Logo Designs can Attract Your Potential Clients

6 Proven Ways : Your Logo Design Attract Your Potential Clients

Designing a logo for your company is one of the most creative jobs. In the line of work of making a logo design, where you have to constantly keep working on yourself to make sure that you are making improvements and you have to keep yourself up-to-date with every little trend and design. Since this is a creative field, practising these skills is always one of the best ways in which you can make sure that you are not stuck in one place and are making progress. However, apart from just practising, there are also several other things that you can do to improve yourself. If you have plans of working in a Logo Design Company in future, you have to make sure that whatever you do, you do it with passion, and that you are putting in all of your efforts too. 

There are certain tips and tricks that the logo design companies or freelancers follow in order to make sure that their works are better and unique than the others. Make sure to read the following stops to learn ultimate ways logo designs can make an impact on the customers and clients.

• Make sure that your research discoveries are up to the mark

Creativity is a huge part of making a logo design, yes. However, it is not enough in your reaching your full potential in the said field. You also need to make sure that the logo that you are making is good enough to fulfil the needs, requirements and expectations of your clients. To attain this goal, you have to keep extra care that you have done a very detailed research before you have designed the logo. 

These will help you in making sure that the logo you have designed is sending the correct message. Make sure that you know enough about the company, the business line of the company and all such details before you make the logo for it. If you don’t know these pieces of information, you won’t be able to make the logo properly. You can also check out their websites, pamphlets and other such sources of information. Talk to the client thoroughly about what they want to make sure that you are able to serve them according to their needs.

• Make sure that you Understand the Company properly

Before you start making the logo, it is important that you understand the company. Ask questions to your client. Any questions you have about their company make sure you know everything that you can reflect through the logo. A good logo has enough power to give a visual of the company to the customers, and to make that good of a logo, you need to ask necessary questions. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

• Focus on mobile in the beginning

The number of smart phone users in the world is increasing rapidly. So first, just assume that the website of the company is going to be accessed from a mobile phone. Make the logo accordingly. Keep the logo simple and use your creativity to make it catchy still. These simple logos are much underrated but these are one of the best ones since they appear clean, tidy and not crowded.

• Don’t be stuck in your comfort zone, even for fonts 

Some of the logo designers mostly stick to the older fonts as they feel uncomfortable to use the new ones. However, using the new ones means doing a lot of creative experiments which re actually good for your creativity as well as the logo you are creating. There are a lot of programmes that allows you to get access to new free fonts.

• Make sure to have inspirations

Check out as many posts with logo designs as you can. Check out the works of students, professional freelancers and other logo design company too. These will give you lots of ideas to work with in future.

• Make sure to make the right impact 

Make sure that you use all the necessary information in making the logo so that you can make the right impression on the minds of the clients and customers seeing the logo. It needs to hit the people on their subconscious to make then indulge in the company or the product.

Make sure to follow these tips in order to achieve the ultimate ways logo designscan impress people.

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Latest Trends in Packaging Design

7 Trends in Graphic & Packaging Design to Triumph the Customers

If you are working in the field of graphic design, you should know about all the trends existing in the world of graphic design right now. However, it is an important that you do not just know about the trends but understand them too. Latest trends in packaging design are such things that one of them can be the top most trend and the other one might to fail to make even a little impact. The driving force behind these trends, which make sure whether they will work or not, depend on the designs that are behind them. The word design refers toall of these three – packaging design, logo design, and also website making. 

Packaging design is an extremely important aspect of the company as it can later impact the sale of the product, the branding of the company and also the growth and development of the business. Therefore it is extremely important that the packaging design is up to the mark. The graphic design is the part of design which is responsible for the proper marketing of the product and the company was well.

The packaging design is one such factor which also conveys the quality of the product to your customers. It creates an impression on the minds of the people and if the packaging design is not good enough, the customers might just assume without even trying the products that it won’t be good. Therefore it is important that you pay attention to the packaging design of the product. 

On the other hand, graphic design portrays to the customers and clients the quality of the service you will provide to them. It gives the brand a unique image.

Even the designers can do with a bit of tips which help them to pan how to go about their work. Read on to find a few of the latest trends in packaging design and graphic design as well – 

• Look to it if you can make the package transparent

This one trick is the most useful in case of food items. In case of food products, the packaging only not enough to convince the buyers. In this case, if the package is transparent, it allows the customers to see inside the package and judge the product by themselves. Letting the customers know what they are purchasing is always a good decision. They show good ethics and as a result, it helps you to gain the trust of your customer.

• Adopt Illustrations

If you can make a human connection with any form of hand drawn graphic art or icon is one of the best things you can do. Following this trend brings a tinge of reality to your design and a lot of people really appreciate this trick. When you have a hand drawn art, it brings an emotional connection with the customers and thus the customers feel like they can connect better to the company now.

• The packaging design must convey your brand message

It is important that the people understand from the packaging design the motto, vision, mission and aim of your company. The message should be such that the people can feel that they can trust this company and try out the product.


• Go Vintage

Feeling a little bit of nostalgia has always made people emotional. The advancement of technology is always appreciated, but going vintage as a different kind of feeling overall. However, it is important that you maintain the balance between modernity and sharpness.

• Logo

Make sure that the logo design is a simple which is also easy to recognise. Logos are actually the designs which later turn into the face of the company. If the logo is responsive, it increases the conversation rates in your website. Another point is that to make sure that the logo is adjustable to the size of the website so that they can fit to the size of the browser.

• Use Cinema-graphs in graphics

Make sure to use gifs and very small videos to get the attention of the customers. These moving pictures are in trend and are something that increases the interest of the people a lot.

• Use a Modern Layout

Breaking information into chunks is only possible if you use a modular layout, which fortunately is also one of the latest trends in the world of design.

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logo design mistakes

5 proven ways to avoid these Logo Design Mistakes

Building a brand is an important step for every business. A lot of time, energy, efforts and money go behind it. However, branding pays back in ways that you can’t even imagine. At the same time, building a brand in this competitive market is a task. You need to be really focused and dedicated to your business for the same. So, when you start building a brand, you need an impeccable logo. It is the first step of branding. Your logo design should be eye catching, convincing and attractive so that your customers remember it easily. 

Creating a logo is a very simple and easy job for a business. This is because the market is saturated with various graphic designers. However, hiring a professional graphic designing company in India, will work in your favour. Although, there are certain cases where your graphic designer can make some common set of mistakes which can make your logo look unattractive. 

There are certain common logo design mistakes that you as a business might face. Tell your graphic designer to avoid these mistakes so that your logos look attractive.

1. Bad Lines

A graphic designer is supposed to draw and modify the letters and design elements within a logo. You must make sure that all the lines and points in the logo must be smooth and have a clean transition in the logo. You can gauge some logos from afar only. Certain lines in the letters are bendy and it does not look nice at all. 

Logo design files comprises of various lines and points. When the logo is small, such errors are not noticeable. However, if you enlarge the file, you will be able to see these errors easily. Thus, you should hire an efficient logo design company, so that they can fix such issues easily.

2. Missing Fonts

It is possible to use any font to create your logo. When you have given the creative freedom to your graphic designer, they tend to get creative. Now, the problem arises when your designer uses a particular fonts and you do not have that font in your computer. Your computer will not be able to read that font and thus, it is known as missing font. 

However, a missing font is substituted by another font that is available. Although, it is a problem as people who do not have that font will not be able to view it. A professional logo design company will be able to solve this problem easily. An important step is to outline the letters used in the logo. Thus, they become an artwork instead of logo and so, it can be easily viewed on any computer.

3. Too many fonts

Having a creative logo is a very good thing but, creativity has no limits. However, it can create hindrance when your designer chooses to use a lot of fonts in a small space. Readability is very low as it gets irritating for a viewer to process the information. Thus, experts suggest on using two different fonts only. Do not commit to this logo design mistake.

4. Improper Alignment 

This is one of the worst logo design mistake. Logo design should be in proper alignment if it needs to be visually pleasing. If something is misbalanced, it will disturb the overall look of the design. However, graphic designers pay a lot of attention to align their design but, sometimes certain things can go messy.

This issue can also be identified once the logo is magnified. Any logo design company will be able to fix this issue.

5. Do not rely on colour only

Colours are very important when designing a logo. Colour can attract your clients and make a simple logo in to attractive one. However, do not rely on colour only as they will not be able to boost your brand identity. Always use classic combinations or monochrome colour scheme as it will impact in a better way.


These were some of the logo design problems that you must cater. Discuss with a logo design company at length and they will surely cater to your concern.  

Do you need a graphic designing company in India for your logo design needs? You should consider AdVoice Inc. for this as they have an astounding graphic design profile in India. The company has an aesthetic sense. Please visit their website to know more.

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elements of a brand

6 Elements of Brand to gain proven heights in business

Branding is a crucial word in today’s business world. Almost all the companies of the world have adopted various branding strategies. However, branding is still one of the most misunderstood word by many. A lot of business owners often fail to understand that branding is not only about logo design and style. They are a part of branding but, there is a lot more to that. A lot of businesses fail to recognise the potential of branding and what it can do for your business. Business owners are interested in creating a logo alone. They usually hire a good graphic design company in India for creating logos. However, there is more to branding strategy than creating a logo.

Why do you need a brand for your business and not just a logo? Well, read on to find out.

What is a logo?

A logo design simply serves as an identification for your company. It symbolises the products and services that you are going to offer to your potential customers. It is a symbol which defines the name of your company. Well, it is not a strategy. For example, your name is your identification but, it does not describe who you are. A logo design is the same thing. It can serve a limited purpose only.

Thus, make a clear and simple logo design. It should be readable and understandable. Complex logos distract the audiences and fail to communicate with them. However, every business demands a name and a logo. Thus, a logo plays an important part in your brand identity.

What is branding?

A brand is usually an emotion. It describes the feelings of the audiences based on what they feel when they make an interaction with your company. Branding concludes as an emotional experience, where you will share your story as a business owner. It also shares the details of what your company is planning to do in the market and what are your values as a company. A brand should portray the values, vision, mission and even your personality in front of the audiences.

When you do this, people feel connected with you. They can form a relationship of trust with your product and services. Branding also helps you stand out among your contenders. Thus, a brand is much more than just a logo design. It offers a lot of value to your business.

When you start planning a branding strategy, make sure that you are consistent and innovative. It will help you stand out in the market. Also, get a logo from a reputed graphic design company in India. This is because they will understand your agenda and help you create a logo based on that. Just make the strategy intriguing so that people connect with it easily.

The 6 elements of a brand

Words or copy

This part basically includes your taglines and description of your business. It also comprises of all the call to actions.


It includes everything from logos, style, images and fonts. A lot of businesses spend a lot of time on this part as they feel this is a very important step. However, it is important to understand that pictures will shine when other elements are proper.


This is an important step. It describes what your business stands for. It also includes the value adding factors that your business provides in a customer’s life.


This is a component that depends on the audiences. It describes how your customers view your brand.


This component includes the story of your brand and its journey. You need to communicate with your audiences and tell them that how did you think of this business. Also, how are you solving the problems of your customers? This component of branding is all about gaining attention of the audiences with the help of storytelling.


This particular part describes the expectations of your customers from you. Also, how you can have a different approach to create value adding services to retain them.


A strong brand will help you in many ways. It gives the right information to your audiences and compels them to connect with your brand. This gives you sales and loyal customers as well.

However, only professionals will be able to help you create a good brand identity. For this purpose, you should get in touch with Advoice because it is an innovative graphic design company in India. The company is experienced in creating brand identity, logo design, social media design and much more.

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