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Best Graphic Design Trends that you can use this year

The world of graphic designing and fashion can be said to be interrelated with each other. Fashion is such an industry where if something is trendy, it takes a couple of years for it to lose that g of being trendy. The same also stands in the field of graphic designing. If you ever decided to talk to the best graphic design company for the works of graphic designing in our business, you will see that they also agree with the same thing. Technology is advancing a bit every day. The designers nowadays possess a lot of talent and they also have the proper tools which allow them to explore their talents and creative minds the best they can. This technology allows the designers to mix and match a lot of things in order to come up with something which can be considered trendy and loveable. As a result, the visual aesthetic rise in the graphic design trends has only been increasing in the past couple of years. A lot of trends have come into existence because of this advancement of the technology and how the designers can use the process of permutation and combination to get themselves new designs and trends. 

Read on to find some of the most famous trends in the field of graphic designs that are brought into the world by graphic design company:

• Proper Gradients

Gradients are something that can be said to be a very old method. This is one such method which was not only confined to the older days but is also very much in trend in today’s world too. Gradients are actually what are supposed to be the add-one which will help in improving the style statement of the presentation in power-point. Like the numerous other trends there, this trend was losing its touch as the time passed by. However, it was brought back by the app called ‘Instagram’ which is a very well established social media platform. The gradient was thus brought back among the trends and it once again made its place and is now used regularly in making websites and logos.

• Use Bold Serifs

If you know your fonts well, you will know that there is a large number of fonts made available to the graphic designers for them to work with. Exploring different fonts is also a very effective way in which there can be an enhancement in the of the interface design. The font can be made thick or thin, depending on which one suits the website. If you use Bold Serif, it is one of the trendy fonts as it brings a touch of nostalgia to the modern texts.

• The using of the semi-flat design

The flat designs that are two dimensional made use of those bold colour palettes and provided the page with a lot of white space, which in turn could be filled by the colours provided by the palate so that the colours can charm the customers or clients with its appeal.However, this is a 2-D hack which is currently also being used in case of 3-Dimensional designs too.The designers are now working their designs in such a way so that they can gain the forefront by making sure that they create visual grading using shadows.

• Make sure to use movements

One of the major graphic design trends is using gifs. Make sure to use enough gifs and small videos. These things seem to make the website seem more interactive. These also bring in higher conversation rates on your website. This combination of audio and video has proved to be a lot helpful for the website.

• Make sure that the logos are responsive 

Mobiles phones are now gadgets that everyone has. With a smartphone in everyone’s hand nowadays, you can be sure that most of your clients and customers will get access to you website through their mobile phones. If your logos are responsive, they act as a saviour and can be a lot helpful if they want to match the size and designs needed for the logo to be mobile friendly.

These are only a few of the graphic design trends that have captured the market now. Any of the best graphic design company you talk to, they will follow these trends to make sure that your website has a unique tint to it.

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