Riansh Brings To Mind A Feeling Of ‘A Ready To Cook Range Of Food’

Riansh, the name instantly reminds us of authentic, and a ready to cook range of food. We took up the responsibility to design the logo of Riansh. The members at Riansh was as engaged in the process as the rest of our team. Before starting with the work, we had a thorough discussion with the team of Riansh regarding its ideas, representation, and goal. We were focused on creating a brand identity that would help in promoting the Riansh’s business. With the perfect blend of ideas, we planned to deliver an elementary logo design where the graphic would be easily comprehensible. We stressed on the company’s branding while working. The ultimate purpose is to reach the target audience without much hassle and portray the USP of Riansh. We made sure that the audience should understand the uniqueness of Riansh with the logo for automatically forming a great brand image.

How our designing equipment helped us create the logo design faster?

Ours is a graphic designing firm based in Ahmedabad, where we prioritise simplicity and keep our eyes fixed on the client’s demands. Our primary agenda towards this assignment was to form a prominent brand identity for Riansh. The representation needs to be artsy and grab the viewers’ attention in an instant. We feel that graphic design is an art best expressed through clarity and intelligibility. Using several elements within a logo increases the perplexity and cuts down on purpose. We perceived this logo from the meaning of the term ‘Riansh’ that is ‘Ray of Sun’. Our designing team depicted the same in a completely different way by using the basic elements of nature that is the sun and a leaf. We designed the logo in a unique manner such that it creates the letter R of Riansh quite differently. We used the right colour variation to give the logo a proper dimension along with a sense of reality. Therefore, we needed to create something where the brand identity flashes before the user’s eyes when they use any Riansh product.

The first step began with our search for an earthly colour. It would signify what the brand stands for and believes in. Our shortlisted logo design exceeded hundreds of samples.
The process was extensive but never exhaustive. There was an overflow of ideas and concepts that we incorporated and design techniques used. Finally, we came up with a magnificent company logo. Furthermore, we used the right colour variation to give the logo a proper dimension along with a sense of reality.. Thus, a brand identity is easily created with innovative, efforts and dedication from our end.

How did the graphic design of the logo help in the branding of Riansh?

Our logo design for Riansh was, in every way a mirror image if their ethics and function. Our design was so poignant and perceptive that Riansh decided to use it even in their packaging design. We were indeed thrilled to see the connection made between the farm’s identity and its purpose through our efforts. Our client was satisfied with the results. Soon, the graphic design made by us was used for their marketing platforms, advertisements, merchandise etc. A customer base was easily created who identified the logo and recognised the brand easily. This gave the company a much wider acknowledgement.

What is the need for using the logo on the packaging?

The visual impact of anything attractive stays longer in human minds. Whenever a client sees the logo design on Riansh’s packages, they remember it more. As they see it more, a trust is automatically built up with the brand, and that is how a client base with thousands of people get associated with one brand name. The packaging design was much appreciated by the clients of Riansh who thought there was an authenticity attached to it.

Thus, in the entire process of logo designing, AdVoice as much a part of Riansh as the rest of the team working inside the organisation. Each of the team members was dedicated and passionate concerning their work. The ideas from the team members of Riansh regarding the graphic design of the logo were given a practical and beautiful shape by the entire team of AdVoice. We at AdVoice made use of the foundation principles of design approach to come up with the best solution in this regard.

So, at any point in time, you are in search of the leading graphic design company in Ahmedabad, no other option would be as good as AdVoice in this regard. We have a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced graphic designers who cater to the varied needs of users in the best possible manner.

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Let A Graphic Designer Promote Your Brand In The Best Possible Way

Are you into a start-up business? Are you looking forward to taking your business to new heights? If answers to both these questions are yes, then it is best to make use of media promotions and branding. In the modern business world, the scenario has an ongoing speedy and paced up industrial surroundings, where the SME’s and the Start-Up development are experiencing a massive hike in the internet market structure with extreme demand for online promotions. Brand promotion facilities would not let you sink the brand; rather, it will promote and let the world know about your business.
Nowadays, there are numerous new means and ways of marketing. Massive promotions are handled by the social media platform, and the major portion of promotion is done on the internet with the help of online marketing. As the stakeholders and the SME’s wants big shout-outs, advertisements, and promotions, the best way in the current scenario is to go for brand positioning and promotions. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in the popularity of your start-up into a trusted and well-known brand.  

Why is Brand Promotion Necessary?

Almost all businesses require promotion at a large stage irrespective of the size of the business. These businesses need to know the necessity of business promotion and its various strategies to grow prominent and famous in the market. As the concept of marketing and promotional strategy runs parallelly, publicity becomes the ultimate area of focus for the new businesses. This whole process is set up to reach your target audience and to spread awareness about your brand.

There are numerous mediums by which brand promotion and advertisements can be done. It includes newspapers, television, radio, outlets, magazines, billboards, and the strongest of all is the social media. The advertisement should be visually appealing and attractive with legit content so that it attracts the targeted consumer group of your brand.
To make it easier for the users to understand, we have listed below a few of the significant roles played by brand promotion, advertisement, and branding.

           •    Robust Marketing Platform- The modern marketing platform is the internet where                        several channels can drive consumers to your brand through social media and                           authority websites. With the help of social media, a strong brand promotion message                   can be sent across millions across the globe.
           •    Identification of the Right Segment- Market segmentation is the process of dividing                     major market groups that are identified by similar needs and want. It usually consists                 of existing and potential consumers into various small groups that are based on                            similar types of mutual characteristics, needs, and demands.
           •    Enhancement of Customer Traffic- Customer traffic is what increases the credibility of                   businesses. With the increase in market competition, the enterprises need appropriate                 brand promotion, along with the application of the right branding strategies to help                       them stand out in the crowd.
           •    Increasing Brand Awareness- Brand awareness is the way by which consumers                             recognise your brand and the product or service that you deal in. Increasing                              awareness about your brand would make a greater number of consumers familiar to                   your brand.

Now, to conduct brand promotion as well as branding efficiently and effectively, the need for an experienced graphic designer is mandatory.

Understanding the Role of Graphic Designer in Brand Promotion and Branding

When stepping out of your home or when you are travelling you can see various colourful posters, outlets, designs that are defining the importance of a particular product or a service or a complete brand in their unique way. This artistic and unique identity is created as well as designed by graphic designers. It is the designers who give birth to a particular brand and make it popular by designing its unique logo. The creation of the logo is done in a way that the public can identify it at one go. The logo gives a distinctive identification mark to a brand.

We are living a world of designs, and it is through the designs that we perceive a brand, product, or a service. The aesthetic look of a brand speaks a lot about the brand itself. The graphic designers make use of various attractive colours just not only to give recognition to a brand but also to manipulate the mood of the viewers towards the picture of the product within a matter of few seconds.

Now, it is quite clear as to what things that are taken care of by the graphic designer. It is the graphic designer’s unique ideas and creativity that injects positivity into the brand. The ideas that are input by the graphic designers play a significant role in creating a brand identity. It is also helpful in the creation of various brand promotion activities and branding strategies.

So, if you are in need of trusted, reputed, & reliable graphic designers, do not look any further and come to AdVoice for the best solutions. We have a team of expert graphic designers and branding experts that would help you in transforming your start-up business into a well-known brand.

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Logo & Complete Brand Identity “We Salon & Spa” Logo & Complete Brand Identity

WE Salon and Spa

Scope of the Project – Creation of Logo with Complete Brand Identity and Packaging Design

The design of a super-smart logo seems to jump up and stamp itself rigidly within our consciousness. A unique, attractive, and beautifully designed logo makes it the primary source of attraction among the users, thereby helping to create the brand identity. Therefore, the logo being immensely beneficial, the clients also wish to have a logo design that appropriately suits their brand. Here we are conducting a case study about the logo designing of WE Salon and Spa.

How We Created the Concept of the Logo with Our Effective Designing Strategies?

Incredible logos should necessarily portray the brand in the best possible manner. The logo should be designed in a way that appropriately reflects the brand identity. It is precisely what we did while designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa. Usually, this technique needs active involvement as well as collaboration between the designers, clients, and other important members of the company. The ultimate direction is given by the brand identity and strategies upon which the designing of the logo is based. It acts as a crucial factor in designing the logo. With a solid briefing and up-front thinking, our team is always a step ahead in the entire logo designing process.

Our team of designers appropriately picturizes every logo that they design. They also make sure that the logo is capable of speaking for the value and the objective of the company. These are the main steps of any logo design concept that are rightly followed by our team to make sure that the designed logo perfectly reflects the brand identity of the company.
We, as one of the leading logo designing agencies, create a logo by insight and intuition. Insight, in this regard, means gathering the necessary information. On the other hand, intuition is something that develops as you gather experience and the number of logos you form with your creativity. Our team of designers is adequately trained and vastly experienced in providing the best logo design for businesses. It is precisely what we did while designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa. Our team made sure that the logo for WE Salon and Spa perfectly expresses the brand’s message.

While creating the logo for WE Salon and Spa, we tried to form meaning from the colors’ perspective. We included the ‘Sea Green’ color that symbolizes growth, renewal, and rebirth. The color is also the symbol of spring, which renews and restores depleted energy. We kept in mind about the services provided by a salon and spa. It is a sanctuary that takes us away from the stresses of modern living and takes us to a completely different world. It plays a vital role in the restoration of a sense of well being. The salon and spa services rejuvenate both the body as well as the mind. All these factors were considered by our team of expert designers to come up with the ideally suited logo for WE Salon and Spa.

Logo designers do not need a degree in human behavior, but it is the art of creativity that matters the most in this regard. The logo should be the right symbol that represents businesses. While designing the logo for WE Salon and Spa, we stressed on branding and brand identity. Then we injected creativity into the logo for the creation of better visualization. We made use of our branding strategies and combined the same with logo design fundamentals to come with a professional-looking as well as an aesthetically pleasing logo for WE Salon and Spa.

How was the Logo Used for Branding of the Company?

Logos are the point of identification; they are the main symbol by which consumers recognize the brand, and hence immensely important from the point of view of branding. If a logo is good, visually attractive, catchy, & aesthetic, it triggers a positiveness about the brand and its goodwill in the customers’ minds.
The logo designed by us for WE Salon and Spa was complete sync with the services of the brand. We created a distinctive and meaningful logo that can be easily recognized across multiple media, thereby creating a company’s brand identity. As the designing of the logo is in proper synchronization with the brand’s type, objective, and meaning, it was easily accommodable with a lot of branding programs and activities, thereby proving to be quite helpful in the branding of the company.

This case study for a logo design for WE Salon and Spa clearly indicates how the right logo design helps the creation of a complete brand identity for a business. Thus, at any point in time you are planning to design a logo for your brand, or need a brand identity, get in touch with the team of branding and logo design experts at AdVoice for getting the best solutions.

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Key Points To Know Before Getting Your Company’s Logo Designed By A Brand Design Agency

On meeting a stranger, you introduce yourself and mention your name. A brand too functions in the similar manner, when it is introduced to the public for the first time. With the help of a logo, it enunciates much more than the image.

There are a large number of organizations to grab the eye of the clients. However, an effective organization is the one that has managed to establish strong rounds for itself. Because of the brand personality, the clients can quickly arrive at the thought behind the organization’s items and administrations. Organizations make this personality through numerous ways and logos are one of them.

There are some significant parts of logo advancements that can transform them into a great promoting device. While making a logo, an organization as well as the brand design agency who is designing the logo must keep certain factors in mind to create a visual that is unique as well as thought-provoking. Such an expert way to deal with planning a logo is basic to drive clients towards an organization.

To maintain a strategic distance from a logo design fiasco, let us discuss a few things to remember before you put pen to paper and get your company’s logo designed by a brand agency.

Focus on Elements that are Not in Trend

Frequently, visual planners follow some designs, hues, typefaces, and different things that are already in trend to intrigue clients, audiences, and customers. Yet, as a rule, this ought to be avoided at all costs. This is on the grounds that trending elements last just for a couple of months or a year somewhere in the vicinity.

From that point forward, the entrepreneur is probably going to overtake the logo to make it look contemporary. Such a process for a company’s logo designed by a brand agency will last for quite a long time which is not beneficial in any way to the organization. The brand design agency should design the logo in a manner that even if an element goes off, just a couple of changes are sufficient to make such a logo emerging again.

The logo should be dynamic in size and design

An adaptable organization logo is one that doesn’t lose its proportions even if changes are made. Logos are adaptable plans that show up on pretty much every little and huge item associated with an organization. Thus, when you put your logo on a major announcement structure, it ought to seem proportionate from each edge. At the point when the logo is imprinted on a smaller scale, say, business cards, a pen, or even a mug, the components of your logo ought to be noticeable from the naked eye. The best approach for a logo design company is to use grids in the design process.

Unique is the way to go.

Speaking of human psychology, we as a whole recall the things that are distinctive than the rest. The equivalent is valid for an organization logo. The vast majority of the logos that revolves in our minds are designed differently. Thus, it is recommended to create something that individuals can remember and keep it etched in their minds. It stands true for all other advertising materials as well, even if it is merely an envelope.

Follow a Minimalist approach. Don’t choose messy designs.

One of the approaches to structure a logo in an extraordinary manner is to eliminate all the unnecessary and unreasonable components. Along these lines, keep just those hues, shapes, lines, images, and textual styles that are sufficient to pass on the message. Any component that is pointless and is still consuming the logo configuration space ought to be removed. Remove all the components that contribute just to mess and disarray. Such a moderate methodology will guarantee a straightforward logo that individuals can acknowledge right away.


Brochures, business cards, promotional messages, etc. are fundamental to taking your business to your audience. However, these things will understand their objectives only when the logo of your organization is a momentous structure that stands out. This is on the grounds that your logo will be the visual that is imprinted on every product or service offered. Subsequently, your business logo will stand out, have a face and take your business forward. A professional company can help you attain the right logo for your company.

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How Graphic Design Play an Important Role in Social media Or Why is Graphic Design so important in Social Media?

The gradual development and growth of visual substance on the web from the year 2015 to 2016 has been as surprising as 130 percent. The measurements for the time of 2017 are considerably more lively and developing.  The importance of graphic designing in social media as an independent domain is quite large. In case you try finding a Graphic design studio in Ahmedabad, you will locate an enormous number of the same.

Around 74 percent of the online media advertisers state that they use designs and other graphic content as compared to everything else for social media marketing. But we wonder why there is such a huge demand for graphic design all of a sudden?

What is the importance of graphic design in social media marketing? Let us discuss the graphic design importance in detail.

1.The Millennial Generation Is Obsessed with all things Extravagant.

One exceptional nature of online media clients of the new age (mostly comprised of the millennial) is that they appear to be remarkably keen on interesting visuals and graphics. 41.5 percent of the advertisers accept that their web-based media crowds are best drawn in by unique and remarkable visuals and graphics which are easy to remember.

This particular enthusiasm of web-based media clients in graphic design can be utilized as a solid showcasing device to build the brand value of an organization. Getting a proficient graphic designer in Ahmedabad on board for your organization can help you make some intriguing and helpful graphics and visuals for your intended audience and clients. Thus, there is a huge social media importance of graphic designing.

2.Catch Your Audience’s Attention.

A part of ongoing comprehensive surveys of online media users has given shocking outcomes in terms of the content they consume the most. As indicated by these surveys, the graphics and visuals are among the principal components that grab the eye of clients and social media users. Such surveys also show that in case you are a web-based media advertiser, graphic designing is the most ideal approach to pull in your crowd’s attention and convey your thoughts and ideas to them

3.Convey Your Message Effectively and Quickly.

The familiar use of words usually can’t do any justice as compared to a graphic designed material. Rather than composing a gigantic blog, you can simply make infographics and visuals that would convey the ideas and motives of your brand in a better manner, that too more effectively and quickly. Clients and audiences favor this type of content in a better way. This is on the grounds that it is attractive along with being too straightforward and easy to remember. Particularly when you are working with web-based media promoting, you have to create content that can be seen rapidly and can also be remembered for a considerable length of time.

4.A Graphic Designer Creates Professional Images.

Creating illustrations and graphics is generally simpler nowadays due to the presence of certain software. There is numerous software available on the web as well as offline tools that can effectively assist you in making a fundamental graphic design. Along with that, when we talk about realistic graphic design, we are referring to proficient visual content. By working with experts, you can have more unique visuals and designs that would help you to distinguish your brand from the competitors. Such illustrations are additionally more recognizable and remain remarkable to the image of the brand and organization.

5.Get Your Content Shared.

When a web-based media advertiser posts some form of content on the web, he or she likewise expects to reach more potential consumes. Making shareable visuals and graphics is one method of going about it. The fascinating reality about graphic designs in the online media domain is that most of the social media users remember only the visual part of the content they consume on a regular basis. Online media clients share infographics and visuals multiple times more than they share some other forms of content available on the web. This makes it entirely apparent that illustrations, graphics, and visuals are the most shareable form of content for use in the domain of web-based media.

Graphic Designing is an awesome technique for developing and drawing in your crowd via online media. However, for doing it effectively and efficiently, you have to work with experts. At the point when you look for a graphic design organization in India, you may locate a gigantic rundown regardless of the location. However, before you begin working with any of them, you must ensure that they can create special and inventive designs for your site.

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How Logo Design is Necessary for Website Or Importance of Logo in Website Designing

Logos are an essential tool to represent and speak to organizations regardless of their scale and category. It’s critical to put in some investment to think of something that is remarkable and speaks to your organization successfully. Firstly, it is pivotal to ascertain why is it significant? First of all, clients partner that visual representative image with your business. You would prefer not to wind up with something that seems as though it has already been used somewhere, isn’t that right?

 So, to sum up, a logo is an element that speaks for the brand and what it stands for, as based on the visual image. Everything about your business is related to that one picture, and it speaks a lot than any salesman that a business organization ever could.

There is no strict standard that your site must have a logo, however for a good impression and achievement of your business you need it. The logo makes your site unique and solid while making your business a lot more visual and solid.

Let us discuss some reasons for logo design importance and the top 5 reasons why a website should have a logo.

Your logo represents your character.

A graphic design organization in Ahmedabad you can plan a logo that uncovers everything about your business. Referenced in your promoting instruments and engraved on items, your logo talks about your thoughts and motives. It represents and conveys the idea on which the foundation of your brand lays. A unique and effective logo design can help your brand reach new heights in unimaginable ways

Gives a proficient touch to your site.

Enormous work is done when you speak to your site with a logo. An impeccable logo can communicate something specific of demonstrable skill in the eyes of your clients and inspires them to pick you. A logo is an element that owns itself and sends an amazing thought solely based on the visual image. Everything about your business is related to that one picture, and it speaks to you much better than any salesman at a business organization ever could.

Garners incredible initial introduction among the audience. 

Your logo design illuminates your brand value in front of the clients before they enter and an incredible logo constructs an extraordinary impact on their brains. The logo makes great comprehension about your business, similar to what is your business about and what products and services you can give. Because of the brand personality, the clients can quickly arrive at the thought behind the organization’s items and administrations. Organizations make this personality through numerous ways and logos are one of them. It’s critical to put in some investment to think of something that is remarkable and speaks to your organization successfully

Pulls in new clients for you

While strolling in boulevards we can see logos of various organizations for the same items, however, logos with an expert sense pull in us more. This is the manner by which an expert logo can draw in new clients for your business. If your logo design is effective enough to let the customers recall your brand as soon as they see it, it is the best promotional tool for your brand and organization. It is something that certainly asks for a time as well as a justifiable monetary investment. But the returns it will provide to the image and brand value to your company is worth it.

Simple to recall

We as a whole realize that we learn more with practical situations rather than hypothetical ideas, and the same occurs in the event of logos as well. The logo design makes your business simple to recollect for your clients. They can undoubtedly discover you in the case that they recollect your logo. However, this can possibly occur only if your logo is extraordinary and alluring. Any component that is pointless and is still consuming the logo configuration space ought to be removed.

Recognizes you from the swarm of competitors

Various brands are accessible in the market for the same items and each brand involves a one of a kind logo. An expert and alluring logo recognizes you from your rivals and sets up one of a kind personality for your image. Your logo will be the visual that is imprinted on every one of your items or service. Hence, it will be the image that your clients and audiences associate with your brand and association. It will be something by which your brand is memorized in the minds of your audiences.

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How Digital Marketing Is Helpful In Brand Building And Its Development?

The worldwide internet through the passing age of time has evolved into the ideal tool for selecting and opting products and services as required by consumers. Brands with denoting their name or identity usually tends to stay in the mind of customers, and hence it largely depends on what sticks around. Beyond the marketing strategies and expert agencies, of anything creates brand, it is definitely the customers.

With the help of the innovative products and services, the brands get connected to their respective consumers and hence lead to analyzing why brand building is important. This is extremely vital while considering the emerging changing behaviours of consumers and the environment they reside in. The article takes a closer approach at the importance of brand building agency and how it is an emerging factor in the present realm of digital marketing.

A number of things are taken into consideration while enunciating the task of branding with it being a tool of maintaining and developing a sheer competitive advantage. The importance of brand building in the digital marketing is largely significant that help brands to stay in competition. It aims to convert a one-time consumer into a loyal consumer. With the help of digital marketing, brands and organizations are here to create coherent online strategies and offer an existing meaning to the brand.

Ways in which you can build your brand through digital marketing:

1.Establish your goals: 

A few evergreen goals thrive that simply do not change, irrespective of any concern. Develop the brand strategy around the goals you intend to establish. A few of the top goals are as following:

Charging a premium for the brand:

Individuals usually pay a few dollars for an Apple phone, but do not react the same way for other brand mobile phones selling phones at a lower price. This is usually a result of the brand.

Retaining customers:

Importance of brand building in the digital marketing is significant towards helping to retain consumers. Loyal customers are usually the most valuable customers and are responsible for leveraging the brand value. You have a 5% chance to sell to a new customer, along with a 20-30% chance to sell to a loyal consumer.

Higher rate of conversion:

When you convert a higher percentage of traffic easily, the costs of acquisition go down with revenue soaring higher.

If the goals are distinctive, you need to consider them and why they are the first step to brand the business for success.


2.Revisit the customers:

One of your branding goals is to brand the business in such a manner that is loved by your target customers. It is essential to know them in order to do this. It is recommended to create buyer personas that comprise the following mentioned things:

•    Challenges 

•    Goals 

•    Place they hang out 

•    What they prefer


3.Have the right kind of website user experience:

A responsive website is the most crucial determinant to developing a digital brand. It is considered as the home base for everything necessary to brand the business online. Irrespective of whether you need to share content on social media, or run ad online, you can direct the audience back to the platform.

From here, the target audience aims to explore the services, review the case studies while set forth to signing up online. However, if the platform is slow and not much mobile friendly, it further tends to impact how the person witnesses the brand. The website is indeed the centrepiece while makes us conclude why brand building Is important.

Branding with the help of digital marketing:

Google Organic:

Nowadays, individuals usually tend to rely on Google search and the importance of brand building agency cannot be emphasized enough. The first page is essentially the most visited and brands on the first page aims to create a substantial brand image online with the help of Google organics result.

Paid advertising on Google:

This strategy is applicable especially for businesses that are new to the market field. Brands willing to increase the business and intend to offer more leads, Google AdWords is certainly the most crucial tool for branding.

Social media marketing:

This strategy is available, for both free and paid mechanisms. The eminent social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc offers varied business pages along with paid promotion tools that helps to reach out to the target audience online.  

Final Thoughts:

Digital marketing and its channels are thus beneficial to communicating the positioning of a particular brand. With a strong digital presence, a brand emerges as the most vouched name among consumers.

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The Only Five Steps You Need To Build A Sustainable Brand Marketing Plan

Brands today are in dire need of a branding agency offering a robust marketing plan, comprising several sub categories such as positioning, brafnd strategy, brand naming, brand identity development, distribution outlining, marketing channels, and much more. Irrespective of the kind of business you own, with higher recognisability, comes higher revenue. With a greater amount of emotion and passion been invested, you tend to gain a larger ROI.

It is vital to understand that there can never be any universal marketing plan thriving as the market segment and industry segment for each field is unique. It all boils down to how a story is approach to for each particular segment. This article is largely meant to be a guide of the top five steps to developing the ultimate brand marketing plan.

Scope of marketing plan:


Before everything else, what you need is a good planning to launch and run successful brand/business/ a strong marketing plan is necessarily the best roadmap outlining the necessary activities, strategies, tasks and costs required to successfully curate a venture.

Let us discuss the top five steps for a strong marketing plan:

Step 1: Developing brand equity:

As soon as you have derived your passion and want to introduce a product to the market, it is recommended to start building a brand around it. To developing a brand equity is a lot like assigning a particular identity for it to be unique in nature for you to claim the ownership of the very same. At the same time, it is also suggested that you try to name the brand yet in an extremely memorable fashion.

This often helps your customers to distinguish your brand from others and in an effortless manner. Do not forget to be creative in this endeavour, as complicated name can lead you to losing strong grounds. A professional branding agency helps you to develop the right brand equity and takes the following steps forward.

Step 2: Perform brand promotions:

Now that you have developed your brand, and are ready with the product, you must be having a unique identity. Hence, it is recommended for you to invest time and develop a substantial presentation for the product. Through incorporating several brand promotions and methods, you can now make your target audience recognize your brand.

Through promotions, consumers should be able to find the same passion and emotion in the product as you. This can be further facilitated with the help of a useful presentation. Do not forget to get in touch with the best branding agency in Ahmadabad in order to perform expertise brand promotions.

Step 3: Craft a story of your brand:

Creating a presentation can be a passive task and to grab maximum eyeballs to your brand, you indeed need to craft a story. Take the step forward through a thorough step by step process, and introduce your brand by creating an air of interest, attention and thrill in the minds of customers. This is one of the best communicative decisions you can make in your life that helps you to deliver the ultimate message, and in a unique manner.

Step 4: Designate a brand value:

Now that you are done with the above mentioned steps, all you are left with is to designating a brand value. The price you quote needs to be lesser as compared to the value that is been perceived about your brand or product. This is indeed the most lucrative opportunity for brand owners to form a long lasting relationship with the consumers. The value should be enunciated in such a manner that helps to designate the right value to your brand.

Step 5: Launch your brain child:

You have worked tremendously hard for your brain child and now it is time to launch it to the open. This is undoubtedly one of the most important steps where optimum brand strategy should be adhered by. All your brand fundamentals are ready and you have quoted a brand value as well. Hence, evaluate the right strategy and come up with the perfect way you can launch your brain child or your brand.

Remember, you certainly need to post a long lasting impression on the minds of your consumers, hence build your launch strategy surrounding it. Make sure you deliver the same expectation that your consumers have framed about your product. This helps to be signified as a brand that promises commitment and sincerity as play. It is recommended to get in touch with the best branding agency in Ahmadabad to launch your brand and give it the right shape is deserves.


Your brand is your baby, and certainly you want the best of it. Hence, you need to seek the services of professional brand agencies offering the best branding strategies and plans that maximize your benefits.

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The Role Of Branding That Will Define The Success Of Your Business

Running a business is not an easy task. Starting a business does not give you any guarantee of success. You have to work diligently towards it. Always start with the branding of your business. Form a logo and market your business for it to reach new heights of success. A lot of popular brands also started out of nowhere. They were not such a big success from the very beginning. Hence, you need to strategize and work for your business in the right way. If you are lost, you must take help from a professional branding agency in Ahmedabad. They can help you establish a brand that will reach new heights.  
There are certain steps that you must take as a business owner to establish your brand completely.

1.Define your business properly

The role of branding is very important. Thus, you must form a proper logo which defines your business properly. Use a good colour combination scheme, words ad symbols. Do not just choose a random picture. Understand that your logo must tell your complete brand story. Make sure that it reflects your team spirit and hard work as well. Please understand that your logo will act as an identity of the products and services that you are offering. At the same time, people will be able to recognise your company with the help of a logo.

2.Define what makes your brand good

A lot of people have this misconception that a brand that targets the wider audience is a good brand. Actually, that is not true. A brand which targets the right audience is a good brand. Apart from that, you must open up to your customers as this help you in establishing a relationship with them. Your customers are always interested in knowing the struggles behind your business and the history as well. Any good branding agency in Ahmedabad will help you with good story telling.   

3.Balance between marketing and branding

A lot of businesses take these two concepts as marketing versus branding. It is vital to understand that both marketing and branding are done for the better good of the business. You cannot choose one over the other as both are equally important. At the same time, do not mix the two as it will complicate things for you only. It is important to understand that when you invest in a product and tell people about the same, that is marketing. On the other hand, the role of branding is to convince people about the goodness of your services. It is also making sure that people start recognising your brand with the help of the logo. Thus, you must strike a balance between marketing and branding.

4.Brand repositioning

Taglines, logo, bio and headshots can make or break your brand. It is important to update them regularly. No one likes to see the same thing again and again. Change the colour combination timely and make it look visually aesthetic. Good looking graphics have a lot of importance in today’s time. There are a lot of competitors in the market and to stand apart from them, you must start thinking out of the box. A professional branding agency in Ahmedabad can definitely help you with brand repositioning.

For example, Nike started as a footwear brand but, started adding more products in their business. After that, they replenished their logo too. In that same way, McDonald’s keeps on changing their taglines on regular intervals. This keeps their customers engaged like none other. You must also think these things for your business. This will surely keep your clients entertained for a long time to come.

5.Understand the need of makeover

People always want something new. When time passes by, the mentality and thoughts of people change. A particular advertisement that seemed good some months back might not be relevant in the present. Graphic and advertisement trends are changing with every passing day. Thus, you must keep up with that. Also, if you had started your business years ago, then surely your brand needs a complete makeover. You will have to change a lot of things from the taglines to packaging. Take some help from a good branding agency in Ahmedabad.


The role of branding is very crucial for the success of any business. Make sure to pay attention to that aspect and see your business shine. Make a team of experts to strategize branding as this will be really profitable for you in the longer run.

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Strategy + Branding = Next Level in Business

9 Reasons To Rebrand Your Corporate Identity Right Now

Businesses succeed when they become a brand. However, brand does not mean that it is only a name of your business. A brand should be such that it gives all the right information about the products and services that you provide. It should also symbolise your values and ethics. Hence, forming a brand of your business is a very important thing. You should take help from the brand building agency in India for different tactics and strategies. They can help you with branding and rebranding of your products and business.

However, before collaborating with a particular agency, you must understand the following points.

1.Launch your services properly

Before launching a new product or a service, you must brand it properly. Without branding, there is no use of advertising or marketing a product. It does not matter whether you are introducing a new service in an existing business or a new business. You will have to brand your corporate identity accordingly and then launch a new product. Rebranding your business can take you to new heights of success.

2.Focus on brand reputation

Once you are done with branding, you need to focus on maintaining a certain quality a service. If you fail to do that, it can hamper your brand reputation completely. Also, for certain reason, f your brand reputation is going down, rebrand your business immediately. In such a scenario, you can always take help from a professional branding agency in Ahmedabad. They certainly have a team of experts and thus, know how to get things done.

3.Obtain clarity and consistency of a brand

Branding of a new business or rebranding of an older one should be done to communicate with the audiences clearly. The whole idea of branding is to make the goals and services clear to the customers. With re-branding, you can increase the consistency and clarity of your brand.

4.Customer engagement

Branding is known to increase customer engagement for almost any business. It makes your product trustworthy and reliable. If you see your customer engagement diminishing, then consider rebranding your business immediately. This will give a fresh outlook to your audiences and a creative strategy will attract more customers as well.

5.Create a unique identity

The market contains cut throat competition. When there are so many players in competition with your brand, it is vital for you to think out of the box. Offer them with discounts or some special services. Adding extra value in a customer’s life will surely attract them towards your brand. You can always take help from a professional branding agency in Ahmedabad for the same. If you feel that your brand is very common, then opt for rebranding services as well. 

6.Target Audience

If you are planning to extend your business or target a new group of audience, branding is the only thing that can take you forward. It is always a good idea to set some budget apart for branding

7.Focus on the dominating product and service

When you are in to a business that deals in various products and services, start focusing on all of them. However, you will always have a certain product that will be dominating the market or will be favourite amongst your audiences. Hence, in such a scenario, you can focus on the one that is dominating or get others in the limelight as well. In both the cases, rebranding your business will be beneficial.

8.Merging and demerging

If you have merged with another company or demerged with your partners, rebranding is necessary. The changes in collaboration will appear in your products and services as well. Hence, you must consult a good branding agency in Ahmedabad and do the needful.

9.Opt for global branding

If you want your products to be identified in the international market, you must opt for rebranding. This is because your brand must live up to the international standards. It will help you gain popularity in the international market quickly.


These are some of the benefits of rebranding your business. It will surely help you in generating new leads and sales. Hence, take help of the experts and professionals for rebranding your business. It will help you form up a good place for yourself in the market.

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Let's Upgrade Your Brand

Strategy + Branding = Next Level in Business