5 Best & Amazing Design Trends for 2021

Web design trends fall under the category of those things which changes a lot with time. For example, if you put a little bit more focus on the modern websites being set up nowadays, you will observe that the designs of the navigation buttons are amazing. These designs are better in a way that they capture the attention of the visitors. It not only makes a good impression, but also gets you good response from the viewers. Different types and styles of design trends are now in use however, there is no guarantee that this design will have the same response in the very next year, Designs are something which fall under the creative category. Therefore, it is important that the web design trends are always up to date. There are a lot of new ways in which you can explore the world of designing. Listed below are five of the best web design trends which might help you in the coming years to gain a good idea about what to do in web designing.

Dark Mode

Dark mode designs look really modern and they are great for the eyes. They make all the design and colours pop. Such web design trends are classy yet minimalistic. Such themes work great on OLED screens by saving power and extending screen lifespans. At the same time, their utility does not stop them from looking phenomenal. They just accentuate other colours and make everything look aesthetic. 

Choose imperfections for personality

Hand drawn design elements add emotions and humanity in to a website. This is because perfect and impersonal graphics have been the design trends for years now. Hence, the visitors are craving for personal and imperfect graphics on the web. In 2020, you must include some hand-drawn graphics as it will add some soul and realness in your website. It will also add on to your brand personality as you can create customised stickers and tell your brand story in your own way.

Immersive 3D elements

People are delighted to see 3D visuals. This trend had taken a back seat only because of limited technology and expensive price tag on it. However, now the technology has advanced and thus, you can design in 3D without NASA-tier equipment. This has opened the gates for more designers to create 3D elements.

Soft shadows, layers and floating elements

This trend helps in creating depth. You can add soft shadows and floating elements to give an interesting depth to your website. Apart from that, this effect can be used for texts and photos as well. It is possible to add some feature of material design and add a little oomph to 2D layouts with soft drop shadows and layering elements too. Such web design trends are invented for the extra depth that is needed for creating interest to the visual eye. Such designs also give a lightweight feel to your website. It will look as if the elements are floating on each other with a sharp contrast. Such effects will add life to flat lays as well.

Make sure to add videos to it

Add small videos here and there in your web page so that you can also better presentation along with content and images.  Make these videos in the form of little slide shows so that they can serve the purpose of explaining things to the viewers without taking much of their time. The slideshows or videos also give you an opportunity to add more images to it. Videos are always a better way to explain things to people or hold the attention of your audience.

Mix photography with graphics

This design trend resonates with the collage like trend. You can either add some elements to a bland photo or add some serious attributes that help you communicate better with your audiences. It is a great way to get your images customised and add some personality to them. However, make sure to add graphic elements that match your brand’s personality and complement the original picture.  


These are the five of the best web design trends that you can follow in order to make sure that your website can hold the interest of the people.

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Tips for Logo Design Concept

Insider Instant Tips for Logo Design Concept for your Brand

When you are planning on starting a new business, you have to focus on a lot of things. However, the first one is the logo. Logo is literally the identity of the business. You will need it on everything from website, packaging, labels and even social media posts. Without a logo, all of these things will look unprofessional.  Thus, a logo is a necessary tool. However, most people feel that logo is all about picking a style, font and color but, when you speak to a professional graphic design company in India, you will know that there is more to that. There are various things that you must remember while creating a logo.  

Read on to find out the best logo design ideas for business.

1. Make it Representative

Your logo should represent your industry. People should get a clear idea about your products and services from the logo itself. Also, it should blend with the nature of your brand. Choose a logo that resonates with your values and ethics.

2. Logo should be Positive

Your logo design concept should be positive. It is literally a representation of your business and thus, it should represent good things. Make sure that your logo creates a feel good factor in the customer’s mind. At the same time, it should not be offensive to any part of the world population, even if they are not your potential audience.

3. Be smart in choosing colors

Colors play a different impact on the consumer’s mind. However, when deciding on colors for a logo, opt for minimal shades. The best logos of the world are made in one or two color shades only. You can use various colors too but, make sure that they compliment your logo design concept.

4. Pay attention on the shape

Choosing the right shape is one of the best logo design ideas for business. Some of the universal shapes for a logo include square, rectangle and round. Although, you should choose a logo based on the amount of space you want to fill in. You can go creative with your shapes as well. However, consult the top graphic design company in India, before trying something different.

5. Do not stick to just trends

Your business could any time take a plunge and become popular. If you would have created your logo based on the trends, then that will be a problem. Trends are ever changing and completely relying on them can be disastrous in the long term. Explore for creative logo design ideas but, stick to classic designs.

6. Keep Consistency

Keep your logo consistent with the way it is designed and presented. Developing a logo in different shades will hinder the audience’s attention. Also, not everyone has the budget to develop a logo in different shades. A single logo design concept will save money and create a greater impact in the minds of your customers.

7. Logos should be Memorable

You need to work on various creative logo design ideas as logos should be memorable. A lot of experts suggest that complex and over creative logos does not mean that it is nice. Instead, they are hard to remember and they do not connect well with the audiences. If you want to create a brand, then logos should be simple and easy to understand. They should communicate with your audiences and they should be able to remember them as well.

8. Do not try to be the Graphic Designer

Various businesses think of designing their logo on their own. They feel that it will save them a lot of money. However, your logo is your identity and it will carry forward everywhere. Thus, if you are serious about your business, then get your logo made from a professional graphic design company in India. There are certain rules and techniques of designing that a graphic designer will know. 


These were some of the logo design ideas for business. Understand them and try to imply them when creating a logo for your company.

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Graphic design company in India

8 Quick Tips To Discuss With Your Graphic Design Company

Graphic designing services are a great form of investment for any business. Since it is an investment, every businessman will expect some form of return on it. However, before starting with the designing, it is imperative to study on the target audience and their requirements. Only then it is possible to communicate with them and acquire new leads. On the other hand, designing also changes from person to person. People have an individual choice when it comes to color, design and even theme of the graphic. A good graphic design company in India will sit and scrutinize the behaviors of the end users so that their efforts appeal to them.  

There are a lot of factors to understand and remember while designing a good graphic design. Read on to understand the tips needed to design a graphic masterpiece. 

Core qualitative elements that a graphic design company should keep in mind

1. Better Functionality

A graphic designer needs to study the target audience, their requirements, habits and performances before designing a graphic. The main reason behind providing graphic design services is that it should appeal to the audiences. If the customers find it appealing, they might pay attention to it and the business will be able to acquire more leads.

2. Brand Reputation

A graphic designer should understand the reputation of the brand they are working on. The design should add value to the brand and upgrade it. Customers gauge the reputation of a particular brand based on their logo, website and the design of the graphics. Hence, understanding the brand and what it stands for is really important for a graphic design company.

3. Better Aesthetic Appeal

People are attracted to attractive visuals. Hence, if you want your graphics to stand out then they should have higher visual appeal. Any business will want to work with a graphic design company in India that can produce creative and high quality of graphics. The graphic design should carry an element that helps in building a higher reputation for the brand and increases its awareness as well. The design should also be easy to recall and remember by the customers.

4. Customer Satisfaction

People who provide graphic design services can only sustain if they offer customer satisfaction as well. Customer satisfaction helps the graphic design company as well as the business as both rely on the end user and their satisfaction.

5. User Interaction

A graphic designer needs to adopt new ideas and trends. At the same time, they should be aware of the changing demands of the clients and what they like to see in general. The whole idea of getting graphics is to create an impact on the user’s mind while attracting them towards a business. Thus, the graphic design posts need to be relatable and easy to understand. At the same time, they should contain trending styles so that it looks creative and relevant as well.

6. New Market Adoption

A graphic designer has the responsibility of designing the front face of the company. He/she needs to be updated with the latest trends of the industry they are working on. The designer needs to know the creative designing strategies as well. It is imperative that they put their best efforts for the end user.

7. Reducing the Waste and Materials

Graphic Design Company is a very precious source of any business. Thus, they are expected to provide the services with minimum wastage of time. They are also expected to deliver high quality work with maximum creativity.

8. Cost Saving

Cost saving is an important aspect for both the designer and business. A professional graphic design company in India is expected to provide services with the available tools in the most cost effective manner. This particular process will help the business to gain maximum return on its investment.


These were some of the tips that a good graphic design company must keep in mind. If you are a business looking for graphic design services, then you must see all these factors before collaborating with a particular company. It will help you to do your things hassle free with greater productivity and benefits. 

Are you looking for a graphic design company in India? Then, head to AdVoice because they have an illustrious portfolio. They indulge in to logo designing, website designing, package designing, and label designing and social media graphics as well. They will cater to all your needs in time and budget.

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Professional design processes

6 Things To Remember While Indulging In To Professional Design Processes

Graphic designing is a creative and demanding job. You will have to work hard to accomplish the task with precision even if your clients have simple demands. However, there is something more important than creativity and that is time management. You can be one of the best graphic designers but, if you cannot deliver your work in time, you will lose on a lot of clients. At the same time, you cannot spend a lot of days on a particular job as you will lose on the other clients. Thus, you need to check on to some tips from the best graphic design company in India as they are experienced and they can literally guide you in the best way possible.   

Thorough research and double checking is required in every project. However, there are some critical steps that you must follow while designing for your professional partner.

1. Understand your client properly

The first part of such professional design processes includes understanding the needs of your client. Ask them relevant questions about their company, services and project. This will help you in designing a concept which will easily convey their message to the clients. Also, make a list of things that you think should be covered. Highlight the taglines, inspiration, type of graphics and various ideas behind a particular thing. Share the rough draft with everyone related to the project so that your client is also in the loop.

2. Focus on brainstorming

Many professional design processes emphasis on brainstorming. This is because your mind usually starts producing ideas once you get over a project. Thus, you must not choose to waste this tome. Make sure to list down every thought that your mind has. This will help you when brainstorming ideas for a particular project.  You might find some of the ideas to be useless in the beginning. Although, when you mix a particular idea with others, it might get interesting. Always document your ideas in the form of list, maps and rough sketches. Also, save all the design concepts so that you can use them whenever needed.

3. Do not forget the research part

The research must contain three parts. You need to start by researching about the company and its aims. Check the history of the company and its goals. Also, check their clients and trends related to the industry. The next step involves researching on their potential audience. You can divide the audiences based on language, age group, geographical location, gender and even income. The third part involves inspirations of your design.

4. Give some practice time

Almost all the professional graphic design company in India gives importance to practice or sketching time. You can always sketch and understand the beauty of a design. You might get various ideas in your mind but, sketching them will help you clear the fog. You can then decide what actually looks nice. You will also be able to gauge the size, color, shape and type of the design when you start sketching.

5. Develop the design concept

The development of design is a very crucial step. You will have to develop some of the potential ideas to show it to the client for approval. It is a good idea to show them at least two options. However, if you have finalized on a particular concept, then showing one design is also enough. You need to understand that the client might ask you to change or go ahead with the concept. Always double check your design before showing it to the client. It is a good idea to explain the idea behind the design as your client will be able to understand it better. 

6. Revision

Set aside time for revision in the professional design processes. At the same time, you can also suggest the necessary changes in the final design to your client. Follow a mix and match method based on a decision from the both of you. Also, have patience. You cannot expect an approval in the second round only. There might be changes but, your design will be taking a better shape after each revision.


Following the professional design processes is a very good idea as it can help you create masterpieces within no time. Also, when you follow the steps, you will have a concrete method to deal with the client. 

If you are looking for a professional graphic design company in India, then you must look for AdVoice. It has a great portfolio and it caters to all the graphic designing needs of the clients.

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Graphic Design Helps a Business Grow

4 Ways in which Graphic Design Helps a Business Grow

Graphic Design is one of the most aspects of a business. However, this statement can be opposed by a lot. The most agreeable statement is that for some businesses, graphic design is extremely helpful and for other types of businesses, it might be unimportant. Every business owner thus has a sensible set of reasons to support their own reasons.

Moreover, if you hear discuss the marketing of your business with any graphic design company in India, they will easily explain to you why graphic design is extremely important for your business. It is extremely important and plays a huge role to make sure that your company grows and flourishes. According to them, graphic design helps a business grow.

In case of the smaller businesses that are still growing, graphic design might often be outside of their budget. As a result of this, they don’t refer to any graphic design company, in the fear that it might cost a lot. Even though this is understandable, this is not a very good or smart decision in case of your company. Your professional websites and logos are the first thing that makes an impression on your customers and clients. It is thus important that these aspects of the company get more importance so that your business can grow and make an impression on the minds of the clients and customers.

A lot of company owners nowadays do their researches properly and thus know how much graphic design helps a business grow. Therefore they make sure that the graphic design part gets enough attention. They make sure to either go to a professional graphic design company for help, or chose freelancer if they are held back by their budget.

If you are still wondering how graphic design and its tricks can help you, read on the following points. There are four points mentioned below about how proper graphic design can benefit your company.

• Making sure that the first impression leaves a mark

Usually, it does not require too long for customers or client to weigh the uses and helps a company website can provide them with.The most that happens is that they take a bit more than just a few seconds in order to make the decision. IN most of the cases, the customers or clients come to a rough design only by seeing their website design or just by judging their logo. Taking the help of a proper graphic design company in India will make your website look more professional and create a good impression. Regardless of the popularity of your product, a good logo and website will attract a lot more people than you can imagine.

• The logo must tell a good story 

People are always enthusiastic to know more good stories. If they are gonna work with you or take your product, they must feel some sort of connection with you and the easiest way to make that happen is with the help of the logo. Your logo needs to tell the vision of your company, its aim, how you want to service and a lot more. Make sure your logo serves all these purposes.

• The Graphic designs are compelling enough

Compelling graphic design is one of the most important factors to make sure that your business has the impact it needs to be successful in this competitive market. The professional graphic designers make sure to use consistence images, fonts, and colours which give the websites its own unique identity while still keeping it simple.

• Makes that leads are actually converted to sales

One of the main reasons for launching website for your company is so that your company has a unique presence and that it can gain popularity in the market. These are the reasons that are talked about the most. The underlying reason behind all of these is to make sure that the company can increase its income or turnover. The design of the website has to be appealing for your company to gain more customers, and the graphic design company you hire will make sure that you get the best from your website. 

These points make it very evident that a good graphic design company will no doubt make sure that your company reaches its maximum potential. So make sure that you utilize these and give your company the best.

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10 Proven logo design tips for small business owners

A logo is a very important aspect of your business. It can either make or break your business. You need to be very careful while choosing a logo. It has the potential of communicating your story with your audience. Also, a logo will catch your customer’s attention first. So, make sure to design it in the most unique way possible. A lot of businesses face a lot of problems when it comes to logo designing. They are confused with the technical and creative options. To avoid this, you must hire a logo design company in India. 

Read on to find out the logo design tips for small business owners. 

1. Learn the basic rules of logo designing

You can hire a logo design company in India to carry out the complete process of your designing. You can also do some of the designing yourself. However, you need to have knowledge of the same. You must remember certain rules of logo designing to move forward. You can take up online classes or read blogs over the internet. At the same time, you can take some help from a professional expert as well. Learning about some of the logo design tips will help you when you outsource work as well. You will be able to guide your designer and know what to expect from them as well.

2. Try various techniques

One of the most famous logo designing techniques is the visual double entendre. It is nothing but contains blending two different things in to one to provide a better understanding to the viewer. The double entendre contains text as well as a picture in it. The text can be considered as a slogan too. 

3. Keep it simple

A logo represents your company to your customers and vendors. It is important to understand that if your logo is too complex to comprehend, no one will remember it. Thus, keep your logo simple and classy.

4. Avoid the cliché things

If you are looking for logo design tips for small business owners, then you must have a logo that helps you stand out from others. Avoid following the standardised and common things. For example, do not use a lighting bulb for symbolising ideas. Instead, you can choose to think of something creative. The cliché things have already been overused and so, you must think out of the box.

5. Choose smart colours

Tips for logo design are really useless, if you do not focus on the colour scheme of your logo. Use a colour scheme that is good to look at and is pleasing to the eyes. The logo should also add on to the clear and beautiful representation of your business.

6. Typeface matters

All the established businesses have a typical typeface in their logos. For example, Facebook has the small letter f while Microsoft has its own unique typeface. Thus, you can create a typeface for your own brand. You can also choose one from the existing ones.

7. Pay attention on the negative space

Negative space has a drastic impact on customers. You need to use it wisely. It should not make your logo look empty and disturbing. For example, the FedEx logo has white space between e and x. They have used an arrow which really covers the negative space. 

8. Understand symmetry and proportion

Your logo should be different and beautiful. However, to make it that way, you need to consider all the logo design tips. Symmetry and proportion of a logo is a very important aspect. Structured logos have greater impact on the customers as compared to the normal ones. 

9. Understand your brand

You can only design a good logo, if you understand your brand. Understand your competitors and get a hold of your business. Based on that, you can decide for a logo design for your brand. Make sure that the logo represents your brand perfectly.    

10. Choose active logos

Active logos create an illusion that they are moving. Customers are intrigued and pay attention on such logos. For example, Amazon has such a logo. It is a good logo design tips for small business owners as they can attract the customers with the help of active logos. 

These are some of the tips for logo design. This will help you to create a compelling and engaging logo design.

However, if you are looking for a professional logo design company in India, then check AdVoice. They have a wonderful portfolio and they can add on to your business by creating a compelling logo design for your brand. 

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Professional Logo Design: A beginner’s guide to the benefits

Logo plays an important part in every branding strategy. A professional logo will distinguish your from your competitors and also uplift your brand image in the market. An innovative yet simple logo makes your company popular amongst the customers. This is the major reason that companies are giving priority to logo design. If you are looking to make exceptionally beautiful designs, then take assistance from a professional graphic design company in India.  

The benefits of professional logo design are endless and the companies have understood this. If you are still not convinced, read on to find out some of the advantages of having a professional logo design.

1. It leaves an impression on your customers

Customers are used to take a decision within a fraction of second in today’s times. Hence, your logo plays an important role with that aspect. A unique logo design can hook a lot of customers to your company. It is important to understand that the font, colour, size and style of your logo will say a lot about your brand. Thus, while designing a logo make sure that it clearly states your services and offerings. Hence, there are a lot of reasons behind hiring a professional graphic designer. A professional logo design can surely take you a long way.

2. Market your brands across various platforms with your logo

If you are looking to make your brand popular, then you will have to promote it across all the platforms. You will have to include social media channels as well as offline channels for the same. Thus, you need a very responsive logo for your brand. A professional logo designer will help you make one. Also, you will need the logo in different dimensions for different platforms. So, when you upload your logo across all the social media channels, your customers will think of you as an independent and serious brand.

3. Helps in building brand identity

Brand and logo are two complete different things. Having a professional logo does not guarantee you to have a brand. However, a brand will surely need a logo as it acts as an identification card. A logo is considered as a pictorial representation of your brand. Thus, if you are looking to perform strategic branding in the market, then hire a graphic design company in India to curate your logo. 

4. It is a good return on investment

A lot of start-ups and small business owners think that hiring a professional logo designer will increase their budget for no good reason. However, it is important to understand that it is a good return on investment. An unprofessional or tacky logo will not be able to attract customers. Benefits of professional logo design are immense and thus, it is worth the investment.

5. Enhance customer relationship

There are a lot of benefits of a professional logo design but, one of them is solid customer relationship. Customers will get attracted towards your logo and you will earn their trust and loyalty. A logo establishes the first impression and so, it needs to be technically stable and artistically inclined.

6. Helps you to stand out

The importance of professional logo design is crazy. It keeps you apart from all your competitors. Your customers recognise your products and a logo helps them make the buying decision as well. At the same time, a good logo with attractive colours, fonts and style will help customers recall it. Thus, if you have a dull and boring logo, it will just get lost in the browsing history.


The importance of a professional logo design is never ending. You will just have to invest once, and then you can reap the benefits for a lot of years. However, take your own time and then finalise on a logo design. This is because once you start the branding, you will not want to change the design again and again. A particular design imprints in the customer’s mind and altering it again and again will hamper your brand immensely. 

If you are looking for a graphic design company in India, then check AdVoice. They have a professional staff and thus, they will cater to all your needs. They also have a great portfolio as they have worked with a lot of brands. They are in to logo designing, branding, social media designing, website designing and much more. 

For more information on their services and charges, visit AdVoice today.

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Design Principles for website

8 Design Principles for Website that skyrocket conversion rates

Currently, the situation is such that all the businesses are moving on the digital medium. One of the first steps that these companies are taking to move in to the digital medium, is to create a proper website for their company. Most businesses are taking the help of graphic design company in India to get this job done. 

A beautiful as well as professional looking website is always one of the best ways to hold the interest of your audience. However, only a good looking website is not good enough to get adequate conversation rates in it. There are a lot of other things which are also very important. In case, you do hire a graphic design company in India, they know a lot about the Design Principles for Website which will help your company website a lot. 

Thus, let us now focus on some of the design principles which help in raising the conversation rates in the websites.

• Make sure to respect the patience of the user 

Nowadays, people are not very patient when it comes to internet buffering. Delay in page load time can lead to drastic reduction in the conversation rate in the website. In case you are working with any graphic design company in India, they make sure that the page doesn’t take too much time too load.

• Hick’s Law

A famous British Psychologist named William Edmund Hick had once invented a rule called the Hick’s Rule. The rule states, that the time taken by a person to make a decision is directly related to the number of choices that person is getting. The more choices a person is given, the more he takes time to make the decision. This is one of the most important design principles for website. Professionals will make sure to give a boost to the conversation rates by giving the customers less choices.

• Making Use of Negative Space

The blank spaces that you can see on your website are known as the negative space. These spaces are known to cause reduction in conversation rates in your website. Make sure that you can use all the negative space available on your web page. You can take the help of any professional graphic design company in India to make sure that your website doesn’t look crowded and yet every little unused space is utilised.

• Check that the images you use are high quality images 

If the images in your website are of low quality, they will also bring down the quality of your content, and as a result, of your website as well. High quality images will be able to easily impress the customers. Images are way attractive than texts. Using high quality images will drastically raise the engagement on your website and also the conversations rates of it.

• Try out the F Layout

It is now a known fact that when people are browsing through the website, they scan the screen in an F Layout. This is known as the natural behavior of people now. So now, most of the companies make sure that they present all of their contents and information in an ‘F’ pattern so that it gets in the eye of the people.

• The Importance of the Colours 

Colours are one of the most important parameter in case of web designs, but it often gets ignored because of other important factors. It might not sound important but colours are extremely important to hold the attention of the audience in your website. Make sure that you choose a combination which portrays the emotions that your brand deals with.

1. K.I.S.S – K. I. S. S. stands for ‘Keep it simple, dude’. Don’t overdo the website. Keep it simple and pleasing in an aesthetical way.

2. Use Real life scenarios – Using real life scenarios always make a great impression.


Mentioned above are the top eight design principles that can help you a lot in boosting up the conversation rates in your website. If you follow these design principles for website, you are sure to get more activity and audience in your website. For this purpose, you can also take the help of any of the graphic design company in India, which will help you in making the website in such a way that it attracts attention and keeps the visitors interested.

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How to hire a professional graphic designer?

There is a cut throat competition at market place. Thus, customers are bombarded with various options and offers from graphic design company in India. Most of them are sending various images of their work and the clients usually get confused. 

As a business owner, you must understand that your brand should be convincing, innovative and eye catching. Your customers should be able to connect with it completely. Hence, you require a professional graphic designer who will transform your company in to a brand. He should be able to transform your message in to a cohesive design that can attract your customers. 

If you are looking to establish your brand, then you must hire a professional graphic design company in India. However, it is important to understand that hiring a company is not a very easy process. You will have a lot of companies pitching you and claiming that they are the best. Hence, the screening process needs to be accurate and distinct. 

If you do not do that, you might end up hiring an unprofessional graphic designer. It will not be worth of time and money both. At the same time, it is an annoying situation because it can tamper your brand image as well. 

Although, we have listed ways of finding the right graphic design company in India for you below. Read on to find out.

1. Proceed after you are completely ready

You need to have a concise and clear business plan ready. Only then, it makes sense to hire a graphic designer. You need to have a clear idea about your products and services. Also, define how they can solve a problem in your customer’s life or add value in it. Hire one of the best graphic designer after that only. This is because it might create a lot of confusion and problems, if you change your brand values and products after the visuals are ready. It is quite frustrating for your graphic designer as well. Thus, make sure to have a clear plan about your products before hiring the best graphic designer.

2. Define what your project needs

Graphic designing is a vast field. It contains a lot of sub fields which needs unique skill sets. For example, you cannot hire a logo designer for your website designs. However, some people do specialize in various sub fields. Thus, you can look for a professional graphic designer who can fulfill all your needs. Some of the sub fields of graphic designing are:

• Brand identity design or logo design

• Website design

• Print design

• UI/UX design

• Motion graphics

• Label of packaging design

• Icon design

• Data visualization design

• Typeface design

As a business owner, it is a good idea to just go through this sub skills to understand which one is more suitable for your business. Once you are clear about this, you can surely pick up the best graphic designer based on your requirements.

3. Find the best graphic designer based on your requirements

The best way to find out any graphic designer is to analyse their portfolio. This will help you understand the skills, knowledge and specialisation of the designer.

• Look for portfolio platforms

The market is crammed with portfolio platforms. You can connect to professional graphic designer through these platforms. You can message the designers you like and then try to discuss and negotiate work with them. It is possible for you to also post a job ad on these platforms and graphic designers will contact you.

• Freelance market place

There are a lot of freelance websites which connect the talent and the requirement. A lot of professional graphic designer are registered on this platform. All you have to do is host a project and the platform will help you find the best suitable talent.

4. Give freedom to your designer

This is really important. Once you hire a talent, let them do their work. Once they show you the designs, you can ask them for changes but, do not hinder their vision with your input at first. There is no point in telling him about the colours and fonts. Let him do his job.

Are you planning to hire a professional graphic designer from a reputed graphic design company in India? Then do not look here and there for resources. Instead, you should consider the profile of AdVoice. The company holds an impressive portfolio when it comes to graphic designing. You can ask them for a quotation for your project or you can mail your query to their site. Their representative will certainly get back to you with the best solutions. 

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Graphic Design Importance: Why it’s essential for businesses ?

The business trends have completely changed. People are moving towards digital marketing for the same. This new business model also comprises of graphic design. It is really important as it visually attracts your audiences and also communicates with them. Graphic design is a must use tool, if you are looking to communicate with your audiences effectively. Thus, graphic design almost serves as an art which communicates and solves a lot of purpose in the business arena. Hence, each business is in need of a good graphic designer that can create attractive posts for them using text, fonts and style. Thus, it is necessary to collaborate with one of the best graphic design company in India. 

A professional graphic designer will have the right amount of knowledge to entertain and engage with the audiences using the right elements. Read on to find out graphic design importance.

1. Graphic design improves sales

As the old saying goes that, “A picture speaks more than a thousand words”. Hence, an innovative graphic design post will surely uplift your sales as compared to a text written of 500 words. This is because people are usually inclined to things that are designed creatively. The best part about a good design is that it conveys the right message to your audiences. 

Always try to talk about your USP and services on the graphics. Educate your audience about your brand and then, see your sales improving. Make sure to use good graphics for your logo and business card as well.

2. Improves Brand Recognition

Graphic designing helps you in establishing a brand name amongst the audiences. Apart from that, it also helps in defining your niche market. It all starts with an attractive logo. This is because audiences usually remember aesthetic logos and also try to recall it. This always reminds them of the brand or the product. In that same way, when you are advertising in the public sector and having a social media presence, it will be easy for your audiences to memorise your brand.   

However, small businesses and start-ups do not have huge marketing budgets. Hence, they can always design a nice logo and print some creative business cards. This can help the ball rolling for them. 

3. Graphic design can convey the right message

A creative logo can actually convey your brand message to the clients. A good graphic design is usually made with specific colours and typefaces. The designers try to evoke the right emotions amongst the audience. The emotion basically becomes the message to your audiences. 

4. Increases the goodwill of the brand

Graphic design plays a vital role in the market as it helps in establishing your goodwill in the market. If your designs have a good sense of style then the audience will be intrigued in your products and services. It usually establishes a sense of trust in the company’s services. 

This is the graphic design importance. It helps in attracting new customers and also retains the old customers. As a company, you can also use graphic designing to highlight your specific products and services. In this way, you can always grab your customer’s focus on a particular topic. This is the main reason behind hiring the best graphic design company in India.  

5. Encourages Professionalism

It is a very competitive market. Thus, it is important to create a professional image of your business in the market. Most people fail to do that. However, graphic design will help you solve this problem. Aesthetic graphic design posts will leave a good impression on your clients and vendors as well.  

A good logo usually gives away information about the company. It talks about its uniqueness, quality of products and services, the ways of doing business and much more. Thus a company which consists graphic designs in the form of logo, brochure, business cards and other thing give an impression of running daily and swiftly. This is the major factor to sustain in the competitive market.


This is Graphic design importance in the market. You must make the most of this service by hiring a reputed graphic design company in India. 

Do you need an aesthetic logo or other marketing things for your business? Then, you should speak to Advoice because it is a reputed and well-known graphic design company in India. The company contains a lot of talented and experienced graphic designers who create a variety of designs for the clients. Advoice’s graphic design services includes logo design, brochure design, packaging design, branding, event & exhibition design, and much more.

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