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Tested Benefit of Packaging Design that skyrocket buying

When you are trying to make your business grow in a market where there is already a lot of competition, it is important that you make sure that you considering every single aspect that can help your business grow. Leaving even just a single stone unturned might cause harm to your company. Speaking of factors which will help your business, providing the customers and clients with a proper presentation of the product and creating a good impression on them is extremely important. The way that your product is packaged is strong enough to influence the decision of whether your clients and customers will be interested in it or not. To speak more directly, it has a lot of influence over the sales of your company. This is one reason why it is very important that you have proper packaging design ideas for your product before you launch it in the market. If you decide to take the help of a packaging design company, they take the whole responsibility of packaging it from your hands.

Customers and clients often fall in love with the packaging designs. Therefore it is important that your product has impact packaging. 

Of course, you are making sure that the product you are launching in the market is of high quality and is useable too. However, if you accompany that product with a cute and attractive packaging design, it will only boost the sales of that product even more. For some people outer perfection doesn’t matter. For some, it does though, and it definitely won’t hurt you to use a cute packaging design idea.

Mentioned below are some of the benefit of packaging – 

  • One of the major benefit of packaging is that if the packaging is cute and attractive enough to catch someone’s attention, it will get its first chance very fast and will only have a positive influence on the sales.
  • If the packaging of your product has a dynamic as well as a high standard, it will only help in convincing the customers more of the quality of the product.
  • Sometimes impact packaging designs can lead to triggering some emotions in the customers which makes them feel emotionally connected with the product or the company. This will also help a lot in increasing the sales.
  • If the packaging design of the product is good enough, it will help a lot in becoming the face of identity of your brand.
  • If the packaging design idea of the product is effective, the people buying it will also feel like they are having a great experience.
  • If you work hard enough to get a good logo design, it can also help you product and packaging to be identified.

If you are going for a signature packaging design, you have to make sure that you pay extra attention to the colours, font, font size, pictures, information used et cetera. Using these consistently will be a huge help. Make sure that the packaging looks nice overall and that the customers are gonna like it.

There are also a few things that you can keep in mind in case of packaging if you want the packaging to make a good impact on the people. Read on to find some of the things which you can keep in mind while you talk to the packaging design company – 

• It must be easy to use

Even though a beautiful package will attract the attention of the users. It will be of no use if the product inside is not worth it to the users. The product must be easy to use and worth it.

• Must maintain proper hygiene

The product as well as the package must be free of germs. Hygiene is of top priority for the people nowadays and it is important that your product inside the packaging does not cause any problem in hygiene for the users. If the product is unhygienic and problematic for the users, the beautiful cover will not lead it anywhere.

• Make sure to provide enough information

When a new product is launched into the market, the customers have a lot of queries about it. They want to know about the constituents of the product, the calories, manufacturing date, expiry date, instructions, manuals and a lot more. Make sure that the packaging lets them know all they want to know to favour your product.

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Latest Trends in Packaging Design

7 Trends in Graphic & Packaging Design to Triumph the Customers

If you are working in the field of graphic design, you should know about all the trends existing in the world of graphic design right now. However, it is an important that you do not just know about the trends but understand them too. Latest trends in packaging design are such things that one of them can be the top most trend and the other one might to fail to make even a little impact. The driving force behind these trends, which make sure whether they will work or not, depend on the designs that are behind them. The word design refers toall of these three – packaging design, logo design, and also website making. 

Packaging design is an extremely important aspect of the company as it can later impact the sale of the product, the branding of the company and also the growth and development of the business. Therefore it is extremely important that the packaging design is up to the mark. The graphic design is the part of design which is responsible for the proper marketing of the product and the company was well.

The packaging design is one such factor which also conveys the quality of the product to your customers. It creates an impression on the minds of the people and if the packaging design is not good enough, the customers might just assume without even trying the products that it won’t be good. Therefore it is important that you pay attention to the packaging design of the product. 

On the other hand, graphic design portrays to the customers and clients the quality of the service you will provide to them. It gives the brand a unique image.

Even the designers can do with a bit of tips which help them to pan how to go about their work. Read on to find a few of the latest trends in packaging design and graphic design as well – 

• Look to it if you can make the package transparent

This one trick is the most useful in case of food items. In case of food products, the packaging only not enough to convince the buyers. In this case, if the package is transparent, it allows the customers to see inside the package and judge the product by themselves. Letting the customers know what they are purchasing is always a good decision. They show good ethics and as a result, it helps you to gain the trust of your customer.

• Adopt Illustrations

If you can make a human connection with any form of hand drawn graphic art or icon is one of the best things you can do. Following this trend brings a tinge of reality to your design and a lot of people really appreciate this trick. When you have a hand drawn art, it brings an emotional connection with the customers and thus the customers feel like they can connect better to the company now.

• The packaging design must convey your brand message

It is important that the people understand from the packaging design the motto, vision, mission and aim of your company. The message should be such that the people can feel that they can trust this company and try out the product.


• Go Vintage

Feeling a little bit of nostalgia has always made people emotional. The advancement of technology is always appreciated, but going vintage as a different kind of feeling overall. However, it is important that you maintain the balance between modernity and sharpness.

• Logo

Make sure that the logo design is a simple which is also easy to recognise. Logos are actually the designs which later turn into the face of the company. If the logo is responsive, it increases the conversation rates in your website. Another point is that to make sure that the logo is adjustable to the size of the website so that they can fit to the size of the browser.

• Use Cinema-graphs in graphics

Make sure to use gifs and very small videos to get the attention of the customers. These moving pictures are in trend and are something that increases the interest of the people a lot.

• Use a Modern Layout

Breaking information into chunks is only possible if you use a modular layout, which fortunately is also one of the latest trends in the world of design.

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Packaging Design Tips

Stunning Ideas for Creating Awesome Packaging Designs and Labels

Labels and packaging designs have gained a lot of importance over the time. As a result of this, most of the companies are now trying their best to come up with innovative ideas for their labels and packaging designs. There are a lot of branding agencies which agree with this point which have in turn have led to the increase of demand of the graphic designers. These graphic designers shave to constantly fulfil the demand of these companies which makes them constantly use their brains for these new and creative ideas.  

Read on to find some of the most important packaging design tips which will benefit your company.

• Make sure that you Develop useful packages

One of the advantages of having a good packaging design is that they can be used again after the product has been used. These gain more appreciation than the simpler ones.

• The Packages should be product friendly

No matter what the product is, the packaging should always be product friendly so that the customer can also make a good use of the product that they have purchased. For example, if you consider pizza boxes, they are made in such a way that the pizza can be eaten from that box as well and doesn’t require plates.

• Be conscious to special editions

If you are using packages, make sure that the package includes some important events that have a lot of attention of the people. For example, if you include a part or even a mention of any event that has a lot of followers, it will attract the attention of these followers. This is one of the most helpful packaging design tips.

• Be sensible about breaking the rules

There are some basic rules about packaging, for example, toothpastes and stuff come in tubes. These are one of the basic rules about packaging designs and all. It is not possible to provide a paste in a bowl or box. So make sure that when you are breaking a rule, it not a conventional one.

• Make sure it’s Simple

Packaging designs and labels have to have a good design to make a good impression on the customers. But this is not an excuse for the design to be overly crowded. Make sure that you keep it simple. Follow the saying, less is more.

• Make sure you’re following the trend

If you are following the recent trend and campaigns, it will also help you in gaining more notice in the social media. It will also seize the attention of the customer who is much known to these trends.

• Make sure the punch-line has humour

Humour is something that makes place in in the minds of the customers for a long time. If the punch-line you are using has a rhyme and is funny, you are going down the right path. This will help the product in being in the minds of the people for a long time, even throughout the years.

• Add a little bit of fun to the packaging

You can also add a little bit of fun to the packaging too. This also helps a lot in making the people interested in your product.

• The Package must be complementary

There is not an ounce of competition between the package and the product. Since you cannot change the product, you will mostly have to work with the package to make it more interesting throughout the time. Adding some fun element into the packaging is one of the basic moves.

• Make sure its handy

Make sure that the design of the packaging helps in holding the contents of the package which helps in getting a good grips of the product. People usually really appreciate those.

• The Colours must stand out 

The colour of the packaging must complement the product. If the colour complements the colour of your product, it is an added advantage. This will also help in making your business stand out in comparison to others. Your product might also be recognised by colour if this scheme works.


These are some of the most use packaging design tips that have helped the growing companies a lot in gaining a stand in the market. Therefore keep these in mind and it will definitely help you in growing your business in the market where there is already a lot of competition.

If you are looking for a packaging design company, then visit AdVoice. They have an illustrious portfolio and they offer other services in graphic designing as well. Visit their website for further details.

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Insider Ideas that Boost ROI by Packaging Design

One thing that we can all agree on is that the first impression is extremely important as it will play an important role in creating an image and impact which will also mold how your future interactions is going to be. Similarly, in case of packaging design, the first impression is also extremely important. The packaging scheme has adequate information on it that expresses some of the fast truths about the merchandise inside it like the name of the product, its price, as well as its quantity. Some also believe that is the packaging design is attractive, it will influence the customer in such a method that they will be enthused to purchase it at just one glimpse. It is also an important piece of information that a good packaging design can help improve ROI. Read on to find some of the tips you can use to in order a better packaging design.

• A Proper Colour Concept

Colours are one of the major factors affecting the packaging design of the products. Colours play a huge role in providing a unique identity to the brand as well as the product too. Colours speak more than words sometimes, therefore it can also introduce your brand those people who don’t understand worse much. An example of this is – a child who yet doesn’t know how to read properly, will recognise a Cadbury anywhere because of its trademark purple colour.

• Proper Positioning of the Brand 

Many industrialists have done positioning of brands with the help of packaging designs and have been effectively successful in attaining positive results. For a reminder, you can think about that fresh iced coffee from Starbucks. The team of Starbucks had used a creative way in order to introduce the fresh product by reflecting an image of the both the product and the user. The design of it was also kept simple and had cool refreshing colours. The main trick used here is to preserve the appearance of the product in the nature of the consumers along with making the product appealing to them.

• Clever and proper messaging

One of the other good things that you can do is to tell the people and inform them about this product. Along with telling them, try to make sure that the packaging design has enough of this information so that the people can understand the details of the product.

• Processing of the product

One of the major issues with processed food is that when people try to make it at home, they fail to attain that specific taste of the processed food. When the process of making the food is written in the part of the packaging design, it makes a huge impact on the customers. There are also cooking instructions given on the semi-cooked packaged major example of this is Maggi. The package design of Maggi has properly conveyed the whole process of making the food to the customers. This is also another one of the ways how packaging design of processed foods can make a difference in attaining the attention of the customers.

• Properly Conveying the Actual Value of the product

It is important that the customers get to know the proper price of the product.  When the customers find something attractive, the first question that comes to their mind is always about the price of the product as well as the quality of the product. Make sure that that price, as well as the ingredients of the product is stated clearly so that the customers can understand the value of the product that they are buying. An example of this is the huge size in which the price of the product is written in big and clear letters of the word. If you can give a little discount on the product, then it will also attract a lot of attention of the customers and hold their attention too.

• Excitement

Make sure that the packaging design of the product is such that it can cause a bit of excitement in the minds of the customers when they see your product packaging.


These are a few of the basic tips that you can follow so that the packaging design can help improve ROI. You can also take the help of several professional graphic designing companies to help you with this.

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How to Switch To Eco-friendly Packaging to Help the Business Grow

With so many environment awareness programmes, it is actually hard for one to be unaware of the current condition of the environment. Global warming is at its peak, the ozone layer is depleting, there is plastic in the sea and a lot other factors are already causing a lot of problems. If you have been conscious of the environment, you would have also noticed that the environmental situation also affects your business, as well as marketing of your company. One of the most important aspects of how your business affects it is plastic packaging.

We have witnessed plastic packaging since we were all kids. From candies to snacks and beverages to grocery, we have witnessed all kinds of products wrapped in plastic packaging. The moment we became conscious, our schoolbooks informed us regarding the properties of plastic on our atmosphere, and it assuredly left a noteworthy influence on our minds. However, now, when we can share our thoughts with the help of the social media, we are growing more conscious. With the idea of not affecting out environment because of our business, it is important that the companies put some thoughts into eco-friendly packaging design.

In the way that awareness about the environment is increasing, this will have a huge impact towards their customers. Their products will get more appreciation as well as their company for saving a thought about their world. This might also help in increasing the shopping of your products. Eco-friendly packaging design for business grow is also a great idea to attract the environmentalists’ o our world.

Consciousness and Consumerism

Nowadays, the consumers are way more aware than they ever had been and this is one of the reasons why it is also very important that you take the matter of affecting the environment seriously. The customers today are conscious, they are very analytical of the social, ecological, political as well as the environmental balance affected by any of the products they purchase. They know what will benefit the society and thus the content of the packaging as well as the product is important for them. 

As a conscious being of the society, it is also important that you take care of the environment as well. This will help a lot in the branding of your business and also in making a good impression over the consumers of your product.  Therefore eco-friendly packaging can prove to be really beneficial for your business.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Business, Consumers and the Environment 

As an owner of a business, you need appositive response from the society to establish your company and the easiest way of doing this is using eco-friendly packaging. The energy used for manufacturing these packaging materials is also way less than the others. As a business owner, you will also get the products needed for manufacturing these at a lower price. These products are then delivered to the owners without any shipping charges as well. This helps you in attracted a sector of environment conscious people. You get a lot of social media advertisement because of this and is also a hot topic for advertisements. You also get the advantage of harm that is caused by packages made of plastic.

In a way, eco-friendly packaging design is beneficial for the customers as well. By buying your product, they are also contributing to environment awareness. Furthermore, clienteles can recycle them without being upset about the element that it could harm their kids. The wrapping will also be easy to get rid of, and it will also solve the problem of disposal of garbage, which is another one of the very common issues in the urban areas. Consumers love products with eco-friendly packaging as these do not comprise of harmful products like chemicals.

Eco-friendly packaging also has another advantage that it can be recycled and used again without worrying much. It also reduces garbage production. Another fact is that these packages are biodegradable and as a result, it makes garbage disposal process a lot easier. The products can also be reused without the fear of causing any harm to the atmosphere.

So, that is why a lot of business men prefer eco-friendly packaging design for business grow. It helps the business, the customers and also the environment making it an amazing idea. Nothing makes this seem like a bad idea.

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best packaging design

9 Proven Things to commemorate while product packaging designing

Most of the time, we overlook the packaging design. We hold the idea that if the product is of good quality, then the packaging will not be of great concern, that the quality of the product is what matters only. Even though it is partly true and the quality of the product is a very important thing, customers also care a lot about the packaging of the product too. Most of the companies now have started focussing on the packaging design.

It is important that the packaging of the products is innovative, and that the packaging complements the product itself. For example, if you are packing something that is dangerous to children but looks attractive to kids, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. To have the best packaging design, it is important that you know which things matter in case of having a good packing. Read on to find all the important things that you need to keep in mind to have the best packaging design.

1. The Correct Print

Prints have an important influence on packaging design. Make sure that you know the limits of your printer before choosing the colours for your packaging.

2. Make sure you have the right material

The quality of the packaging material is extremely important. You need to choose the material which helps in keeping the product preserved. It is also helpful, if the package is re-usable, or even better, environment-friendly. Also, only use as much packaging as necessary. Overdoing it will only be wasting the product which can cost you a lot of time and money.

3. The Style

The style of the packaging mostly depends on your target customers. Go for colourful and animated styles, if your product is targeted towards children. The style should be classier, if your target customers are adults and mature. The products matter a lot so make sure that there is a picture of the product in the packaging.

4. Classy and shiny

Even though shiny stuff is still considered to be the best, it is not always a good option. Even if you prefer to make the packaging shiny, making it overtly shiny will hold it back from being classy. So, make sure that the packaging design doesn’t shine too much. Instead, you can make sure to add some bright colours so that it serves the purpose of being shiny. For example, let us see the packaging of Maggi, even though it is not shiny, the bright yellow colour helps in holding the attention of the customers and also makes it stand out.

5. Has a Pleasant Typography

It is important that along with being eye-catching, the typography should also be easy to read. There should be enough spaces in between words and letters and the letters should also look artistic.

6. Make sure you use the white space

One of the major facts to keep in mind for having the best packaging design is to not keep white space at all. The name of the product goes on the top of the packaging. Even though there shouldn’t be much white space, you also need to make sure that the packaging doesn’t seem too crowded and clingy.

7. No Clutter at all

Clutter is not appreciated anywhere in the world, so while packaging a product, you need to make sure that there is no clutter. Make sure that it doesn’t seem extra. Go minimal and yet make sure that it looks classy. This is one of the major things that you need to do before finalising your design.

8. Make sure that the trends don’t leave you behind

When you are concerned with packaging, make sure that you are updated with all the trends. Even if it means taglines on the packages or even just images you use in the packaging. Any reference to the on-going trends will attract a lot of attention to your product.

9. Add a little Emotional Pitch

Make sure that the designs you use are neither too loud nor to low. You have to maintain a balance between the highs and the lows so that you make impressions on the right people that concern you.


These are just some of the things that are concerned when you have to have the best packaging design for your products. Keeping this in mind will give you the best packaging for products.

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