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8 Remarkable Tips for Business Card Design that turn eyes

There are certain basics of starting a business. The most important ones include having a logo and a business card. They act like an identity of your business and are great marketing tools, if used the right way. Most businesses think of designing a business card on their own. However, you can only make a rough template on your own. If you are looking for something professional, then you need to hire a graphic designing company in India for the same. This is because the business card does not contain the information of your company alone. Instead, it creates the first impression of your company as well. 

A lot of studies suggest that a poorly designed business card can increase the chances of your rejection. Thus, if you are planning on a business card design, then read on the tips.

1. De-clutter the card

The business card design has a limited space. Hence, avoid putting unnecessary details on it. Just highlight your contact information and the gist of your services. Do not add every single detail in it. Just add your name and your contact information with the logo. A lot of people overflow the card with a lot of details. This will hinder the attention of your audiences and they might fail to register anything. 

2. Be smart with pictures

Some years back, graphic designers used to refrain from using pictures in business cards as they were of poor quality. In today’s time, the printing technology has undergone a lot of innovation. It is possible to use high quality images on business cards now. Although, make sure that there is no fuzziness in your pictures. A little fuzziness will also leave a bad impression on your customer. 

3. Look for the right font

The best business card designs have the best fonts. Take some time to choose them as they create a great impact on your customer’s mind. Discuss this in length with your graphic designing company in India. This is because a professional business card should be clear and concise. Do not be overtly creative as the main idea behind making a business card is readability. Complexity of fonts can sometimes hinder the communication of your business card design.

4. Leave space for QR-Code

Certain things will look classy and smart on business cards. QR-Codes are one of those. Generate a code on your business card design for your website. Hence, your customers will just have to scan that and they will land on your website. They can quickly check about your services and products there and thus, you do not have to add them on your business card.

5. Use the right colors

Any example of good business cards will contain a smart use of the color combinations. Colors are said to convey the thoughts that you wish to deliver. They create a vibe and set the tone and personality of your brand. Discuss this with your designer and try and listen to them. They have a better experience at this as compared to you. You can even experiment with different shades of the same color. When it comes to a website, opt for combinations.

6. Do not leave the backside empty

When you have such a small space, leaving the backside empty of a business card design does not make sense.  You can use that space for the QR-Code or just for the logo of your company. However, refrain from writing about your products and services here.

7. Customized shapes

You can be creative with your business cards. Instead of going for the usual rectangle shape, you can opt for squares and even circles. However, going for a fancy shape might cost you a little extra but, if you have the budget then you can go for that. Apart from that, you can give a little roundness to your rectangle shaped card and make it look interesting. It can be considered as one of the examples of good business cards.

8. Use Good Quality Material

A business card is the identification of your company. Thus, using a good paper material is a wise option. If you deal in an industry which is in to materials, then definitely use a good quality one. Refrain from using cheap quality of paper as it will not leave a good impression of your company. Sometimes, customers can reject you based on that too.


These were some of the examples of good business cards. Make sure to implement these tips while designing a card for your company as they will help in leaving a good impression.

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