flyers, brochures, catalogues and even pamphlets have to be designed by professional graphic designing services. The fonts and colour scheme needs to be in alignment so that it represents your brand properly. You need to understand that your customers might notice your off-brand fonts and inconsistent design much quickly as compared to you. Hence, a graphic designer can only come to your rescue and help you with all your marketing materials, so that they look professional and in alignment with your brand.

  • Blog Graphics and Pages

If you are looking to add blogging in your marketing strategy, then you will need a graphic design service for that as well. Blogging is one of the fastest ways of acquiring customers. You will have to put in all your marketing efforts but, you will also be able to score a lot of potential clients.

With blogs, content is the king but, if your blog page is not aesthetically inclined, then no one will want to spend time there. Your visitors are more likely to bounce as well. Hence, you will need a graphic designing service to help you create pictures and icons that interests the reader.     

  • Social Media Posts

Another marketing material that you need to skyrocket your conversions is the social media posts. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn has taken its marketing game to the next level. Billions of people are joining them and thus, they make a very good marketing outlet. Most businesses are preferring to be active on them.

However, it is important to understand that you cannot be active on them without top graphic design services. This is because your competitors are also there on social media. To stand out in front of them, you will have to create posts that are polished, well designed and in sync with your brand. This can happen with the help of a graphic designer only. However, make sure to check with your graphic designer. Ask for his previous work so that you have an idea of his design range and quality.

You can even ask your graphic designing company to create standard templates for you which can be re-used by your marketing team for social media posts.

  • Presentations and pitch decks

You will need a graphic design service for pitching an idea to venture capitalists as well. Apart from that, if you are planning to showcase your quarterly earnings to the board, then also you need a decent presentation. Such presentations require charts and reports that are made by graphic designing services. You can make one for yourself but, if you have the budget, then get it made from a graphic designer.

It is not a good idea to rely on templates from Google or Apple slides. If it is an important investor or a client, then your presentation matters. So, hire graphic designs companies.  

  • Motion Graphics

Look for graphic design services who can create animated graphics. They are in trend and they catch the attention of the audiences like none other. Graphic designs companies work well for social media posts and advertisements. Apart from that, they can be used as GIFs, promotional banners and even videos.

Thus, it is a good idea to collaborate these motion graphics with audio as it can grab the attention of your audiences easily. Hence, graphics help drastically with marketing materials. If you notice, there will be no interesting marketing materials without graphics.


These were some of the critical points which prove that marketing and graphic designing go hand in hand. A lot of businesses avoid graphic designs companies to save their budget. However, in the longer run that does not help. Your marketing material needs to be visually creative and attractive. Also, graphics are required at every step of traditional as well as digital marketing. Collaborating the two can give you profitable results in your business. You can always get your marketing materials designed one by one, if budget is an issue. However, make sure to hire a graphic designing service for it.

At the same time, it is important for businesses to check the right graphic designs companies. It takes a lot of effort and time in discussing the requirements. Thus, it is a good idea to research on one of the top graphic designs companies and then set a meeting with them. Make sure to discuss all your terms and conditions with them. At the same time, understand their terms and conditions. Go ahead only if you are completely satisfied. Also, do not forget to check their clients and testimonials as it will help you to make an informed decision.

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