10 Proven logo design tips for small business owners

A logo is a very important aspect of your business. It can either make or break your business. You need to be very careful while choosing a logo. It has the potential of communicating your story with your audience. Also, a logo will catch your customer’s attention first. So, make sure to design it in the most unique way possible. A lot of businesses face a lot of problems when it comes to logo designing. They are confused with the technical and creative options. To avoid this, you must hire a logo design company in India. 

Read on to find out the logo design tips for small business owners. 

1. Learn the basic rules of logo designing

You can hire a logo design company in India to carry out the complete process of your designing. You can also do some of the designing yourself. However, you need to have knowledge of the same. You must remember certain rules of logo designing to move forward. You can take up online classes or read blogs over the internet. At the same time, you can take some help from a professional expert as well. Learning about some of the logo design tips will help you when you outsource work as well. You will be able to guide your designer and know what to expect from them as well.

2. Try various techniques

One of the most famous logo designing techniques is the visual double entendre. It is nothing but contains blending two different things in to one to provide a better understanding to the viewer. The double entendre contains text as well as a picture in it. The text can be considered as a slogan too. 

3. Keep it simple

A logo represents your company to your customers and vendors. It is important to understand that if your logo is too complex to comprehend, no one will remember it. Thus, keep your logo simple and classy.

4. Avoid the cliché things

If you are looking for logo design tips for small business owners, then you must have a logo that helps you stand out from others. Avoid following the standardised and common things. For example, do not use a lighting bulb for symbolising ideas. Instead, you can choose to think of something creative. The cliché things have already been overused and so, you must think out of the box.

5. Choose smart colours

Tips for logo design are really useless, if you do not focus on the colour scheme of your logo. Use a colour scheme that is good to look at and is pleasing to the eyes. The logo should also add on to the clear and beautiful representation of your business.

6. Typeface matters

All the established businesses have a typical typeface in their logos. For example, Facebook has the small letter f while Microsoft has its own unique typeface. Thus, you can create a typeface for your own brand. You can also choose one from the existing ones.

7. Pay attention on the negative space

Negative space has a drastic impact on customers. You need to use it wisely. It should not make your logo look empty and disturbing. For example, the FedEx logo has white space between e and x. They have used an arrow which really covers the negative space. 

8. Understand symmetry and proportion

Your logo should be different and beautiful. However, to make it that way, you need to consider all the logo design tips. Symmetry and proportion of a logo is a very important aspect. Structured logos have greater impact on the customers as compared to the normal ones. 

9. Understand your brand

You can only design a good logo, if you understand your brand. Understand your competitors and get a hold of your business. Based on that, you can decide for a logo design for your brand. Make sure that the logo represents your brand perfectly.    

10. Choose active logos

Active logos create an illusion that they are moving. Customers are intrigued and pay attention on such logos. For example, Amazon has such a logo. It is a good logo design tips for small business owners as they can attract the customers with the help of active logos. 

These are some of the tips for logo design. This will help you to create a compelling and engaging logo design.

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Professional Logo Design: A beginner’s guide to the benefits

Logo plays an important part in every branding strategy. A professional logo will distinguish your from your competitors and also uplift your brand image in the market. An innovative yet simple logo makes your company popular amongst the customers. This is the major reason that companies are giving priority to logo design. If you are looking to make exceptionally beautiful designs, then take assistance from a professional graphic design company in India.  

The benefits of professional logo design are endless and the companies have understood this. If you are still not convinced, read on to find out some of the advantages of having a professional logo design.

1. It leaves an impression on your customers

Customers are used to take a decision within a fraction of second in today’s times. Hence, your logo plays an important role with that aspect. A unique logo design can hook a lot of customers to your company. It is important to understand that the font, colour, size and style of your logo will say a lot about your brand. Thus, while designing a logo make sure that it clearly states your services and offerings. Hence, there are a lot of reasons behind hiring a professional graphic designer. A professional logo design can surely take you a long way.

2. Market your brands across various platforms with your logo

If you are looking to make your brand popular, then you will have to promote it across all the platforms. You will have to include social media channels as well as offline channels for the same. Thus, you need a very responsive logo for your brand. A professional logo designer will help you make one. Also, you will need the logo in different dimensions for different platforms. So, when you upload your logo across all the social media channels, your customers will think of you as an independent and serious brand.

3. Helps in building brand identity

Brand and logo are two complete different things. Having a professional logo does not guarantee you to have a brand. However, a brand will surely need a logo as it acts as an identification card. A logo is considered as a pictorial representation of your brand. Thus, if you are looking to perform strategic branding in the market, then hire a graphic design company in India to curate your logo. 

4. It is a good return on investment

A lot of start-ups and small business owners think that hiring a professional logo designer will increase their budget for no good reason. However, it is important to understand that it is a good return on investment. An unprofessional or tacky logo will not be able to attract customers. Benefits of professional logo design are immense and thus, it is worth the investment.

5. Enhance customer relationship

There are a lot of benefits of a professional logo design but, one of them is solid customer relationship. Customers will get attracted towards your logo and you will earn their trust and loyalty. A logo establishes the first impression and so, it needs to be technically stable and artistically inclined.

6. Helps you to stand out

The importance of professional logo design is crazy. It keeps you apart from all your competitors. Your customers recognise your products and a logo helps them make the buying decision as well. At the same time, a good logo with attractive colours, fonts and style will help customers recall it. Thus, if you have a dull and boring logo, it will just get lost in the browsing history.


The importance of a professional logo design is never ending. You will just have to invest once, and then you can reap the benefits for a lot of years. However, take your own time and then finalise on a logo design. This is because once you start the branding, you will not want to change the design again and again. A particular design imprints in the customer’s mind and altering it again and again will hamper your brand immensely. 

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