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7 Effective Ways through which a Product Catalogue can lift your Sales

A business can be small or big but, it only has one goal of creating profits. Any business will want to enhance their sales and consume maximum return of investment. There are a lot of ways through which it is possible to increase the sales. The top most is marketing. One of the good ways of performing marketing is through catalogue design.

A catalogue can display all your products or services effortlessly. You can also include the description and business offers which can prove to be a great marketing strategy. Brochure and catalogue designs have the ability to bring in customers that were completely unaware of your brand in the first place.

Product catalogues have a lot of benefits of their own. Read on to find out.

Things to keep in mind while creating e-catalogues

1. Helps you attract targeted audiences

The best part about a vivid catalogue design is that is helps you to attract targeted audiences. You can make hard copies of the same and distribute the catalogues where your potential audiences can be found. For example, if you are selling beauty products, then you can distribute your catalogues to women in malls.

Apart from that, if you are planning on using e-catalogues, then you can run advertisement campaigns online. Your product catalogues will help you to reach the potential audiences online. Your catalogues can help in increasing the brand awareness as well.

2. Great reference of material

If you are opting for the latest brochure design, then it can help you fit a lot of relevant information. You can fill in the product descriptions and always use it as a reference while explaining anything to your clients.

However, it is important to understand that the information in the e-catalogues should be crisp and clear. Your customer should understand the purpose of your product. Only then you will be able to generate sales. The quality of your product description plays a major role in the buying decision of your client. When you are working with your graphic designer and content writer for the catalogue design, make sure to include all the unique selling points about your product.

3. Improves brand identity

Product catalogues were an important marketing mix during traditional marketing. They are equally relevant during digital marketing as well. Based on a research carried out by Frost and Sullivan, 69% of businesses have shifted to e-catalogues. This shift has equally proved to be a massive success for brand identity.

You can actually reach more customers as digital catalogues are easy to promote and are affordable as well. You can send them in mails and whatsapp messages to new and existing customers. However, make sure to tell your graphic designer to create brochure and catalogue designs that are mobile optimised. You can also run advertisements on various online platforms with a clear logo of your company on your catalogue. This will help in increasing the brand awareness as well.

4. You can include tailor-made content

The best part about product catalogues is that you can add tailor made content in it. You can customise the product descriptions as per your will and wish. Hence, you can add the unique selling points in the brochure which will attract various customers towards your business.

Another good part about latest brochure designs is that you can add real and authentic pictures of your products in the catalogue. You can even include the price of the product, if you wish to. Hence, the apt and precise information in a catalogue can always prove beneficial, as your audience can get a clear picture about your brand.

5. It promotes your company offline

With the best brochure design in Ahmedabad, you can choose to promote your product catalogue offline as well. A printed literature still establishes credibility of a company as compared to the text written online. Thus, you can always give your prestigious clients a hard copy of your brochure.

If your website in under maintenance or the server is down, you can always courier a copy of your brochures to clients who wants to see it immediately. Thus, product catalogues have advantages of its own. However, make sure to proofread your catalogue before giving it for printing. Having grammatical and spelling mistakes in the catalogue will not leave a good impression on your clients.

6. It focuses on product benefits and brand attributes

The recent rise in e-catalogues has taken the business world by storm, as it is possible to reach clients that were never there in the first place. However, in order to reach such clients it is important to understand the attributes of your own products. Brochure design in Ahmedabad can prove to be successful, if you find out the problem that can be solved with your product.

Once that is done, you can write all the problems your product is solving. Apart from that, add the benefits and brand attributes as well. For example, if you are a skincare company, then add appropriate product descriptions. You can write benefits of your products such as clear skin but, also mention that it helps in removing acne. At the same time, if you use organic raw materials, then ask your content writer to add that as well, because it is acting as a brand attribute.

7. It generates customer leads

A well designed e-catalogue can generate a lot of customer leads. The only thing is that you must advertise it properly and run strategic ad campaigns. However, always remember to ask your graphic designer to add a contact form in your brochure and catalogue design. In this way, you will be able to collect the data of you customers.

Once you have their mail id or contact information, you can always send them your updated brochures which contains the latest price list and offers as well. Apart from that, you can always add an order form in the product catalogue. It will be easy for your clients to check the brochure and order at the same time. Although, you will have to discuss in detail about this with your graphic designer in your initial meetings. Only then he will be able to show you the latest brochure designs.

What kind of product catalogue designs are relevant?

It is important to plan the structure of your e-catalogue. You can opt for aesthetic designs, if your business permits. Even the basic design works. This is something that you must discuss in detail with your graphic designer as he will be able to guide you in the right manner.

Apart from that, you can have a front and back cover for your product catalogue. Ask your graphic designer to be as creative as he can for these pages, as they have the potential to attract your clients. After that, include introduction pages to explain about your brand. You can include information about your company and how it started. Also, the main attributes of your company can be added here. This will make your audiences feel more connected you.

Then, your e-catalogue can have product pages. Make sure to keep the product pictures big, so that the audiences can have a clear idea. At the same time, photography is a really important aspect of product catalogues. It is a good idea to hire a professional photographer for the same. Only then, the images will look professional in your catalogue.

It is possible to even ask your graphic designer to create certain images for you through soft wares. However, you will have to explain your products to your designer first. Only then, he will be able to give some inputs to you. At the same time, think beyond product photography. Do not stay stuck there. If your brand demands, then add some lifestyle elements in your catalogue as well. Brochure design in Ahmedabad is a good idea as a lot of designers help with these attributes.

Hence, it is important to understand that creating the latest brochure design needs planned layouts, appropriate content and attractive images. All of it requires a team who can put specific expertise and efforts to come up with the desired solutions. Thus, it is a good idea to hire someone who does brochure design in Ahmedabad.


You will be missing out on a lot of business opportunities, if you do not plan on making a product catalogue for your business. The market competition is really high for any business. Hence, it is important to adapt to each and every marketing strategy. You do not want to miss out on customers, only because you chose not to create an e-catalogue.

If you want to stay relevant, you have to be present everywhere. This can be easily done with the best brochure and catalogue designs. Digital catalogues can prove to be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. It truly is a great medium for promoting your products in the most engaging way possible. At the same time, make sure to focus on improving the quality of your products. They need to be intact and effective for driving sales. All of the marketing efforts will be useless, if the products are not useful to the customers.

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