Vipul Copper Brochure & Standee Design

Vipul Copper Private Limited’s Beginning into the Area of Aluminum Production Alternatives Was with Copper Rods, Copper Busbar and Copper Strip for Submersible Motor Rotor.

These days, it prides itself as a large fabrication of a diverse selection of aluminum manufactured goods, copper profiles, aluminum stoves, and ground sticks. A number of its prolonged manufacturing solutions incorporate a vast range of PVC cables and wires, submersible winding wire, and electric stamping.

Vipul Copper Brochure Design
Vipul Copper Brochure Design
Vipul Copper Standee Design

Vipul Copper is a leading firm with a large manufacturing capacity of various copper wires.

We were given opportunity to design their urgently required brochure and standee design for their foreign exhibition.

We gave them a puchline “Ours is a Copper World…” and created a unique visual of billiard through copper cable. Client loved the idea for the coverpage and we received quick approval. 

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