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8 Design Principles for Website that skyrocket conversion rates

Currently, the situation is such that all the businesses are moving on the digital medium. One of the first steps that these companies are taking to move in to the digital medium, is to create a proper website for their company. Most businesses are taking the help of graphic design company in India to get this job done. 

A beautiful as well as professional looking website is always one of the best ways to hold the interest of your audience. However, only a good looking website is not good enough to get adequate conversation rates in it. There are a lot of other things which are also very important. In case, you do hire a graphic design company in India, they know a lot about the Design Principles for Website which will help your company website a lot. 

Thus, let us now focus on some of the design principles which help in raising the conversation rates in the websites.

• Make sure to respect the patience of the user 

Nowadays, people are not very patient when it comes to internet buffering. Delay in page load time can lead to drastic reduction in the conversation rate in the website. In case you are working with any graphic design company in India, they make sure that the page doesn’t take too much time too load.

• Hick’s Law

A famous British Psychologist named William Edmund Hick had once invented a rule called the Hick’s Rule. The rule states, that the time taken by a person to make a decision is directly related to the number of choices that person is getting. The more choices a person is given, the more he takes time to make the decision. This is one of the most important design principles for website. Professionals will make sure to give a boost to the conversation rates by giving the customers less choices.

• Making Use of Negative Space

The blank spaces that you can see on your website are known as the negative space. These spaces are known to cause reduction in conversation rates in your website. Make sure that you can use all the negative space available on your web page. You can take the help of any professional graphic design company in India to make sure that your website doesn’t look crowded and yet every little unused space is utilised.

• Check that the images you use are high quality images 

If the images in your website are of low quality, they will also bring down the quality of your content, and as a result, of your website as well. High quality images will be able to easily impress the customers. Images are way attractive than texts. Using high quality images will drastically raise the engagement on your website and also the conversations rates of it.

• Try out the F Layout

It is now a known fact that when people are browsing through the website, they scan the screen in an F Layout. This is known as the natural behavior of people now. So now, most of the companies make sure that they present all of their contents and information in an ‘F’ pattern so that it gets in the eye of the people.

• The Importance of the Colours 

Colours are one of the most important parameter in case of web designs, but it often gets ignored because of other important factors. It might not sound important but colours are extremely important to hold the attention of the audience in your website. Make sure that you choose a combination which portrays the emotions that your brand deals with.

1. K.I.S.S – K. I. S. S. stands for ‘Keep it simple, dude’. Don’t overdo the website. Keep it simple and pleasing in an aesthetical way.

2. Use Real life scenarios – Using real life scenarios always make a great impression.


Mentioned above are the top eight design principles that can help you a lot in boosting up the conversation rates in your website. If you follow these design principles for website, you are sure to get more activity and audience in your website. For this purpose, you can also take the help of any of the graphic design company in India, which will help you in making the website in such a way that it attracts attention and keeps the visitors interested.

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