7 Model Road Brochure


First of all, AUDA was planning 7 Model Roads for urban Ahmedabad City and Chitra Publicity gave it in graphic design brochure. Because it was based on main 7 routes of growing Ahmedabad city. Therefore the Plan was to create a win-win situation for both public and government. As illustrated in this graphic design brochure, Chitra will create some common amenities at different well-known junctions or cross roads. Create a wonderful circle with beautiful architecture and greenery was the first concern. Secondly they will provide informative signage with a space on signage for live updates like weather temperature, traffic ahead etc. It will also show distances to different near by place along with advertisement. We covered the whole project as one informative government graphic design brochure.

Showing a logo road creatively, along with alphabet “7” was the main idea. It may tease the mind of person holding brochure. But when a person scroll through the pages, things quite interest through information. We tried to use realistic 3d images along with design. We used pretty subjective colors in this brochure.


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