6 Tested Questions that help choose your Graphic Design Company

Graphic designing has become an integral part of digital marketing businesses. However, hiring a good graphic design company in Ahmedabad can be a very daunting task. This is because there are a lot of players in the market and choosing someone that is compatible with your needs and demands can be an issue. This is because a good graphic designer can only help your brand look unique and help you in attracting the customers. 

A graphic design company usually helps businesses achieve their goals. It is a good idea to hire a graphic designer for your business as it will help you to form a digital influence. Although, you must ensure that the designer understands your business and maintains their responsibilities based on that. Although, a lot of businesses are worried when it comes to hiring a graphic design company in Ahmedabad. 

So, to avoid confusion, you must ask the company a few questions.

1. Ask about their creative role while looking at their portfolio

The first thing that you must do is check the graphic design portfolio of a company. Once you like the designs, you must ask their creative role while performing them. This will give you an idea of their innovative possibilities. You can ask them the timeline also in which they finished the project.

2. Can you please show me the results of the work that you have done?

The best graphic design company will always show you quantitative results. You must focus on the figures because that will give you your return on investments as well. However, if you find the results unsatisfying then it is better to move on to the next company.

3. What type of team will be working on my project?

It is important to meet the team that is working on your project. You need to connect to them personally as it will be easier to explain your expectations and demands to them. Get the full name, titles and their responsibilities from the graphic design company.

4. Give a brief about your graphic design process

The best graphic design company can be set apart based on their design process. However, their process should be simple not complicated. They should be able to simplify their complicated process to you.

5. What are you charging me for my project?

The next step is the quotation of the project. You need to do enough research before negotiating with a particular company. Also, once the graphic design company sends you a quote, ask them that why are they charging you for the same. 

6. How will you follow up with us?

This is a very important question and thus, you should ask the same to your graphic design company. Most companies will follow a legit design process and present you with the best design. However, they fail to follow up or do the necessary changes in the prototype timely. Hence, you must focus on that. Ask them their procedure for follow ups. It is important for the company to understand that a graphic designer’s work does not end once the design is submitted. In fact, it starts from there. It is a good idea to discuss all of this in detail, beforehand only.

Why is it important to hire a graphic design company?

A graphic design company can help you elevate your digital marketing game. If you are planning to be active on the digital sector, then you will need graphics regularly. You cannot focus on that as you need to focus on your business. Thus, outsourcing the work to the best graphic design company is always a good idea. They are well-versed with the complete designing process and have a team for almost anything.

However, it is a good idea to sit and discuss everything in detail. Understand their clauses and norms. Also, explain then what you expect out of them. Once communication is done, it will get really easy to work. However, most businesses do not take the time out and do proper meetings with their graphic design company. The problem starts from there. Thus, note these questions down and discuss each point in detail. It is a good idea to explain about your business in detail as well.   

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Tips for Logo Design Concept

Insider Instant Tips for Logo Design Concept for your Brand

When you are planning on starting a new business, you have to focus on a lot of things. However, the first one is the logo. Logo is literally the identity of the business. You will need it on everything from website, packaging, labels and even social media posts. Without a logo, all of these things will look unprofessional.  Thus, a logo is a necessary tool. However, most people feel that logo is all about picking a style, font and color but, when you speak to a professional graphic design company in India, you will know that there is more to that. There are various things that you must remember while creating a logo.  

Read on to find out the best logo design ideas for business.

1. Make it Representative

Your logo should represent your industry. People should get a clear idea about your products and services from the logo itself. Also, it should blend with the nature of your brand. Choose a logo that resonates with your values and ethics.

2. Logo should be Positive

Your logo design concept should be positive. It is literally a representation of your business and thus, it should represent good things. Make sure that your logo creates a feel good factor in the customer’s mind. At the same time, it should not be offensive to any part of the world population, even if they are not your potential audience.

3. Be smart in choosing colors

Colors play a different impact on the consumer’s mind. However, when deciding on colors for a logo, opt for minimal shades. The best logos of the world are made in one or two color shades only. You can use various colors too but, make sure that they compliment your logo design concept.

4. Pay attention on the shape

Choosing the right shape is one of the best logo design ideas for business. Some of the universal shapes for a logo include square, rectangle and round. Although, you should choose a logo based on the amount of space you want to fill in. You can go creative with your shapes as well. However, consult the top graphic design company in India, before trying something different.

5. Do not stick to just trends

Your business could any time take a plunge and become popular. If you would have created your logo based on the trends, then that will be a problem. Trends are ever changing and completely relying on them can be disastrous in the long term. Explore for creative logo design ideas but, stick to classic designs.

6. Keep Consistency

Keep your logo consistent with the way it is designed and presented. Developing a logo in different shades will hinder the audience’s attention. Also, not everyone has the budget to develop a logo in different shades. A single logo design concept will save money and create a greater impact in the minds of your customers.

7. Logos should be Memorable

You need to work on various creative logo design ideas as logos should be memorable. A lot of experts suggest that complex and over creative logos does not mean that it is nice. Instead, they are hard to remember and they do not connect well with the audiences. If you want to create a brand, then logos should be simple and easy to understand. They should communicate with your audiences and they should be able to remember them as well.

8. Do not try to be the Graphic Designer

Various businesses think of designing their logo on their own. They feel that it will save them a lot of money. However, your logo is your identity and it will carry forward everywhere. Thus, if you are serious about your business, then get your logo made from a professional graphic design company in India. There are certain rules and techniques of designing that a graphic designer will know. 


These were some of the logo design ideas for business. Understand them and try to imply them when creating a logo for your company.

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Graphic design company in India

8 Quick tips to discuss with your Graphic Design Company

Graphic designing services are a great form of investment for any business. Since it is an investment, every businessman will expect some form of return on it. However, before starting with the designing, it is imperative to study on the target audience and their requirements. Only then it is possible to communicate with them and acquire new leads. On the other hand, designing also changes from person to person. People have an individual choice when it comes to color, design and even theme of the graphic. A good graphic design company in India will sit and scrutinize the behaviors of the end users so that their efforts appeal to them.  

There are a lot of factors to understand and remember while designing a good graphic design. Read on to understand the tips needed to design a graphic masterpiece. 

Core qualitative elements that a graphic design company should keep in mind

1. Better Functionality

A graphic designer needs to study the target audience, their requirements, habits and performances before designing a graphic. The main reason behind providing graphic design services is that it should appeal to the audiences. If the customers find it appealing, they might pay attention to it and the business will be able to acquire more leads.

2. Brand Reputation

A graphic designer should understand the reputation of the brand they are working on. The design should add value to the brand and upgrade it. Customers gauge the reputation of a particular brand based on their logo, website and the design of the graphics. Hence, understanding the brand and what it stands for is really important for a graphic design company.

3. Better Aesthetic Appeal

People are attracted to attractive visuals. Hence, if you want your graphics to stand out then they should have higher visual appeal. Any business will want to work with a graphic design company in India that can produce creative and high quality of graphics. The graphic design should carry an element that helps in building a higher reputation for the brand and increases its awareness as well. The design should also be easy to recall and remember by the customers.

4. Customer Satisfaction

People who provide graphic design services can only sustain if they offer customer satisfaction as well. Customer satisfaction helps the graphic design company as well as the business as both rely on the end user and their satisfaction.

5. User Interaction

A graphic designer needs to adopt new ideas and trends. At the same time, they should be aware of the changing demands of the clients and what they like to see in general. The whole idea of getting graphics is to create an impact on the user’s mind while attracting them towards a business. Thus, the graphic design posts need to be relatable and easy to understand. At the same time, they should contain trending styles so that it looks creative and relevant as well.

6. New Market Adoption

A graphic designer has the responsibility of designing the front face of the company. He/she needs to be updated with the latest trends of the industry they are working on. The designer needs to know the creative designing strategies as well. It is imperative that they put their best efforts for the end user.

7. Reducing the Waste and Materials

Graphic Design Company is a very precious source of any business. Thus, they are expected to provide the services with minimum wastage of time. They are also expected to deliver high quality work with maximum creativity.

8. Cost Saving

Cost saving is an important aspect for both the designer and business. A professional graphic design company in India is expected to provide services with the available tools in the most cost effective manner. This particular process will help the business to gain maximum return on its investment.


These were some of the tips that a good graphic design company must keep in mind. If you are a business looking for graphic design services, then you must see all these factors before collaborating with a particular company. It will help you to do your things hassle free with greater productivity and benefits. 

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Best Graphic Design Company

Best Graphic Design Trends that you can use this year

The world of graphic designing and fashion can be said to be interrelated with each other. Fashion is such an industry where if something is trendy, it takes a couple of years for it to lose that g of being trendy. The same also stands in the field of graphic designing. If you ever decided to talk to the best graphic design company for the works of graphic designing in our business, you will see that they also agree with the same thing. Technology is advancing a bit every day. The designers nowadays possess a lot of talent and they also have the proper tools which allow them to explore their talents and creative minds the best they can. This technology allows the designers to mix and match a lot of things in order to come up with something which can be considered trendy and loveable. As a result, the visual aesthetic rise in the graphic design trends has only been increasing in the past couple of years. A lot of trends have come into existence because of this advancement of the technology and how the designers can use the process of permutation and combination to get themselves new designs and trends. 

Read on to find some of the most famous trends in the field of graphic designs that are brought into the world by graphic design company:

• Proper Gradients

Gradients are something that can be said to be a very old method. This is one such method which was not only confined to the older days but is also very much in trend in today’s world too. Gradients are actually what are supposed to be the add-one which will help in improving the style statement of the presentation in power-point. Like the numerous other trends there, this trend was losing its touch as the time passed by. However, it was brought back by the app called ‘Instagram’ which is a very well established social media platform. The gradient was thus brought back among the trends and it once again made its place and is now used regularly in making websites and logos.

• Use Bold Serifs

If you know your fonts well, you will know that there is a large number of fonts made available to the graphic designers for them to work with. Exploring different fonts is also a very effective way in which there can be an enhancement in the of the interface design. The font can be made thick or thin, depending on which one suits the website. If you use Bold Serif, it is one of the trendy fonts as it brings a touch of nostalgia to the modern texts.

• The using of the semi-flat design

The flat designs that are two dimensional made use of those bold colour palettes and provided the page with a lot of white space, which in turn could be filled by the colours provided by the palate so that the colours can charm the customers or clients with its appeal.However, this is a 2-D hack which is currently also being used in case of 3-Dimensional designs too.The designers are now working their designs in such a way so that they can gain the forefront by making sure that they create visual grading using shadows.

• Make sure to use movements

One of the major graphic design trends is using gifs. Make sure to use enough gifs and small videos. These things seem to make the website seem more interactive. These also bring in higher conversation rates on your website. This combination of audio and video has proved to be a lot helpful for the website.

• Make sure that the logos are responsive 

Mobiles phones are now gadgets that everyone has. With a smartphone in everyone’s hand nowadays, you can be sure that most of your clients and customers will get access to you website through their mobile phones. If your logos are responsive, they act as a saviour and can be a lot helpful if they want to match the size and designs needed for the logo to be mobile friendly.

These are only a few of the graphic design trends that have captured the market now. Any of the best graphic design company you talk to, they will follow these trends to make sure that your website has a unique tint to it.

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Graphic Design Helps a Business Grow

4 Ways in which Graphic Design Helps a Business Grow

Graphic Design is one of the most aspects of a business. However, this statement can be opposed by a lot. The most agreeable statement is that for some businesses, graphic design is extremely helpful and for other types of businesses, it might be unimportant. Every business owner thus has a sensible set of reasons to support their own reasons.

Moreover, if you hear discuss the marketing of your business with any graphic design company in India, they will easily explain to you why graphic design is extremely important for your business. It is extremely important and plays a huge role to make sure that your company grows and flourishes. According to them, graphic design helps a business grow.

In case of the smaller businesses that are still growing, graphic design might often be outside of their budget. As a result of this, they don’t refer to any graphic design company, in the fear that it might cost a lot. Even though this is understandable, this is not a very good or smart decision in case of your company. Your professional websites and logos are the first thing that makes an impression on your customers and clients. It is thus important that these aspects of the company get more importance so that your business can grow and make an impression on the minds of the clients and customers.

A lot of company owners nowadays do their researches properly and thus know how much graphic design helps a business grow. Therefore they make sure that the graphic design part gets enough attention. They make sure to either go to a professional graphic design company for help, or chose freelancer if they are held back by their budget.

If you are still wondering how graphic design and its tricks can help you, read on the following points. There are four points mentioned below about how proper graphic design can benefit your company.

• Making sure that the first impression leaves a mark

Usually, it does not require too long for customers or client to weigh the uses and helps a company website can provide them with.The most that happens is that they take a bit more than just a few seconds in order to make the decision. IN most of the cases, the customers or clients come to a rough design only by seeing their website design or just by judging their logo. Taking the help of a proper graphic design company in India will make your website look more professional and create a good impression. Regardless of the popularity of your product, a good logo and website will attract a lot more people than you can imagine.

• The logo must tell a good story 

People are always enthusiastic to know more good stories. If they are gonna work with you or take your product, they must feel some sort of connection with you and the easiest way to make that happen is with the help of the logo. Your logo needs to tell the vision of your company, its aim, how you want to service and a lot more. Make sure your logo serves all these purposes.

• The Graphic designs are compelling enough

Compelling graphic design is one of the most important factors to make sure that your business has the impact it needs to be successful in this competitive market. The professional graphic designers make sure to use consistence images, fonts, and colours which give the websites its own unique identity while still keeping it simple.

• Makes that leads are actually converted to sales

One of the main reasons for launching website for your company is so that your company has a unique presence and that it can gain popularity in the market. These are the reasons that are talked about the most. The underlying reason behind all of these is to make sure that the company can increase its income or turnover. The design of the website has to be appealing for your company to gain more customers, and the graphic design company you hire will make sure that you get the best from your website. 

These points make it very evident that a good graphic design company will no doubt make sure that your company reaches its maximum potential. So make sure that you utilize these and give your company the best.

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use of rainbow in graphic design

How to use rainbow in graphic design ?

Rainbows are fascinating and intriguing. They are majestic because of their colour. They also create a sense of intrigue in the human minds. Back in the time, rainbows were used for religious context only. However, its vivacious colours and extravagant visual started attracting artists as well. Hence, a lot of artists are opting for rainbow in graphic design. This makes their design appealing and eye catching at the same time.  

However, working with seven different colours is not an easy job at all. Most designers prefer to work with three colours or maximum four colours. When you use rainbow in graphic design, you really need to be tactful because using a lot of colours can completely go wrong. It is a challenging job to incorporate all the designs in alignment. When you are planning to do something like that, it is imperative to hire the best graphic design company in India.  

There are various ways through which you can use rainbow colours for a design.

1. Collaborate neutral hues with rainbow

Neutral hues consists of colours like black, grey, beige and white. The colours represent gloomy and ordinary. A good graphic design company in India, will be able to create balance and contrast to the sparking rainbow coloured shades. You will have to see to it that your designer enhances the rainbow effect with a largely dark design. It will create magic and make your design attractive.

2. Subtract the rainbow colours

A rainbow can be recognised in the most subtle tones as well. Your designer can reduce its colours and still the audiences will identify it as a rainbow. It is important to remember that context and contrast is very important while dealing with rainbow in graphic design. Also, if you are using only three rainbow colours, make sure that they are different. Think of the triadic colour scheme before finalising the colour scheme with your graphic designer.

3. Separate the rainbow

Rainbow colours usually have side by side appearance in nature. However, a good graphic designer will use his creativity and innovation skill before using the colours. A designer is always free to place them anywhere in the design. The whole idea is to make the post look more creative. This technique can be used in character illustration and patterns. Some graphic designers might think that you are weakening the power of the rainbow. However, it is important to think creatively and differently.

4. Design a rainbow gradient

This depends on you. If you are planning to keep the entire rainbow family together, then you must go for the blending technique. Instead of deducing or subtracting the hue, try opting for this technique with a stylish gradient. A gradient will enhance the smooth and celestial appearance of the rainbow. It can depict the symbol of the rainbow in the form of togetherness as well. Graphic design has the ability to complement your designs while adding a show stopping flare.

5. Give a texture to the rainbow

If you are planning to create a visual treat for your audiences, then texture is the answer. It will separate your rainbow from the other mundane designs that are available in the market. Texture can create shading and depth both. Use things like paint strokes, mosaic tiles, smoke and 3D shading.

6. Reshape your rainbows

Rainbows are portrayed in full or semi arcs. The can be seen in horizontal bars as well. Your clients are used to looking at rainbows in these shapes. Hence, a good graphic design company in India will be able to use the shape in an open flower format or complete abstract form.

7. Repurpose the shape of rainbows

Rainbow is a very common word. A lot of people will just think of arcs when they hear that word. In graphic design, you can create a twist by discarding all the traditional colours. It is possible to focus on just the rainbow’s arc and create an innovative design.

8. Go crazy with rainbow colours

You can use the boldness of the rainbow in a complete different way. You can set the rainbow bomb in your design and harness its power. This approach will work tremendously but, you need to hire the best graphic design company in India for the same.     

These are the 8 different ways to use rainbow in graphic design. 

Are you looking for a prominent graphic design company in India which will help you in using rainbow in your design posts? You should get in touch with AdVoice Inc. because they have extensive experience in the field of graphic designing. With their skills and creativity they will help you in making eye-catching and attractive designs.

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good design means good business

Graphic Design: Importance of a good design and its benefits for a business

A good design will add a lot of value to your business. It helps you to stand out in front of your competitors. A lot of business owners have understood the importance of Graphic Design and thus, they choose to invest in it. Various companies are hiring professional services and top graphic design companies because they are able to connect them to their audiences in a much better way. 

However, it is vital to understand that a good design is not only restricted to a graphical representation or an innovative creative. Instead, a good design should be able to communicate and convey the right message to your audiences. Top notch designs have the power to lift up your sales and contribute a lot to your business. Hence, various organisations are understanding the power of graphic design and realising the opportunities that it can create.

There are various ways through which a design can contribute and add value to your business. Read on to find out.

1. Graphic design can create a brand image for you

A design is the most important element of branding. Good designs makes your brand memorable amongst the audiences. Customers will be able to identify it easily. Although, it is important to choose the right kind of colour, style and theme. Your design should look impeccable and innovative. Only then, the audiences will be drawn to it. 

A brand is memorable because of its good products and services. However, a customer is drawn to a brand because of a good graphic design post. If you are looking to create a brand, then make sure to hire a good graphic design company.

2. Graphic design makes your brand reliable

Our technology driven world has transformed everything in to digital. Hence, it is difficult to imagine a company without a website or social media presence. A company website has a lot of weightage as it provides the first impression of the company. Hence, having a website is quite important. Thus, putting some thought in creating a good looking website is vital and you can do that by hiring a professional graphic design company.  

You need to understand that if your visitors do not find your website engaging, they will leave immediately. Various surveys have claimed that visitors leave a particular website because of its poor design. If you are looking to form a connection with your online visitors, then choose a good website layout and design.

3. Graphic design can create a visual treat

Everyone loves aesthetic images and videos. Aesthetic graphics and pictures catch an audience’s attention. Thus, you can narrate your story with the help of an innovative graphic. Images are known to communicate the most intricate of messages easily. This is the major reason behind businesses investing in the top graphic designers.

Attractive visuals can literally change your branding game in months. Hence, it is important to use relatable and relevant designs for your business.

4. Graphic design can boost your marketing

You can look around and have millions of proofs of graphics working for successful brands. For example, you can take a look at companies like Apple and Uber. Both of them use impeccable graphics to promote their brand on various marketing platforms. Their designs are soothing and a treat to the eyes. Hence, a lot of people are attracted towards them.

The same can work for your brand as well. It is because we live in an era of online marketing. Hence, people usually get attracted to the packaging and look of it. So, it is imperative to work on your products and services but, it is crucial to market them with an aesthetic graphic. You will have to connect your brand with the audiences and you will see your sales boosting.

5. Graphic design makes things easy

Various businesses use graphs, data and statistics to represent a lot of information. However, some people find it really difficult to understand those. Instead, using visuals to convey complex information is always a good idea.


Hence, these are some of the major reasons to collaborate with a good graphic design company for your business. However, remember that good design is not only about looks but, about how they feel.

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