7 Digital Marketing Strategies

7 Digital Marketing Strategies that can shoot your Real-estate business like none other

The business world and marketing tactics are ever changing. For instance, some years ago, properties were considered to be a luxury investment. It was said that only the rich could afford it. At the same time, the process of buying property was very long and strenuous. Property seekers had to sign long documents and also find a good real estate broker who could help them with the complete deal. 

However, the trends have changed after the introduction of internet and technology. Real estate brochure design sample properties can be seen online. Many clients just view it virtually and then, decide to meet the relator for further business. The best part is that it saves time for everyone. At the same time, a lot of people are looking to invest in properties as it has massive returns. It is no more a habit of the rich only.

However, if you own a real estate business, then you might be aware of the competition that you have to face in the market. Hence, it is a good idea to plan your digital marketing strategy to get ahead in the business. You can form real estate brochures and develop social media strategies. The possibilities are endless.  

To jump start your digital marketing strategies, use the following list as a reference.

Create an Email Campaign

If you pitch to the right kind of audience, then email marketing can do wonders for you. It is an essential tool that helps you in connecting with new leads and past clients on a daily basis. However, you do need a well- rounded campaign for the same. A good campaign will help you funnel potential clients through planned actions based on their buyer’s portfolio and previous collaborations with you. 

Based on a survey carried out by Smart Insights, 27% is the average open rate for emails in a real estate business. The CTR is 3% and the more relevant your content is, the more conversions you will get. It is a good idea to attach your brochure and catalogue designs in the email campaigns while remarketing.

Make a Brochure

Real estate brochures are almost the backbone of the business. A well-made real estate brochure design sample can do wonders for your business. This is because a brochure has enough space to contain all the information of a particular property site. You can include the area and the benefits of buying a particular property in a designated area. Apart from that, brochures contribute in branding as well.

You can choose to have digital and paper brochures as well. Clients who visit your office can always carry the brochure with them. It becomes a vital piece of literature and clients usually trust companies who can give them something in writing. At the same time, having an online catalogue design can contribute drastically in your digital marketing strategy. You can post the brochures on all the social media channels. Apart from that, you can run paid advertising with the help of your real estate brochures.   

Paid advertising will help you to attract leads. You can always curate a form to fill with the advertisement. Interested people who fill in the form can then be contacted via email or phone. Apart from that, digital brochures give you the liberty of adding videos to your brochures. Thus, you can make your real estate brochures to be fun and creative. Innovative brochures will surely catch your client’s eye on the internet and through that you can leverage a lot of sales. Always check for various brochure design samples with your graphic designer to make sure that they are attractive and engaging. 

Make a user friendly website

If you are planning to conduct digital marketing for your real estate business, then make sure to own a website. Your business will skyrocket, if you have a website. However, you should have a user-friendly website. A lot of real estate businesses have websites that do not load fast because of a lot of photos and links. However, this increases your bounce rate and that is not good for your business.

Thus, hire a professional web developer who can help you create a site that does not take forever to load. Get a responsive website that is optimized for smartphone browsing as well. Most of the clients prefer to browse through their phones and thus, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are losing out on clients.

Apart from that, upload real estate brochures on your website. You can explain the different sites with an e-catalogue design on your website. Clients can have a better idea and then, contact you based on their demands.

Have Virtual Tours

If you have a sample house ready, then you can host a virtual tour for your clients. This strategy can come in the later stage. However, it is a very beneficial strategy. For example, if you are selling holiday homes and farm houses, then you might want to target audiences from different cities and countries as well. Thus, virtual tours can be really handy for clients who would like to see the complete property before fixing a meeting.

The virtual tours are identified as video content. It is said that video content generates 49% revenue and it does that quickly as compared to literature. You can always show the virtual tours to clients who are really interested to purchase the property. Apart from that, you can curate real estate brochures with the video content in them. They can be mailed directly to your potential customers.

Get a Social Media Strategy Curated

It is one thing to post content related to real estate and your property sites on your social media, while it is a completely different thing to have a full-fledged social media strategy. You will have to acquire professional help for the latter but, the results will pay off. You can post content like: new and existing listings, case studies, blog posts, testimonials and success stories. 

Although, social media channels require regular posting in order to show some result. It is not possible for you as a realtor to divert your time for something like that. Hence, you must hire a digital marketing agency. They have a team of professionals who can dedicate their complete time in forming your social media strategy. You will need brochure and catalogue designs to flourish your social media strategies as well.

SEO is the key

Almost any digital strategy is incomplete without SEO. Search engine optimization is the technique to derive leads for your websites. If the process is done correctly, then it can acquire you a lot of leads that can convert in to sales as well. The whole idea is to get your website in the first page of Google. At the same time, your website will require brochure and catalogue designs of your sites. Thus, make sure to create those before starting the process of SEO. 

SEO is a crucial strategy which is beneficial in competitive times. Thus, you must pay attention to it. Always hire a professional agency or a freelancer who can dedicate their complete time in forming backlinks, Meta descriptions, online directories and optimizing catalogue designs for your real estate business.

Host a Webinar

Webinars are the newest digital marketing trend. However, they are beneficial as well. You can talk about your real estate expertise with the help of online workshops and webinars. You can educate you clients on the best properties and investment schemes. Although, at the end of the webinar, you can talk about your site with the help of brochure and catalogue designs.  

You will also get the data of potential customers. It is a good idea to send your company’s real estate brochure on their email. In this way, they will know about your company and your work. Webinars are one of the best way to generate leads and target potential clients.


These were some of the digital marketing strategies that you can use for your real estate business. However, each strategy requires brochure design samples. Thus, it is a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer and curate an insightful and attractive catalogue design for your business. A good thing is that you will have to create one brochure for a particular site in different sizes. Hence, it is just a one-time investment. However, it is possible to circulate that real estate brochure on multiple social media channels and mediums.  

Apart from that, focus on various strategies to get more business. Take some time out to design buyer profiles. They are the ideal clients who can be targeted with the help of your brochure and catalogue designs. Take some time out to map out your audience. Add new homeowners to existing agents in your target list. Even map out characteristics like their profession and average salary. This is because such things will impact their overall decision making process. Apart from that, the whole idea is to be relevant and attract readers based on your content and catalogue designs.

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Packaging Design Blog

What is Packaging Designing and why you need to get one for your brand?

How would you possibly carry all the things from a supermarket store if they did not have a packaging? Packaging has added super comfort in our lives. It has also made the world an organised place to live in. It is present everywhere in the form of a packet for your Gems, a bottle for your skin lotion to a hamper for your laundry basket.

However, packaging design is not only done to secure things properly. There is more to that. Do you remember the last product that you bought? If it was a new product, do you remember what attracted you towards it? It will probably be the packaging design.

With such a competitive market, brands are focusing on packaging design because that helps them in creating an impact on the customer’s mind from an aisle in the supermarket. Apart from that, packaging design helps with branding too. Many famous brands are just recognised with the help of their packaging box design or packaging bottle design. 

What is Product Packaging?

Product packaging design simply refers to the exterior designing of the product. A packaging design will include various options of materials and forms. Also, the design on the box or the bottle will have options of various graphics, fonts and even colours. You can choose to wrap your product in to anything from a gift wrapping paper, can, bottle, box or any container as well.

Packaging Design normally tells a story. It describes and reflects the personality of the brand. It helps in engaging the customers through sight, touch and even sound sometimes. The complete package basically gives an idea about the enclosed product. It communicates with the audience and they understand what the product is for, how it should be used and who can use it.

Questions you should ask yourself before thinking of a packaging box design

There are three important questions that you must ask yourself before starting a packaging design for your product.

What is the product?

The packaging design companies will surely ask you this question first. It all depends on the product. Are you selling something solid, liquid or fragile? What is the size of your product? What are the main materials of your product?

This will help you in deciding the layers of packaging your product needs. It is important to understand that product packaging is not only about the exterior packaging. For example, if you are selling glassware, then you will need bubble wrap and a couple of other things to secure it, because it is a fragile item. Also, something that is big and has awkward dimensions might require customized packaging.

Thus, it is important to note all these pointers down. It will be easy for you to discuss with your packaging design consultant.


What is your target audience?

Decide if your product is suitable for men, women or both? Is it for a specific audience who is environmentally conscious? Is it for the middle class strata of the society?

You will have to choose the packaging based on your target audience. You cannot sell a product to environmentally conscious people in a plastic packaging. You will have to opt for a reusable and recyclable packaging. At the same time, if you are selling something to women, then make sure it is glamorous and dressy. Also, if your product is for the affluent, then you will have to choose a luxurious packaging design.

If you do not have enough ideas, then discuss this in length with your packaging design company. Their designer will give you proper insights on the same.


How will your audience buy your products?

Packaging design will be based on where you are planning to sell your products. Are you selling them in a supermarket or a small boutique? Are you planning to sell them online? All these questions will decide the course of your packaging box design.

If you are selling it online, then you will have to think about a lot of other things. You need to make sure that your product is received by your customer in the best condition. Hence, you will have to think about all the safety features. On the other hand, if you are selling it in a boutique, then you will have to pay more attention on the face value of the packaging.

These are some of the things that are really important as they will influence the selling of your products. Please take a lot of time in deciding this. Discuss it in detail with your product packaging Design Company.


Things that we take in to consideration before curating a packaging design


We at Advoice, understand all your packaging needs and suggest you options based on that. The various things that we consider are:


Communication with Design

It is important to understand that people will buy your product based on the packaging. You might be using the best quality materials or ingredients in your product but, if the packaging is lousy, the client might not even consider trying it. Your packaging design actually competes with the packaging design of other brands in the market.

We understand that and thus, create a packaging design that is an amalgamation of aesthetic and functionality. At the same time, it is important to mention the detail of the product on the packaging so that it communicates well with the audience. At AdVoice, we research and understand your target audience to help you achieve the right balance of practicality and emotional connect.


Packaging Design or Structural Packaging Design

There is a very thin line between packaging design and structural packaging design. A lot of packaging design companies fail to recognize that. We understand that it is important to research on this and then take a decision. Based on your product, we extensively study the market and decide both the parameters.

It is very important to understand the brand strategy of the product. We believe in understanding the dynamics from the scratch and then presenting a packaging design to our customers.


Aesthetic Value

Aesthetic Value is very important when designing a packaging for a brand. Packaging design came in to existence because of the aesthetics and attractiveness. If not for those, everyone would be packing things in normal plastic bags and selling it. Hence, your packaging box design or packaging bottle design, should have some creativity and art in it.

Humans communicate a lot through the visual medium. If you look around, you will see advertisements, banners, films and social media channels to have the highest amount of viewers. This is because all of them communicate visually. Some studies also suggests that 52% of people around the world decide to buy a product because of its packaging.

Hence, as a packaging design company, we have understood the complete funnel of the planning, designing and consumer decision making.


Product Personality

Packaging box design, packaging bottle design or packaging design in general is based on selecting the right structure for your brand. It is very important to treat your brand as a human being and then, deciding an attire for it in the form of packaging. Try to communicate and establish a relationship with your consumers. If you are able to do that, then you will be able to generate a lot of sales for your product.

A right look can even transform your brand and make it an eye candy among the audiences. Apart from the aesthetic value, your product needs to also solve the problems of your consumers. This should reflect in the personality of your product packaging as well.

This is where we step in. Our professional designers and analysts understand the dynamics of the consumer in reference to the product. We even decide the font and the colour of the packaging design strategically.


Persuade the Sales

We are a packaging design company in India that strongly believes that a good packaging can alter the future of a product. A good packaging box design or packaging bottle design can dramatically increase or decrease a brand’s sales.

Hence, we take in to consideration factors like appealing colour, readability of the information and the structure of the packaging while designing it. We also take in to consideration the type of shelf or aisle the product will be displayed on.

At AdVoice, we take every detail seriously. This is because we are designing to persuade the sales of your product. We understand the investment of a brand behind a particular packaging and thus, we believe that our design should be a factor of ROI for them.


Understanding the Design Dynamics

As a top packaging design company in India, we understand the dynamics of design properly. While designing a particular packaging, we take in to consideration the important studies of eye-tracking derivations and impulse buying customer psychology. It is said that based on the eye tracking strategy, consumers only read 7 words on an average while passing by.

Also, impulse buying is done based on the color, structure and aesthetic value of the packaging design. Thus, we strive to add all these to our designs so that you can maximize your sales. We very well understand the balance between the structural and graphical representation of a product. We curate that so that a customer shows maximum interest in your product. 

Things to do if you are just starting out

Choose a Product Name 

It is really important to choose a brand name and product name. Choose a name that is easy and memorable to pronounce. If it is hard to pronounce, the customers might end up forgetting the name of the product.

If you are just starting out, then you can take some help of the packaging design company as well. You can brainstorm ideas together. Brainstorming will help you with the necessary creative flow.


Create a Logo

A logo is the most important part of any packaging design. You can promote your brand with the help of your logo. Also, do not overdo it. Understand that the best logo is usually a simple logo. You can also get a logo done with the help of the Golden Ratio.

If you do not know about logos made with the help of Golden ratios, then you can check our blog here.


Things that can be added in a packaging design

Use Patterns

If you are looking for packaging options for a stationery brand, then you can definitely add certain patterns for the background. It is possible to add checks or stripes in the background. It will surely take the packaging design up a notch.


Add floras

If you are selling a women centric product, then you can choose to add floral patterns in your packaging. They set a nice mood and tone for your packaging. When adding floral patterns to a packaging box design, try using bright colours. It will always attract the customer’s eye.


Use up the space

It is important to understand that while creating a packaging design, it is important to use up every inch of the space that you can. While creating a packaging box design, you can add some patterns, colour or print in the interior of the box. This will always make it look upscale as compared to leaving it plain and flat. As a result, the product inside the box will also look upscale.


Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key behind popular packaging designs. It always works with the audiences. Use earthy tones and recycled materials. Add bright colours of labels. Something as simple as this will work well with the audiences.


Create a harmony with the product

It is important to design a package that goes well with the product. Make sure that it compliments it as well. For example, if a dry fruit company, then choose for options that reflect the natural personality of the product. You can go for transparent packaging ideas. This will help the customer see the dry fruits before buying them.


Add playfulness

It is really important to have some fun with the packaging design ideas. Just be playful and add some elements that makes the audience happy. Make sure the packaging interacts with the product but does not overpower it as well.


Different kinds of packaging industry we cater to

At Advoice, we understand the demand and the competition of the market. Hence, we strive to create different packaging box designs and ideas for various industries.


Food Packaging Design

The food industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. A lot of people prefer packaged food items because of their fast paced lifestyles. Hence, it is a challenge for the designers to create designs that are attractive and practical both. A lot of people prefer food packages that are easy to carry to the office or are possible to consume on the go. Hence, the packaging design should fulfill these basic requirements.

When the food packaging design is concerned, it is important to check the product first. After that, it is equally important to check the consistency of the brand. It means that you need to make sure that different products from the same brand have some similarities in the packaging so that a consumer can recognize easily. At AdVoice, we even curate food label designs for your product as well.


Cake Box Design

Gone are the days when bakers used to sell their cakes in a simple white box. Nowadays, people emphasize on having customized box packaging design for their bakery. You can get your brand story printed on one side of the box as well. Also, cake box design gives the liberty to be really playful as people usually buy cakes while celebrating important occasions of their lives.


Medicine Box Design

Medicine box design needs to be simple and precise. At Advoice, we completely understand that and thus, provide such kinds of packaging design options. The ingredients and the dosage needs to be mentioned compulsorily. Also, some space is needed to mention the cautions. Thus, a structural and well-spaced design always works with a medicine box design.


Carton Design

While designing a carton, you should always remember the product dimensions. Based on the size of the product, you can decide the size, depth and shape of the carton. Also, decide if you want to give integrated flaps or a separate lid to the cartons. Packaging box design is completely functional and based on the product itself.


Tea Packaging Design

The tea industry is booming in India currently. A lot of people prefer drinking flavoured teas. There are various manufacturing companies that are selling dry tea leaves, tea powders and even tea bags. If you are one of them, then opt for a packaging design which reflects the brand personality. Opt for smaller and compact packaging box design. 


Perfume Box Design

It is important to understand that perfumes fall under the luxury items. Hence, the perfume box design should reflect that. Choose structured boxes to secure the perfume bottle. Perfumes usually come in glass bottles. Hence, the box needs to be thick and structured instead of thin and floppy.


Coffee Packaging Design

Coffee is a product that is used by many people. However, it is still considered to be a luxury item. There are various kinds of coffee available in the market. The price of the coffee is decided on the flush and quality of the beans. Hence, if you are designing a package for the best quality coffee, then opt for stylish glass bottles instead of plastic sachets. If a client is selling ready made coffee, then you can opt for cans or tetra packs.

It is important to understand that tetra pack gives an impression of an affordable product and the client will not be able to sell it in a higher range. The same way a can gives a better impression, and the client can even charge for the same. As a packaging design agency, we understand that completely and curate designs based on that.


Wire Box Design

We also design boxes for cables and wires. In today’s time, every item needs a proper packaging design. A lot of people have a misconception that only the food and fashion industry needs to work on their packaging design. It is absolutely baseless. All the brands and companies need a packaging design.

We are experts in creating wire box designs. It will make sure that your brand stands out and attracts the customers. Wire box design also needs enough space on the packaging to describe the USP of the product. Enough care is given to secure the wire or cable properly in the box. We design compact and handy wire box designs so that they are easy to carry and transport form one place to another.


Packaging Design Online

Packaging design online is a complete different segment. More than the product and its personality, it is important to curate a packaging design that secures the product in transit and reaches the customer safely. We understand that dynamic and work based on that for our clients.


These are some of the things that a packaging design agency deals in. There are various methods and processes to curate a packaging box design. However, the main motto behind the design remains the same. It is especially done to attract the customers and persuade them to buy a product.

Packaging Design helps a brand to establish itself in the market. It is possible for a brand to create awareness and gain its identity through its packaging. Big companies like Nescafe, Apple and The Body Shop have gained a lot of recognition because of their packaging. It gives a personality and a form to your product. Hence, it is really important to sit with a designer and get your packaging design ready.

Paying attention to these small things will help you to achieve recognition and business in the market. Getting ahead of the competition is really necessary and you can do it by focusing on your product and its packaging.  


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Digital Marketing vs. Newspaper Ads

Difference between Newspaper Advertising and Digital Marketing

Now a days you may heard term “Digital Marketing” more often. But for many less techno savvy business owners have confusion about choosing their correct advertising medium. In current scenario, small or big, every advertiser has its own budget and has a pool of choice for various advertising media. 

But traditionally most popular media since almost 150 years is Newspaper advertising. Newspaper runs on advertising and government subsidy on paper buying rates. These are the core 2 direct and indirect revenue streams for any newspaper. Without government subsidy on paper we can’t get newspapers at such affordable rates.

Any newspaper local or global has their own authority and legacy in the mind of their readers. Newspaper is like mirror of society. Apart from newspaper advertising it contains brutal facts or great development news around particular region, city or country.

Few known benefits of Newspaper Advertising:

1. City Specific Targeting

2. Flexibility of Advertising Size, Location or Page

3. For large scale companies Advertising is affordable

4. Covers a mass audience

5. Black & White or Colour – Two Cost Choices

Many newspapers have their city wise editions available to local newspaper advertising clients to target particular city audience. That’s good opportunity to reach minds of specific city audience with their brand. Also, Newspaper advertising offers good opportunity to advertisers to choose their ad size, colour, page and location on particular page according to their budget. Every morning people get newspaper so early that it’s habit for many readers to have newspaper reading as their top priority to start the day. A huge chain of newspaper vendors and circulation staff wake up so early to have newspaper in your hand at around 7’o clock. They travel hard from newspaper central circulation point to homes of readers like us.

Rise of Internet in 80’s:

In the beginning of 80’s computers were a new thing in technology front. And initially it was big size calculator which occupied big room for their CPU. And it was capable of doing four basic activities like multiplications, additions, subtraction and divisions. But since then techno engineers were constantly inventing something new, better and smaller in size till date. Now we all do multiple activities on our fingertips through mobile phone. With increased usage of internet every second millions of searches are made on internet with big search engines like Google. And information and data became the mainline of research and execution both. 

With rising need of internet usage various social media became very much routine in our life Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, twitter and Whatsapp. It really takes few seconds to reach any information through information.

Online Paid Advertising Medias:

1. Google Search & Display Ads

2. Facebook Advertising

3. Instagram Advertising

4. Linkedin Advertising

5. Pinterest Advertising

6. Youtube Video Advertising

7. Remarketing Advertising

8. Affiliate Marketing Advertising

Small shop keeper or business consultant can easily promote their business online with free and paid both ways according to their own budget. It is important to understand why people tend to go for paid advertising so often. For that we need to understand online customer journey in three important stages as below:

Awareness of Product / Service / Brand:

As a free media we can using blogging to build awareness of your business existence on internet. Like currently you are reading my blog with some sort of curiosity. This way you will know me or my company better as I am providing value to you in terms of knowledge.

Relation Building with Potential Customer:

Buying very rarely happens instantaneously without much information of company or product. We always tend to find out more information online in terms of company website, product technical information, guarantee, warranty, free replacement and most importantly we read reviews of buyer. After going through reviews and other information we can know company or brand better. And we make our mind to purchase things if everything seems ok with us.

Conversion or Purchase: 

If you know my company and services online by visiting my website or reading my service reviews on other sites for several times now if you are in need of my services like logo design, brand campaign design or digital marketing you will not hesitate to call or email me. As you firstly know me or my company. Thus making a decision becomes easy for you.

Let’s assume you are a doctor or educational institute and having clients from around 5 kilometres radius, is it wise and affordable to pay for whole city as your target audience through newspaper ads?

No it’s not. Because neither it is pocket friendly nor target audience friendly. For getting 20 new customers we cannot pay 200000 bugs for newspaper advertising which will surely reach to mass but that mass audience is not relevant for that particular business. Because for some general health issues we tend to meet nearby doctor only who is in same geographical location as you. We don’t consult doctor from another end of city for normal cold or flu. Because it involves time, energy and money altogether. 

Let’s understand some core benefits of Digital Marketing than Newspaper Advertising:


Newpaper Adverting

Digital Marketing


City Specific Targeting


Area or Pin code Specific Targeting or can choose radius of 2 kms from particular location is possible



Flexibility of Advertising Size, Location or Page


In this you can produce interactive content like animation, video etc. which takes more attention of customer than plain design. Here we can buy different banner sizes and choose news portals or social media sites to advertise with



For large scale companies Advertising is affordable : National level brands finds it affordable due to their huge advertising budgets and need to reach masses


For small business owner who can spend tiny budget of only 2000 per month can even advertise in these medias to get relevant leads



Gender specific targeting not possible.


Gender specific targeting of audience is possible.



Marital Status specific targeting not possible.


It’s possible here to target new parents where you need to sell them new born baby products.



Interest Specific targeting is not possible


Here we can target who has interest in specific subject, brand or product. E.g. we can target women who is interested in weight loss by their social media activities like search queries, cookie data, video watching etc.



Age specific targeting not possible


Here we can target ads to certain age group people by considering product usage. E.g. Gym advertising to 70+ aged people is not a good idea.



Repeat Attention Requires Similar Budget Spending


Here we can set cookie specific remarketing campaigns of people who visited your website once and can show different banner ads on various sites they surf. These ads are impression counting, thus really affordable for SME.



Life event specific targeting is not possible.


Here we can target a person and their close friends on Facebook and show them cake shop ad before 7 days when they are most likely to order cake.



We can’t be part of viral advertising here.


Currently it’s Corona Virus (Covid -19) pandemic outbreak is going throughout the world and everybody is glued to their social medias, we can advertise in between viral videos grab more attention.



Audience purchase intention specific advertising not possible.


People tend to search any information with some intention of buying many times. Here we can target specific search query words matching with our product.



This is one time spending for one advertise in newspaper.


As per collected user data we can optimise campaigns for budget, keywords and bid amount for particular time and location. And budget can be divided to days as per advertiser’s choice.



Newspaper is not niche advertising media for any business.


Here we can advertise product or brand to niche audience through Google ads. Like we can show ads of dentist to famous dentistry blog where people tend to visit for particular dental difficulty.


In a conclusion, time is changing so does
the consumer. And everyone has their own needs and spending budget. But I can
assure you that if you handle each digital marketing tool with precision, you
can reach target audience very quickly and with low budget. All it take is time
to build your online brand.

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Digital Marketing for Mango Business

Is Digital Marketing Worthy for Mango Business?

Yes. It is really important marketing tool for the current scenario in India to sell mangoes through digital marketing.

First impression says that producing and selling mangoes is a traditional farming business in small level. But recent figures says that it’s a huge seasonal business and during 2018-19 there was a 116287.22 Metric ton Mangoes were exported till November 2018 worth 121.31 million US dollars.

So, it’s not a small family business anymore, but it is clearly a great way to be rich. Many other relevant businesses like ripening chambers, pre-cooling facilities and cold storage facilities are also a great supporting businesses.

Mango is the king of fruit in India and other western countries of world. Almost all states of India produces variety of mangoes as per available soil quality and growing atmospheric conditions.

Major Indian Mango Producing States:

Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat were respective major players in producing mangoes during 2017-18 with rise of approx. 11.87% than previous year. During 2017-18 these five states had produced 15561.29 metric tonnes.

One research study says that Mango is cultivated in land area of 1.23 million hectors with an annual mass production of 10.99 million tonnes, which is almost 57.18% of the total global mango production.

Types of Mangoes produced in India:

Mango is a real bless by god in India especially for middle & lower class children during summer. Almost all are waiting for the king of fruit for various reasons in different regions of India. Some loves that “Kachcha Aam” (row mango) with salt during their indoor gaming sessions. And almost all age people love the pickles made from raw mango. Let’s know the different varieties available in various states of India.

Andhra Pradesh : Safeda Mango

Safeda Mango can be easily found in Banganpalle town at first instance. This is usually larger than other types in India weighing 350-400 gms each. Safeda has thin and firm skin blended with sweetness in taste however it lacks fibre. It’s a rich source of Vitamin A and C.

Uttar Pradesh : Langra Mango

Langra mango is mostly found in Varanasi and its small in size but it looks like raw lemon yellow. Although it is really sweet in taste and largely available in Uttar Pradesh and other regions of the country.

Bihar : Gulab Khaas Mango

Blushing pink skin makes Gulab Khass Mango very special even being small in size. It is widely sold in Zarkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.

Karnataka : Badami Mango

Badami Mango is known as Karnataka-Alphonso which is mostly available in May till June months. Fruit size is normal in weight, not so big – not so small.

Tamil Nadu : Malgoa Mango

Malgoa mangoes can be identified by their nearly round shape and thick skin. It consists really good pulp and juice both with it’s big size.

Gujarat : Kesar Mango

As the name suggest Kesar (Saffron), this fruit is saffron coloured with too good sweetness in it. Kesar Mango is know as “Queen of Mangoes” due to sweet taste and pulp and it is found in Junagadh, Gujarat.

Apart from these major mango producing states, we can even get few other varieties named : Alphonso, Dasheri, Himsagar and Kishan Bhog, Chausa, Bombay Green, Totapuri, Neelam, Raspuri, Lakshmanbhog, Amrapali, Mankurad, Pairi, Mallika, Vanraj, Kilichundan, Rumani, Rajapuri etc in various states of India.

Farmer to End-user Journey of Mango Trade:

Since last few decades the business of mango hasn’t changed a bit. Farmers use to sell their mangoes in bulk to whole seller in nearby wholesale market. Wholesale businessman buys the produce at much much cheaper rates. He earns good stake in selling the same stock to different city major vendors in fruit markets. Retail vendors purchases from city’s big stockiest and sell the same mangoes to retail fruit shops or push carters. And we get the same from our nearby fruit seller.

If you closely observe the process, the price of mango goes almost 2.5 times than farmer price. And it has 4-5 layers of vendor and transporters are involved in adding their profits to the product. And consumer needs to pay for the same.

Apart from that a large stake of quality fresh mangoes is directly exported to UAE and West Asian countries. These exported mangoes have majority 3 usages : Juice, Pulp & Dry Slices to use throughout the year.

Many big fruit juice manufacturers like Frooti, Maaza & Slice also consume rich quality mangoes at premium price to make their long lasting fruit juices, pulp or pickles.

Digital Marketing can beneficially impact the Mango Trade :

We have noticed drastic change in consumer buying behaviour in last 20 years. Due to mass reach of social media platforms with great measuring and targeting tools we can achieve “segmented outreach to potential customer” through our digital marketing tools with really limited budget.

Traditional medias such as Newspaper, Hoardings, Radio Ads are very much costly than these new social media marketing. Additionally, we can’t get any timely analysis to make adjustments in marketing plan or budget spending. We even don’t know small customer behaviour patterns. Each and everything we need to manage manually by hiring individual experts.

We observed 3 major key elements in Mango Trade:

  1. Picking
  2. Packing
  3. Shipping

All these 3 elements must be followed by strict timely deadlines. Otherwise fruit might not be in good condition while in hands of end consumer.

Through Digital Marketing we can build awareness and create branding of product / brand. We can target audience with niche adjustments like gender, age, marital status, time, interest, geographic location and behaviour. This will ensure that single penny isn’t wasted. We can use relevant audience social media for the matching business type.

For any campaign creation we can attract customer through various ad types online like: Text Search Ad, Display Banner Ads, In-Video Ads on various social media. We can even retarget any customer through re-marketing campaigns with very tiny amount spend.

We have several ways to create online presence. First and foremost you can create your own e-Commerce website with payment gateway connected with various marketing platforms to automate the small steps in customer journey online.

Additionally, if you need readymade platforms with logistic facilities managed by them, you can go for amazon, shopify etc ready to use platforms. Where seller gets all the online systems readily available to use with some charges. But can surely manage more number of small orders with ease and without headache of logistics and order status management.

Increased Profits, Direct Selling & Timely Delivery:

Through Digital Marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns we can convert potential customer towards ordering online. Let’s understand the same with Mango trade example:

  1. Timely Order Tracking: This will help mango farmer to pick only required quantity mangoes which is ordered today. Thus no more extra picking of mangoes and reduced wastage.
  2. Direct Selling: Direct selling will surely ensure that there are no more layers of sellers between mango farmer and end consumer. Thus no more profit sharing and benefitting direct customer.
  3. Timely Delivery: With good logistic partners through digital marketing directly with mango farmer, he can easily track all the delivery timings & delivery methods. Thus no more hiding or stocking of mangoes in between. End user will get fresh mangoes in no time.

Conclusion: With deep knowledge and proper initial investment on advertising, mangoes can surely be sold through digital marketing tools. Which will be a fresh and cost saving approach in long term and knowing your clients directly.

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Is your brand logo design blessed by Nature’s proportion ?

The dynamics of business have changed in today’s Time. A lot of importance is given to brand identity and value. With the cut-throat competition in the market, businesses have started forming their unique points and selling based on those. Apart from that, they are also striving to create a unique awareness for themselves in the market.


Well, the first step to create a unique identity is developing a logo. A logo should generally be catchy and attractive so that it immediately catches the attention of the customer. At the same time, a logo needs to speak for the brand and create its personality based on their products or services.


Creating a logo requires innovation, art and design. However, art and design are completely subjective. One person can fall in love with a particular logo design while the other person can completely disregard it. A lot of people feel that there is no systematic science to beauty.

Although, you will be astonished to know that there is. It is an age-old number that can fit your designs into mathematically proven beauty. It is known as the Golden ratio. Even the world’s greatest and aesthetic painting of Mona Lisa is made with the help of Golden ratio.


What is Golden Ratio exactly ?

The golden ratio is also known as Golden Mean, Golden section or the Greek letter, “phi”. It is a handy number which helps in creating attractive and perfectly balanced designs. These designs are aesthetically satisfying on the cerebral level. A lot of research was done on this and a conclusion was formed. These designs are found aesthetic and beautiful by almost everyone.


Logos that are made with the help of the Golden ratio strike the right chord with your client’s mind. People will remember such logos which will eventually become your brand’s identity. A lot of famous companies of the World get their logos made with the help of the golden ratio.


Only skilled graphic designers will be able to make logos with the help of the golden ratio. It requires a lot of experience and precision. You can contact Graphic designing company Ahmedabad if you want to get your logo made with the help of golden ratio.  


The Math behind the Golden Ratio

Golden ratio is when two particular quantities are divided in a manner that their ratio is equal to the ratio of the sum of the larger quantities. Although, that number is fixed only. It is 1.618 and it is called as phi.


There is a particular way of demonstrating this. It is done with the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci numbers are used in mathematics and are denoted as Fn to form a sequence. In the sequence, each number is a sum of the two previous ones. The sequence starts with 0 and 1. For example, it goes with 0, 1,1,2,3 and so on. Greeks used to use the Fibonacci sequence a lot. They used it to form a visual pattern for various things. 


It is important to understand that a Golden ratio perfectly describes the symmetry between the two halves of an object. You can understand the concept of the golden ratio by illustrating a Golden rectangle. You can cut a square part of the rectangle and yet, the remaining rectangle will have the same proportions as the previous one. This can go on and on like the Fibonacci sequence.


At the same time, when you turn the sequence into squares by placing them side to side, they will create patterns of rectangles. Also, if you observe minutely, a golden spiral will start to form. The pattern works on equations.


However, there is no reason to get overwhelmed with the equations. To understand the golden ratio, you can simply look around. A lot of examples can be found in nature itself.


Golden Ratio & Nature

You might find a lot of things in nature to be really beautiful. This is because they are naturally in the form of Golden Ratio. In this way, the Fibonacci numbers also prove that they reflect a lot of naturally occurring patterns. Some of the examples include:


Seed Heads 

Have you ever observed the array of seeds in sunflower? You can see various spiral patterns curving left and right too. The most amusing part is that if you sit and count all the spirals, you will find that the total number will surely be a Fibonacci number only. All you have to do is divide the left spiral with the right ones and you will get a definitive answer. At the same time, you can find the same patterns in pineapples, cauliflowers and pine cones.



Honeybees do have their own system. They have a queen, drones and a lot of other bees. The female honeybees have two parents which include the queen and workers. On the other hand, the drones just have one parent. However, a drone’s family is always expressed with the help of Fibonacci numbers only. A drone will have one parent, two grandparents, three great grand-parents and so on.  


Flower Petals

If you have minutely observed, the floral petals are always present in Fibonacci numbers only. Some of the examples include lily which has three petals. Then, there is buttercup which has five petals. The chicory has 21 while the daisy has 34 petals. The petals are placed based on the Darwinian process. Hence, each petal is placed at 0.618034 per turn out of the circle. This arrangement actually forms a phi and so, flowers are visually appealing.



Shells are aesthetically pretty. Golden ratio is explained on the basis of the golden rectangle. The nesting process of the sequence simply means that it can be carried out in an infinite process. This takes a form of the spiral. Hence, if you closely follow a pattern, you will be able to see that shells also have a similar spiral pattern. They naturally exist in that form. Especially, snail shells and nautilus shells have this logarithmic pattern and hence, they are really beautiful. 


Hence, there were some of the examples of the Golden ratio found in nature. There are a lot of other natural things that are present in the Golden ratio form. At the same time, it is possible to find the golden ratio in architecture as well.


Golden Ratio & Architecture

Golden ratio is actually 4000 years old. Hence, it is used in architecture and design as well. Some people also believe that the Golden ratio might be older than that too. This is because many of them believe that the pyramids in Egypt were built with that only. Even ancient Greek architecture is actually built with the help of the Golden ratio. 


All the ancient Greek architecture has pleasing dimensions between the height and the width of the structures. Most of the buildings completely look in proportion. They really look aesthetically pleasing. 


Apart from architecture, Golden ratio is also found in various other things. The acclaimed artist Leonardo da Vinci also used Golden ratio to make some pleasing compositions. All of his work was a huge success. He made a painting called the last supper and that is also made with the help of the Golden ratio.


How to make logo design with Golden ratio? 

It is quite easy to use the Golden ratio in graphic designing, once you get the hang of it. It gives you a simple number and you have to just make the logo structure based on that. You have to simply multiply your element’s size with 1.618 and you can figure out the size of the other element. Apart from that, you can use the Golden spiral to place your logo design. Apart from that, read on to find out some hacks that will help you in making your logo design with the help of logo design.



If you are creating a graphic or logo that contains text, then consider addressing the hierarchy in your layout. It is possible to use the Golden ratio in your typography. Hence, it is possible to make a poster, wedding invite or even a banner using Golden ratio. The best part is that it will be visually appealing to your customers and they will remember the design. You can use this for a website layout as well. 


You can work around the font size of your text. If you have three different line ups where you are planning to have the smallest font is 10px, then multiply the other one with 1.618. Use that for the second one. After that, multiply the middle text font with 1.618 again and that can be the font size of your main text. 


Image Composition

It is always wise to take some time and ponder over the graphics that you have created. However, if you are running tight on deadline and do not have enough time, then you can always use the Golden spiral. You will never go wrong with it. You can design the logo or graphic and then overlay the Golden spiral on it. Then, you can study which elements are sitting properly and are in harmony. 


Golden spiral will give you a lot of perspectives. You can understand the focal points of a logo and work them out properly. You can also centralise the headline in a graphic so that it creates maximum impact. Apart from that, it is easier to understand the elements that need to be shifted so that they add impact and energy in the design. 


Logo Designing

The logo is literally your brand identity. If it is properly made, it will give your brand message in a single glance. Hence, designing a logo with the help of the Golden ratio is the best decision. A lot of people will instantly connect with your brand. A lot of big companies are actually using the Golden ratio for their logo. 


While designing a logo, you can imagine the Fibonacci sequence as a series of circles. Later, you can just rearrange them in a form of a grid. This can actually work as a foundation of your logo. A lot of golden ratio logo are made in this way.


Layouts & Templates

If you are designing a graphic which has various elements, then the Golden spiral can always come to your rescue. It will act as a guide for each of your element. It is a natural human tendency to attract towards the centre of the spiral. Hence, you can always keep the most important message there. This will help you make your graphics intrigued and well balanced.


Some of the famous companies that have used the golden ratio in their logos include Twitter, Pepsi, Apple and even Google. It is a good idea to observe their logos and understand that they are carved in people’s brains. This is because they have proper symmetry and focal points. Apart from that, they are visually very appealing and thus, people like to see them.


Memorise 1.618

This is actually the number of the Golden ratio. It is important to memorise that. This will help you in understanding if your design or logo has actually been made with the equations of the Golden ratio. 


Get a logo with Golden Ratio

It is important to understand that Golden ratio has a greater impact on your audience’s mind. At the same time, not every graphic designer will be able to create logo design with the Golden ratio. You will need an expert for that. It actually takes a lot of practice to create logos with Golden Ratio.


We at AdVoice have experts who create logos with Golden Ratio. It is always a good idea to invest in these things from the beginning. They will actually make your brand stand out. It is important to pay attention to these little details as they are really important.  



These are some of the factors that are necessary for creating a logo design or graphic with the help of the Golden ratio. It is a good idea to find an expert and invest in your business. Take that first step today. 

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How to engage audience by Social Media Marketing ?

Digital marketing is the new trend of the millennial generation. Also, it is here to stay as it has literally changed the dynamics of the marketing industry. Every brand needs to have a social media identity in today’s time.

There are a lot of different social media channels where companies and brands are able to find their potential audience. Hence, having an active account on social media has become crucial.

Social media has created vast opportunities for a lot of people. Many people are showing their skills and talents on different platforms. Even home-grown brands are making a lot of profit by selling on social media.

Social media has a great reach and it is possible to target potential audience with the help of paid advertisements. However, creating a loyal audience organically is also possible. You do have to work hard for the same. The basic rule is that you will have to post at least once daily.

A lot of people get confused here. They do not understand what to post daily. At the same time, if you are selling a product or service, no one wants to see the same thing every single day.

So, how do you do it?

A social media calendar comes to your rescue. If you plan things in advance, then it can be really beneficial for you.

What is a Social Media Calendar?

It is basically a working document which is used to schedule the pieces of content. If you have an account on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, it is even beneficial to make a social media content calendar.  You can create a calendar for a week or a month. It completely depends on you.

This document will help you create a proper content strategy. You can add pictures, graphics, videos, hashtags and captions in a calendar. This will help you understand your content even better instead of just randomly posting something every other day.

A good social media strategy needs uniformity and relevance. A social media calendar helps you achieve that precisely. It helps you plan and you can make sure that you are sending the right message to your audience.

It is a good idea to maintain a social media calendar properly. It will help you focus on your goals. It will help you understand your strategy over various social media channels. You can analyze and understand what works better for you and what does not.

What to do before planning a Social Media Calendar?

There is one important step that you must take before planning a social media editorial calendar. You must decide your goal. You need to be clear of what you want out of a page that you are creating.

Do you want to sell products?

Do you want to have a large following and then advertise for other people?

Do you want to become a social media influencer?

Deciding on a goal is necessary because then, you will be able to create proper content over those lines. You have to understand that only two things work on social media channels. The first one is educate your audience and the second one is entertain them. You will have to do any one of those and then, you will see the organic results that you want.

However, once you set your goal, you have to decide on the social media content framework. It can be really daunting to come up with different social media content categories. Although, do not worry. We have got you covered. Read on to find out the different content pieces that you can add in your social media content category.

General Motivational Quotes

You can be selling any service or product on social media and this content category will still work. People love having a little motivation on their feed while scrolling. There are end number of quotes available on the internet. However, make sure to not use the common ones. Research on the internet and try to find quotes that are not used often on social media channels.

You can always make a quote on your own as well. Apart from that, you can post a motivational quote based on your niche. For example, if you are a digital marketing manager who is selling his services on Facebook, you can always include a motivational quote related to the marketing field or sales. Always remember to post a motivational quote on a Monday. People find it hard to get back to work after the weekend and your post will give them the motivation they need.


If something has a sure shot to work on the internet then it has to be memes. People love relatable memes and engage a lot with them. Just make memes related to your niche. For example, if you are selling makeup products on social media, then you can always make a graphic which says, “Got 50 lipstick shades but always need a new one”.

Did you get the point here? Also, there are various applications and soft wares which allows you to create content for free.

Video Post

Videos are the most engaging form of content on the internet today. People love watching videos instead of reading a long caption. Even simple videos really work well and create engagement on your profile. However, there are different lengths of videos that are accepted on different platforms.

For example, you can post a longer length of video on YouTube. Although, Instagram allows a video up till a minute only. You can add a longer video on IGTV. Also, there are standard video lengths that work with different platforms. You might want to research that before creating content. However, make sure to include at least one video content in one week in your social media calendar.

Blog Post

If you have a website for your business, then you must write blogs for the same. You can generate a lot of traffic on your website with the help of a blog. Then, you can always promote your blog post on your social media accounts. You will have something to post as well and, you will be able to generate some traffic back to your website.

Cross promotion is a great way to generate traffic. However, if you are not writing a blog post, you can always promote your other social media accounts. For example, you can always promote your Twitter account on Instagram and vice versa.

Review Posts

You should post reviews given by your clients on social media channels. This will encourage your potential buyers to make the purchase. A lot of people make purchases based on reviews. You can screenshot what your client sent you and post that directly. It will look authentic and have a great impact on the buying audience.

If you have a regular client, you can request them to give you a review in the form of a video. Tell them to share their complete experience of buying with you. You can also ask them to mention your USP and what they like about the product or service that they bought from you.

Free Resources

If you are aggressive about marketing, then you must know that giving away free resources is an important part of the process. You should create webinars, eBooks and other resources for your audience. However, you can create one resource per month and promote that once a week. So, you will have 4 posts every month in your social media calendar for the same.

Free resources actually are based on the kind of business you have. If you are a consultant, you can give your first session for free. Although, if you are a digital marketer, then you can give an audit report of the site for free. If you are an influencer, then you can collaborate with a brand and giveaway their products for free. This is an important content piece as it will create engagement on your posts which will help in increasing the reach of your profile.

Pictures of Your Work

It is important to post real pictures of your work and not just graphics. People do check the whole profile before making a purchase. If you sell products, then post pictures of those products and write the USP of that particular product in the caption. At the same time, if you are selling a service, then post your portfolio.

For example, if you are an interior designer, then post pictures of the sites that you have already designed. Clients love having a reference before making a purchase. Also, you can post your work twice a week which will make it as 8 posts a month. You can start posting thrice a week too.

Discounts or Coupons

You should include a coupon code or an offer in your posts. This is a very important post in your social media content calendar. People tend to make purchases during offers. It pushes your audience to buy your products and services. You can actually give discounts during festivals. Hence, if you plan a social media calendar, you can easily plan some offers during festivals.

If you are not maintaining a social media content calendar, then it might be difficult for you to create impromptu graphics during the holiday season. These posts are really important as they will surely increase your sales.

Comprehensive Checklist

This is a great content idea. You can create various checklists based on the items that you are selling on social media. For example, if you are selling travel products, then you can always create a checklist of: Things to take for a weekend trip and include your product in the list.

If you are a digital marketing manager, then you can create a checklist for performing SEO or PPC. The options are ample. Based on your niche, create a checklist. Although, it is important to understand that you need to create checklists that are beneficial to your audience. Do not create random checklists which are not relatable to your audience.


You can run quizzes and puzzles on your social media channels. It will surely interest your audiences. Apart from that, it will create engagement on your profile too. However, creating quizzes and puzzles can take some time. Hence, maintaining a social media calendar will give you those insights.

After that, you can also create a post which has the answer to your quiz or puzzle. You can ask a quiz once a week and reveal the answer the next week. You can run the quiz for a week. In this way, you will have to create only two quizzes a month.

Case Study

It is a good idea to post case studies as well. However, it is important to understand that you can post case studies of you work if you have worked on enough projects. If you are a new brand, then you can post case studies of existing brands in your niche.

However, case studies would work on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. It will not work on Twitter and Instagram. These are some important things to note.

Industry News

You can always post industry news on your social media accounts. Anything that is changing your field dynamics is always a good idea. People like to educate themselves and you can always do that.

You can post news once in two weeks. However, make sure to do your research well and include something interesting in your post.


These are some of the content ideas that can be used to design a social media calendar. A lot of the content ideas need some work beforehand. Thus, planning a content calendar will give you enough time to create those graphics for a post. Social media is all about high quality pictures and thus, it is important to create proper graphics with the help of a graphic designer.

You can also fix days for certain pieces of content which can include motivational quotes and industry news. For example, every Thursday will be an industry news day. Just be creative and playful with your social media content.

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Do you know what can make your design a good design ?

Designing is a creative yet tricky subject.

Those who feel that Design is difficult, just don’t understand it’s core design elements or also failed to apply them properly.

Elements of design are the essence of Design success.

Every design you see around conveying some stories along.

The creators who understand the Design concept (what & why to design), Elements of design (Required ingredients), principles (Do & Don’ts) along with other rules such as color combination, text selection also know how to apply that, can create an impressive design.

Or we can say a “Successful Design”.

Successful designs serving end-goal Better and leave long-lasting impression in viewers’ mind.

Art is not something how it feels you.

But how you make others feel.

Every impressive design that shock you and leave with an unanswered question begin with “HOW…” just enough to feel designers proud themselves. Same as a magician, designers like to amaze their audience and keep own secrets within.

But in reality, every designer is using the same tools or design elements in the process, but their application is something that makes the Difference.

Indeed, Art or Creative approach.

Elements of design are the essentials being used by designers to draw any imagination on paper. A successful designer understands what elements to use, when and in what proportion. So let’s first understand it means.

Definition of Design Elements:

Elements of design or Design elements, (up to you How to pronounce) – are the basic needs of any design. Like Required things.

No matter what your design goals are, But these ingredients of design, you require to add while creation. Every element having own purpose to add value in your design.

For newbie designers, these are the rules to follow, But for expert designers it’s a part of Design process.

Take them as creative regulations or design essentials.

But these are actually the tools, making your design work way more effective plus looks alive.

Are Design Elements and Principles, are same?

Like said earlier, every design has own essential to make it meaningful art.

It seems that elements and principles are the same for every design, but are two separate essentials contributing to design success.

Elements of Design– are tools also components that designers apply in the creation. These elements creating Base for design.

Principles of Design– showing method to apply those Design elements. It’s about how designers use available tools optimally for designing.

Combination of Elements and principles make design guidelines. A roadmap to follow for reaching end design needs, by optimal use of resources, tools, and design components.

Even simpler difference between them are:

Elements are the Resources (Tools, Components)

Principles are the Rules (Regulations, Methods)

Every design is the result of combining available design elements and its application the right way to turn ideas into reality. Also what approach a designer follows with them, becomes a factor for Design success.

Why to apply and take elements of designs seriously?

Designing is a creative field and needs no limitation. Every Design came out from an imagination.

But elements and principles are the guidelines that designers have to consider.

There’s always a logical argument between designers over following these rules. Each designer has own views, theories, and experiences from its application.

And Fact is, these do not limit your creativity, but are ways to create an effective design. It’s like tips and suggestions.  How to apply them is completely up to you.

Some designers prefer not to use such guidelines and just go along with where their idea leads. Whereas some concerned one, think its potential impact and applying them all at once.

Decision of such rules must be taken with other factors as well. Creators require to look at design type, available resource, theme, texture and more than that what is the purpose of your design. Before implementation.

Of course, the design elements changing, as a change in design Needs.

Designers have to identify which elements work in the current design scenario and in what proportion, Instead of applying each, have in their minds.

A better approach is to follow a custom design rule, which is applicable to own design and adds value.

Not every successful design follow the (Design) Rules,

But every unsuccessful design forgot such Rules.

Again, it’s completely customized decision. That varies among creators and their creations.

However, Before finalization about whether to apply or not, let’s now understand what they are. Here presenting Elements of design list, which designers commonly prefer in the Design Process.


What are the Elements of Designs?


lines advoice design

LINE is a very first Design element. Line is the component where every design begins.

Simple question:

what will you do first when drawing something ?

Stroking a line. Isn’t it ??

It seems that line is just a stroke, but for the creator it actually connecting two dots. It’s a connection on paper.

Also, some lines separate the objects from one another and grab attention to the desired location on board.

Take a look at how newspapers ads, articles, and banners are organized and separated with the use of those lines and columns.

They make sure, your eyeball reaches where it suppose to.


COLOR advoice design

When you talk about design, Color join the conversion by-default. Color is the favored elements of design of any creator.

From graphic to web designers, color are the essentials for which they worry, the most.

Choosing the right color and using it optimally are the core of the design process. While implementing color, designers do care about message delivery and effective impressions.

All that color testing and combination are worth it if you want a Successful design. This lets you test which color present your message well.

Let the Designers do their job.

Believe me, they are concerned about how Design looks, more than you.

Remember color can make or break your end goal. Especially when you design for Branding.

While implementing the Brand design understand the business need first and execute the design process likewise.  The color you use also impacts the viewers’ decision and how they relate with Brand.


shapes advoice design

Every design has its Boundaries, also called Shapes. Which shows how your design will look.

Like every other design element, the shape also determined to produce quality design, without sacrificing the color contrast.

Shape are the limits for the designers and to frame every required element within optimally.

Whatever you design or create, must have a defined shape. Make sure the shapes you choose are matching with your intent and also interactive enough.

Shape can be framed with lines or with colors only. Some shapes are organized due to other design elements, while some only with text. Again, up to design needs.

White Space

white-space advoice design

These design elements are simply ignored by the newbie creator. But expert designers understand its importance and always left some room for this.

White spaces are nothing but a blank area left intentionally, intending to drive focus on a particular thing in design.

It can also be used for giving design, a pleasant look, with a minimal composition.

Likewise, white space is useful in writing to grab exact point. Same applies to design as well.

Remember white space doesn’t have to be a white always, that can be matched background color among textures as well.

For some designers, white space is key design elements, while some treat them as wasted-space. But as a designer, you need to understand the concept before applying, via picturizing its potential impact.


texture advoice design

Textures are the elements that give your design, a Life.

For web & graphic designers, textures are the key elements for deciding how it’ll look on screens. As they know texture gives a refreshing look to a website. More than that it also impacts on user-experiences.

While making a brochure for the construction company, cement (or bricks) textures adding way more value than any colored background.

Using a texture optimally, you don’t just make design alive but also saves it becoming Blank and Boring. Remember the word, used here is “optimally” …as not every design needs the textures.

Some design simply looks fresh with a white background.

Don’t forget that texture is powerful design elements, and need caution while using. Certainly, it gives your design a feel, But your primary focus has to be on the paper, not in the Background.


typography advoice image

Writing and Designing, Words are a strong element in Both. The difference lies in how optimally you practicing them.

Typography becomes imperative when your design aimed at Branding and Marketing need. Same as other design elements, the type of words you use also makes message delivery successful.

An expertise designer understands balancing between text content and the visuals, also how to apply the typography that matches the Brand theme.

Every design elements are adding value to the ultimate design work, But word-types you use are itself  VALUE, that audience seeks.

Common mistakes a new designer make while typography is, that limit it only to the font styles and sizes only. Whereas typography also includes text color, space-margin, scaling, and matching with other design elements.

Remember every Design elements are extras, But typography is itself the Message.

Scales & Sizes

Do you know what can make your design a good design ? 1 scales and sizes

What will be your response to website with all same-sized text within, instant skip ??

Obviously, you just skip it, at first look.

No matter how valuable information it has, you simply prefer not to read further. As there’s no heading and bold,bullet-points are there, to grab your attention.

That’s what happens when you design with same sizing objects in it.

Here are the essential design elements that help you in measuring what will be the size of every design object you have.

Scales and sizes also applied for providing weights to the design elements. Weight in terms of, what you wish your viewers look first.

Simple example: In movies, camera picturizes lead dancer at large scale, then background dancers. Easy for you to identify who plays the key role and maintain your focus (interest) at.


This design element, you better to use when you have to differentiate one objects from another.

Using a contrast is a common design approach…especially when you wish the audience give value to one object over another. Or indirectly you lead them to Do, what you want.

When your design having a typography in it, Remember contrast can impact the readability.

Contraction between the Background and the Typography, leave a directive note. As words, you highlight catches the viewers’ attention.

Along with varied size, shape and contrast text usage helping viewers to get an immediate idea of what to read first and what is important.


Balance is a supportive design element for scaling, which ensures that end-design looks Stable.

Adjusting every required object and making each one available, is the purpose of Balance element. It employs given space optimally, so not a single object has to sacrifice or leftover.

Symmetry or Asymmetry Balancing, are always the confusion for creators and designers. Using any of it, without understanding can turn out to be a horrible design.

Whereas Symmetry Balancing, treats each design object equally, it preferred for uniform designs. On the other side, Asymmetry makes adjustments of various objects according to the preferences and values it hold.

Many designers prefer to go with Asymmetry Balancing, as it is complex to implement yet easy to consume for the audience. Mean they are highly effective.


Grid becomes a significant Element of designs, while preparing the Design framework.

As you have more objects and focus-area to combine in a single page, grid element makes it possible to arrange every single piece, as it should be.

Back to our newspaper example, check out the classified page and have a look at How every details are arranged. Even though varied information and same typography applied, you can still find what’s in there for you. Because of the easy categorization.

Gird provides the structure to design and connecting one element with another.

Do follow the grid element in a Design process, as it gives your design a pleasing look. More than that, it also helps you with Balancing design objects.


Behind every impressive design, there’s always a creativity plus the creator’s ability to combine all design elements equally.

That’s called, Composition.

Experienced designers become mastering at the composition of lines, color, contrast, and any other elements. They are well versed with which element to use and where.

Also, they take care to highlight the main object the most, via the design element’s combination.

Composition is not only for arranging the elements and fits into a whiteboard But also it’s applied to make sure that every element serve its design purpose equally.

Final Thoughts:

These are not the end list, Elements of designs and principles are varied as per the Design project.

The successful Design is the one that exercising customized Design practice.

Those elements may vary according to the design variation and layout or pattern you follow. Here described elements are common ones that apply to general design process.

As every design has to be creative plus appealing, amazing yet balanced…we suggesting our designer reader to use it optimally, with valuing own Design need.

Just looking at its importance and applying all elements anyway, probably not a good idea.

Instead prefer to do some testing with those elements and look at what works to your paper. Of course, like the objective of design changes the elements of design, too.

Understanding the actual design goal and testing with diverse design elements will not drive you a result you seek But to the Return, you should have.

 An Impressive design – Not only amaze your audience…But also your ownself !!

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