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8 Insider Problems that affect your Brand Development

Branding is a very important area of any business. It is a vital asset and most companies thrive on that. However, after that it is important to give quality products and services too. They make your customers stay for the good reasons. Also, you can increase your profits based on those only. Hence, it is important to focus on both these things. Giving less attention to any one of them will hamper your brand image and overall market value. If you are looking to create a lasting impression and a good brand for your business, look for branding agency in Ahmedabad. They are professionals and thus, they understand what they are doing. They can guide you in the right way. 

However, there are certain misconceptions of brands. It is imperative to solve all of them immediately as it can hinder with the overall process of your growth.

1. Logos are Tags 

Many businesses feel that designing a logo is the only thing to do. Once you have decided the name and given it a logo, the business will turn in to a brand. It is a very wrong thought. The first step to branding is a logo. However, a brand is developed by its publicity and popularity. After that follows, fulfilling the needs of the customers. If you fail to do this step, then the others do not even matter. You can have the most creative logo and the best PR management but, if your customers are not happy, then it is of no use. Brand development is a process and each step must be fulfilled.

2. Branding requires an investment

Well, brand development process requires certain amount of money but, that does not mean that it is very expensive. At the same time, it is important to understand that companies offering cheap branding services are just doing marketing. There is a vast difference between marketing and branding. Both are equally important for the growth of any business and thus, you must have a budget to invest in both.

3. Branding leads to obligations

Branding creates obligations is a useless misconception. Many businesses feel this way because each brand has an emotional connect with the audiences. At the same time, brands are expected to maintain a very strict standard of quality and services. Although, this does not mean that it creates obligations. Instead, it will help you to do good work. Also, storytelling in the form of branding is a good idea as it will help you connect with your audiences in a better way.

4. Branding has nothing to do with sales

This is one of the misconceptions of brand. Many people feel that a brand value has nothing to do with sales. Instead, the opposite is true. The higher the sales, the better the brand value. Customers usually prefer to invest their money in a brand that is popular and in trend, instead of going for something that is totally new.

5. Branding is a onetime investment

A lot of people feel that they can hire a branding agency for one term and achieve great results. Well, that is not true. You will have to have a branding budget for every term. This is because branding needs to be changed with the upcoming trends. Also, it is important to maintain a certain personality in the market at all time. All of this can be done with the help of a top notch branding strategy only.

6. Branding is complex

It is nothing but a misconceptions of brand. Branding is a simple process, if understood properly. All you need to do is create a lasting impression on your audience’s mind. At the same time, you need to give them clarity about your products and services. Branding creates a strong platform for the company and the customers as well.

7. Branding needs a master plan for growth

You do not need a master plan but a tangible strategy. You can always contact a good branding agency and they can come forward to help you. It is important that you acquire a logo, one identity and one message that is common through all platforms. It will help in building your popularity and publicity. 

8. Focus on competitors

A lot of businesses focus on their competitors for branding strategies. It is meaningless as it can hamper the growth of brand development. It is a good idea to keep a check on your competitors but, just focusing on them blindly is of no use. Instead, focus on making your brand better and you will surely thrive.


These were some of the misconceptions of brand. You must understand these things and try to focus on your business completely.

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7 Ways through which people will invest in new brand

Branding has to play vital role in any business. Without branding, you cannot take your business to different heights. Branding is responsible for creating a relationship between customers and a company. Branding is an important investment for your business life as it can yield returns like none other. A brand improves the position of a particular business and thus, it is worth investing in. However, it is a good idea to collaborate with a professional branding agency in Ahmedabad. They will understand your business and guide you in the right way. However, once you start with branding, your responsibility as a company also increases. You will have to deliver the right kind of products and services while maintaining its quality. 

As a business, when you see yourself reaching to the customers frequently, then surely you are in need of brand development. Read on to find out why you need branding.

1. Customers ask for the wrong products

When you find customers coming to you but, with queries of wrong products. This can include products that you do not keep at all or services that are slightly different from yours. This just means that the branding is not happening properly. It is conveying a wrong message to the customers. Thus, you must quickly hire a branding agency and make the necessary changes for your business. 

2. Customers do not understand your services or products

A lot of times businesses doubt their products and services when they do not get enough customers. However, that is not true. Sometimes, it so happens that you are not able to convey the right message to your clients about your brand. This can prove that your advertisements are not right. They do not contain the necessary benefits and information about your products and services. Thus, you need to change that. At the same time, understand that developing brand trust is important as customers will reach a business after that only. 

3. Competitors are more popular

Well, this is a very good reason to hire a branding agency. They are professionals and thus, they will understand the market scenario and your competitors. Based on that, they will make a strategy for you which will help in overtaking your competitors. You will have to find innovative ways of attracting your customers. So, do not think of copying your competitors.

4. Branding needs to be in sync with the trends

If your business has not undergone a brand development process from a long time, then you must prioritise it immediately. This is because branding needs to change with every passing year. There are new tends coming in the business world and your branding strategy needs to keep up with them. Only then, the customers will be interested in your products and services.

5. Developing brand trust

This is one thing that you must strive for. It is because a lot of people are brand loyal. They will go for a product without reading the information or testing the quality, if it is from a certain brand. Hence, if you create a proper reputation for your brand, then a lot of customers will trust and you can use that as a leverage to make sales and profits.

6. Change the product strategy

When people invest in new brand, they expect it to add some value in their lives. However, it is a good idea to attract customers with offers and discounts. So, you need to sit with your branding agency and make a strategy of all your products as well. If you are an established brand, then also you must keep offers on products that are outdates or are not running well. In this way, you will be able to catch the audience’s attention. However, it is a good idea to think of innovative strategies that will help your products work. 

7. Do not use a complex brand name

This is a very important part of brand development. Most people think of stylish and complex names to stay apart from the rest. It is a good idea but, it can create a problem when customers cannot spell or write your brand name properly. It can create a state of confusion for them and they might forget about your brand as well. At the same time, it creates a problem with digital marketing as well because the search engines cannot understand it. So, choose a simple name as that will enable clients to invest in new brand.

These were some of the important tips to remember for a rock solid brand development process.

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