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6 Elements of Brand to gain proven heights in business

Branding is a crucial word in today’s business world. Almost all the companies of the world have adopted various branding strategies. However, branding is still one of the most misunderstood word by many. A lot of business owners often fail to understand that branding is not only about logo design and style. They are a part of branding but, there is a lot more to that. A lot of businesses fail to recognise the potential of branding and what it can do for your business. Business owners are interested in creating a logo alone. They usually hire a good graphic design company in India for creating logos. However, there is more to branding strategy than creating a logo.

Why do you need a brand for your business and not just a logo? Well, read on to find out.

What is a logo?

A logo design simply serves as an identification for your company. It symbolises the products and services that you are going to offer to your potential customers. It is a symbol which defines the name of your company. Well, it is not a strategy. For example, your name is your identification but, it does not describe who you are. A logo design is the same thing. It can serve a limited purpose only.

Thus, make a clear and simple logo design. It should be readable and understandable. Complex logos distract the audiences and fail to communicate with them. However, every business demands a name and a logo. Thus, a logo plays an important part in your brand identity.

What is branding?

A brand is usually an emotion. It describes the feelings of the audiences based on what they feel when they make an interaction with your company. Branding concludes as an emotional experience, where you will share your story as a business owner. It also shares the details of what your company is planning to do in the market and what are your values as a company. A brand should portray the values, vision, mission and even your personality in front of the audiences.

When you do this, people feel connected with you. They can form a relationship of trust with your product and services. Branding also helps you stand out among your contenders. Thus, a brand is much more than just a logo design. It offers a lot of value to your business.

When you start planning a branding strategy, make sure that you are consistent and innovative. It will help you stand out in the market. Also, get a logo from a reputed graphic design company in India. This is because they will understand your agenda and help you create a logo based on that. Just make the strategy intriguing so that people connect with it easily.

The 6 elements of a brand

Words or copy

This part basically includes your taglines and description of your business. It also comprises of all the call to actions.


It includes everything from logos, style, images and fonts. A lot of businesses spend a lot of time on this part as they feel this is a very important step. However, it is important to understand that pictures will shine when other elements are proper.


This is an important step. It describes what your business stands for. It also includes the value adding factors that your business provides in a customer’s life.


This is a component that depends on the audiences. It describes how your customers view your brand.


This component includes the story of your brand and its journey. You need to communicate with your audiences and tell them that how did you think of this business. Also, how are you solving the problems of your customers? This component of branding is all about gaining attention of the audiences with the help of storytelling.


This particular part describes the expectations of your customers from you. Also, how you can have a different approach to create value adding services to retain them.


A strong brand will help you in many ways. It gives the right information to your audiences and compels them to connect with your brand. This gives you sales and loyal customers as well.

However, only professionals will be able to help you create a good brand identity. For this purpose, you should get in touch with Advoice because it is an innovative graphic design company in India. The company is experienced in creating brand identity, logo design, social media design and much more.

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graphic design to boost sales

5 Proven ways Graphic Design magically boost your Sales

Graphic design is all about aesthetic and creative pictures. However, the modern business model uses graphic designing in various ways. It is not stagnant to just making things look good. Also, the role of graphic designing is very vital in your business. There is no way that you can choose to skip it. An innovative graphic design will convey the right message to your audience by boosting your sales. The best part about graphic design is that it can educate, engage, entertain and persuade your audiences at the same time. The market is so competitive that graphic design cannot be ignored. Thus, every business should hire a top graphic design company in India.

The benefit of hiring a good company is that it can help you create meaningful and compelling visuals. Read on to find out some of the benefits of Graphic Design.

1. Makes you look Professional

Are you looking to create a strong impression of your company in front of your customers? Then, it is a good idea to hire a professional and experienced graphic design company in India. Look for a company who has a good portfolio and is experienced to create your logo and other creative posts with images, typefaces, colours, fonts and text. This will surely create a professional image of your company in front of the audiences.

It has become quite challenging for each company to attract their audiences, because of the high competition in the market. However, the only solution for this is to indulge in to Graphic design.

2. Narrates a story and forms communication

Graphic design is not only about creating your brand identity. In fact, it helps in establishing a communication between your brand and your audiences with the help of visuals. It is a known fact that visual communication is much stronger as compared to just words.

An image can always transmit ideas better than words. If you create a thoughtful design, you can also transmit a story to your customers. However, every niche will require a different approach on designs. Thus, it is important to hire a reputed graphic design company in India for the same.

3. Brand Recognition with Graphic Design

Graphic design helps you establish a proper brand identity in the market. This identity should reflect your company’s values, mission and vision. However, it is important to create the graphics properly and aesthetically. Only then you will be able to receive a visual consistency for all your marketing efforts.

Graphic design can make you popular amongst your customers. A good and informative design can also attract your potential audience.

4. Uplifts your Sales

A creative graphic design will certainly lift your sales up. This is because people are getting attracted to things that are designed innovatively. Also, a good design has the potential to convey the right information to the audiences. When the customers receive clarity, they are more likely to turn in to buyers.

Also, you can add the problems that your product is solving in a graphic. It will convey the message beautifully. Thus, this will help in boosting the sales and gaining more revenue.

5. Graphic design helps in building trust and loyalty

Graphic design has the ability to make your brand look more professional. When a brand looks more professional, it automatically builds trust and loyalty with the customers. These two things are very essential in this competitive market. Apart from that, your brand will give a unique identity to your employees as well.

It is important to understand that trust is a very important factor. It will help in convincing your buyers to purchase your products and stay loyal to your brand. Businesses that are thriving in the market have acquired trust of their customers. All this is possible when you collaborate with a good graphic design company in India.


These are some of the important benefits of graphic design. It is important to indulge in to them while forming a branding and marketing strategy. A good design will improve a lot of factors of your business and help you thrive in many ways.

Advoice has a remarkable portfolio in the field of graphic design. They are specialized in logo design, brochure design, packaging design, branding, event & exhibition design, and much more. The company has many professional and experienced designers who will provide you with innovative and good designs which will help in improve your marketing communication and brand recognition.

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Importance of brochure designing

What is the importance of brochure designing for your business in 2020?

A successful business is all about offering customer satisfaction. If your customers are not satisfied, you will run out of business. Apart from that, you need to offer quality and value for money as well. It is important to understand that modern businesses have become technology driven. They are offering a lot of services to their customers with the help of various applications. People have discarded the traditional business model as there are a lot of players emerging in the market. Thus, people are coming up with innovative ideas to lure the customers. A good thing to do is to hire a graphic design company in India, so that they can help you create a catchy logo for yourself. 

Each business has a different strategy to cater, based on their niche. However, a graphic designer can come handy for all the businesses. This is because technology plays a major role in the branding and marketing of all these businesses. At the same time, every good business strategy consists of a professional brochure. The good part about brochures is that they never go out of style. They were relevant in a traditional business model and they are used in the modern business model as well.

Why does your business need a brochure?

A lot of businesses wonder that, if they have a digital presence, they do not need brochures. A lot of people think of brochures as being age old technique of marketing. However, that is a wrong approach because there are various ways of optimizing brochures with modern methods. It will help you to reach your potential audiences as well.

Read on to find out the various reasons of curating a brochure from a graphic design company in India today.

1. Cost effective as compared to other strategies

The most important part of any business is the cost involved behind running it. It does not matter whether you are a start-up or a well-established business. You will always look for cheaper methods to run your businesses. Thus, making a brochure is one such method. It does not involve a lot of cost yet, it is a hand written literature of your company which you can optimize whenever you want.

2. Does not involve expertise

One good thing about printing brochures is that you do not require any experts for the job. It can be done by any local printing company. However, you will need a reputed graphic design company in India to design the brochure for you. At the same time, you can always have a soft copy of the same and use that for promotion on all your digital platforms.

3. Mass Oriented

Brochures were used in the traditional business model to reach to the masses. They can be still used for the same. The good part about brochures is that they will cost lesser when printed in bulk. Thus, you can distribute them to all your potential and existing clients. At the same time, there are certain areas where technology is limited. So, you can distribute your brochures there, so that your business can automatically thrive in rural and urban areas both. 

4. Physical Literature

The best part about brochures is that it is available in hard copies. They are tangible and can be read. This makes them more appealing and attractive as well. Also, technology has its own set of limitations. Sometimes people might scroll your post and forget to read it. Sometimes, if they get a call, they might choose to read your digital brochure later. However, a tangible literature will always remind your client to sit and read it, even when they forget. Also, you can distribute brochures from your neighborhood to far off places.

5. Get bulk printing done

Brochures can be printed in thousands and lakhs. The same way they can be distributed to masses via newspapers and magazines. The best part is that brochures directly reach to people and there are lesser chances of them ignoring it.


Thus, not all traditional marketing tools should be discarded completely. Some of them like brochures are cost effective and even appealing in today’s time. It is always a good idea to continue changing your strategies from time to time. Also, clubbing the innovative traditional and modern day marketing techniques can work really well for you. Thus, understand the importance of brochure designing and apply it in your favor for your business.

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Graphic Design Company in India

7 Commandments of Proper Branding you must Follow to achieve Greater Sales as Graphic Design Company in India

Branding is one of the most important things for your business. Without branding, everything is useless. It helps your business gain the due recognition it deserves. You need to understand that your work is done only when your brand gains acclamation locally, nationally and internationally. However, it requires a lot of time and precision. Thus, you can always hire a good graphic design company in India who can take up your job. Once you hire a good company, the best part is that you can completely focus on your business. Hiring a graphic design company in India might cost you a bit, but the results will be extremely good for the future.

Giving good quality products and services is important. However, businesses do not just run on that. It is equally important to put up a good picture and image in front of the brand. This will help in retaining old customers for a longer time. At the same time, it will help in attracting new clients for your business as well. Although, it is important to know the commandments of proper branding. Read on to find out.

What does graphic designing mean?

It is a form of representing yourself to your customers. Graphics are really important as they represent your business and also lure your customers towards your brand. Graphics help to retain your old customers as they get to see something new at frequent intervals from your side. On the other hand, new customers always get to see something catchy and attractive from your side. Graphics literally acts as a catalyst for your sales and growth. Graphics usually contain lively images and fonts that are placed aesthetically, so that they look exceptional. They try to describe the business in best way possible.

1. Stay focused on the right audience

It is important to understand that not everything is meant for everyone. You need to understand your products. Also, try and understand what kind of clients will be benefitted from it. Once you understand that, you will be unstoppable. Thus, your branding should be done in such a way that it attracts your niche market towards you. If you do that, you will win. You can take help of a good graphic design company in India for the same.

2. Convey your thoughts properly

As a brand, it is necessary to communicate to your audiences clearly and precisely. This is because if your audience does not understand the thought behind your brand and product, they might not be able to connect to you. As a brand, you might have a lot of value adding products to provide to your audiences but, if you fail to communicate it with them then you lose the game. This is because your audience will not buy products that they know nothing about.

3. Always get better

It is important to always improve on yourself. It starts from eating habits, exercise habits and everything else. The same goes for branding as well. You should not be satisfied with what you are delivering to your customers. Instead, you should strive for better and see where you are leaving the loopholes for betterment. This is one of the most important commandment of branding.

4. Deliver what you said

When people are getting associated with your brand, they are having certain expectations. These expectations are created by you only in the form of branding. Hence, if you have promised a client for free shipping, then you must fulfil that promise. If you do not abide by that, then the customers will lose trust in you and will never order from you again. Thus, do not fulfil something that you cannot provide.

5. Invest your money wisely

You need to be very tactful while investing money in branding. It will take up most of your budget but, if invested wisely, it can grant you great returns. It is important to understand what your company needs currently, instead of competing with other brands. Hiring a good graphic design company in India is a wise thing to do.

6. Broaden your reach

Every brand starts their business locally. However, the idea is to broaden the business as much as possible. It is also quite easy to broaden your horizon because of digital marketing. Also, as a start-up, it is important for you to show your customers that your brand will be present everywhere nationally and internationally. This will give the customers a hope and they will continue to trust you. Carry out your branding in such a way that your customers make a bond with you.

7. Try to use everything that you have

Find a proper audience for your business. You will require an extensive research for this one. There are a lot of ways through which you can find your audience. Thus, you should use all the possible tools to find that audience as it will help you create sales. It is a good idea to show all the marketing campaigns to your potential audience only as they might make a purchase sooner or later.


Proper branding is really crucial for your business. Use it just like any other marketing tool and you will achieve great heights in your business.

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posting on social media sites

Why is balancing important in Graphic Designing ?

Social media sites are one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It provides a lot of benefits to businesses, as it helps them reach a lot of potential customers. It is a very profitable source and, if you are not investing in this source, then you are losing out on a lot of business. It is a great marketing opportunity as you can spread the news of your product and brand to thousands at once.

The best part about social networking sites is that marketing is not very expensive. If you want to put up an advertisement on television, radio or newspaper, you need to have a very big marketing budget. This is not the case with social media marketing.

How does social media sites help businesses?

The good part about social media marketing is that it helps start-ups, small businesses and even big businesses.

Social media sites increase brand awareness

Social media applications are one of the most stress free and convenient digital marketing platforms. The registration on all of these apps is completely free. All you have to do is create a profile and you are ready to go. However, you need to apply a good social media strategy, if you want to gain brand recognition.

It is crucial to understand that every app works in its own way. Likes for Instagram are achieved in a certain way while views on YouTube requires a complete different strategy. A lot of marketers’ claim that by spending a few hours on Instagram Facebook will help in increasing their brand visibility by 91%. It is equally important to understand that having a social media page will increase your brand visibility while producing audience for you in no time.

Social media platforms offer higher SERP rankings

There are millions of users on social networking sites. Hence, the attention span of audiences is quite less. Thus, to stay relevant, it is important for you to post every day. Also, if you post every day, your posts have a better chance to reach to the explore feeds of these social media sites.

Apart from that, once your post starts to trend, it has a higher chance of having more number of social shares. This has a definite impact on the search engine result page rankings too. Thus, this is one way of beating the immense competition on social media.

Social media sites can provide you better conversion rates

Digital marketing is the biggest trend for businesses currently. Although, there are a lot of factors that shape the industry. However, social media marketing is one thing that offers the highest amount of conversions and profits. It is really necessary to be active on various social media platforms. This is because you can share everything on social media from your blog, videos, images and even services. It is possible to link your website to various social media platforms and get traffic back on your site.

Also, social media profiles do not have to be formal. You can post emotional and funny content once in a while. This actually helps your audiences to connect with you in a much better way. The best part is that, if you customer feels connected with your brand or they find it relatable, they might be more likely to make a purchase.

Social media platforms build brand loyalty

Being active on Instagram for likes is a very good idea. However, it is a good thing to understand that you are gaining customers that are offering brand loyalty as well. It is one of the most difficult components of marketing. It can be a very intimidating task because there is a lot of stiff competition between brands to gain the loyalty of their customers.

The problem is that there are a lot of options available to the customers. Thus, it is difficult for them to choose as well. However, social media sites can offer you loyal customers as well. However, you will need a creative marketing team to achieve the desired results. Hence, it is a good idea to hire a nice social media marketing manager. This will help you to focus on your business and sales while there is someone to post for you consistently on Instagram Facebook.

Instagram Facebook retain consumer interest

Making an Instagram Facebook account for your business but, not being active on it is not going to do much for your brand. The whole key is to create a content calendar which helps your clients to focus on your brand, offers, services, products and even new product announcements. You will have to add value in your consumer’s life by providing them useful information.

If you lose your consumer’s attention span even for some time, you are leaving the doors open for other competitor’s to capture their attention. The viewers’ attention span has gone down drastically because of various companies emerging in every sector by increasing the competition. Hence, try achieving likes for Instagram but, also include some value adding content which educates your clients.

Social networking sites helps in collecting data

Social media platforms are a great way to know your audiences. When you upload different types of content regularly, you are ticking your customers as you will understand that what works for them and what does not. You will gain an insight in to their personal likes and dislikes.

You will have to check that which posts gain the maximum number of likes and which ones are shared the most. In this way, you will understand that what type of content is getting more attention from your audiences and what type is not working for them. You can continue posting that more and interacting with your audiences in a better way. It is also a good idea to run polls on your sites to get a better understanding of the same.

Social media sites improve your customer satisfaction

Social media marketing is a complete package. It helps you in increasing your brand awareness and gaining loyal customers but, it also helps you solve customer dissatisfaction. When the customer is not happy with you, they can always leave a feedback on your business account. The good part is that you can work in serving them better. However, it is important to remember that such issues on Instagram Facebook should be served promptly or else it can leave a bad impression of your brand.

You can resolve the customer complaints while providing them insights on your products and services. Also, respond to your customer’s problems promptly. As a brand, it is important to have a Twitter accounts as it is especially for customer feedback and support. However, you can help them on Instagram Facebook as well.

Social networking sites offer public relations

PR is the key to a good business. It helps you stay relevant in your customer’s minds. At the same time, it helps for B2B marketing too. With social media sites, it is possible for you to reach out to the press as well.

You can use this leverage for a store opening as well as a website launch. Sharing such exciting news in media will build your brand authority and keep you in the minds of people. Apart from that, your social media will share this information with your clients in real time.

How often to post on social networking sites?

Now, you do know that it is very vital to post on these social media sites regularly. However the other challenge is the time. Each social media platform has a particular time of posting. Although, the time is a very general information and it can change based on the audiences and industry.


For Facebook, it is sufficient that you post once in a day. However, posting three times in a week will also do the trick. It is important to remember that the time will depend on your target audience and you can obtain that information from Facebook insights.


It is important to post 5-10 times a day. Also, most twitter users are generally active between 8am to 4pm. So, post accordingly.


You need to post every day for one or two times. Also, add stories consistently and engage with different accounts for at least 15 minutes a day. Check the posting time in Instagram insights which are available with a business account. With such a schedule, it will be easy to get Instagram for likes.


This social media platform is very lucrative and thus, you should post once a day. Try to post between 10 am and 11 am. Also, avoid posting on Saturday and Sunday.


It is a social networking site which requires 5 to 30 pins a day. However, it is pretty simple and thus, you can go for it. There is no specific time for the same.


Time does not matter on this social media platform. The most important thing is consistency. Just post regularly.


Social media platforms are a boon for businesses. All you need to do is post regularly with good content strategy. If it feels like too much for you, then it is a good idea to hire a social media manager or agency for Instagram Facebook.

It is important to understand that almost everyone is getting on social media and thus, your competition is increasing after every passing day. Hence, it is important to be relevant and consistent on social media sites.

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Why balance in Graphic Design so essential-01

Why balance in Graphic Design so essential?

Businesses have started to adopt to new technologies. There are a lot of techniques and trends that have emerged in the coming years. The traditional marketing strategies are replaced by digital marketing strategies. Also, the cliché methods do not work at all and the requirements from business have also changed completely. One of the aspect of modern marketing is graphic designing. A lot of businesses are preferring to hire a good graphic design company in India. This is because a good design banner will actually attract customers towards your brand and boost up your sales.

What does graphic designing mean?

It is a form of representing yourself to your customers. Graphics are really important as they represent your business and also lure your customers towards your brand. Graphics help to retain your old customers as they get to see something new at frequent intervals from your side. On the other hand, new customers always get to see something catchy and attractive from your side. Graphics literally acts as a catalyst for your sales and growth. Graphics usually contain lively images and fonts that are placed aesthetically, so that they look exceptional. They try to describe the business in best way possible.

Balance in Graphic Design

For running a successful business, it is important that you balance things out. It can be a marketing strategy, quality of products or services and even lucrative offers. Balance is a vital part of any business. Thus, even graphic designing needs a balanced creative to convey your message to the customer. At the same time, a good design can attract a new customer as well.

When you hire a good graphic design company in India, it will take care of a lot of important things. The company will make sure that the words are done in such a manner that they are easily readable and visible from afar as well. There is a harmony of colours and fonts that is put well in size. A good graphic designer will understand the importance of certain things and the ways to manipulate it for a banner or a social media post. Also, there are people who have the tendency to look at the image only. However, a balance has to be maintained so that these people immediately change their focus to the text from the image.

Colour Balancing

You might have noticed that the number plate of a car usually comes in black and white colours. This is done so that the numbers are visible from afar. They can be tracked and traced whenever needed. This is possible only because of the bold colour combination. The same rule applies for graphic designing as well. It is important to maintain a certain level of balance between the colours so that they are visible from afar. All companies do not prefer to use the usual black and white always as it might seem very boring. They key is to form a balance with various colour while highlighting the main message. 

Fonts and Style Balancing

Balanced use of colours is very important in graphic designing. At the same time, balanced use of fonts and style is also equally important. It is important to understand that balancing between fonts can be symmetrical as well as asymmetrical too. However, if a proper style with fonts is maintained, then the image will look more beautiful and readable. At the same time, you will be able to highlight exactly what you want to say. You need to understand that elements in the image needs to be balanced properly and the placement plays a very vital role for that.

Why is balanced graphic designing important for businesses?

Indulging with a reputed graphic design company in India is vital because your graphics will speak on your behalf. The visual weight of a particular graphic is directly proportional to the amount of customers it will attract. There is a complete strategy through which the designer can highlight the important points. Thus, as a business it is vital for you to make attractive graphics that are balanced.


Graphic designing is a very important part of modern marketing and digital marketing. It has also become vital to communicate with your audiences. Thus, look for one of the best graphic design company in India to make your creative. This is because with understanding, proper balancing and placements, it can become a big weapon for you in this competitive market. 

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