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Why should you start with a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy today- The complete beginner’s guide?

Social media marketing has changed the business dynamics. It has taken over the traditional marketing and opened a wave of possibilities and opportunities for all kinds of businesses. When you think about social media, platforms like Facebook and Twitter come to your mind first. However, nobody remembers chatting applications like WhatsApp. Although, various messenger applications have caught with social media channels in terms of users. Thus, businesses are preferring to opt for WhatsApp marketing strategy to acquire potential leads and advertise their products and services.

When it comes to messenger chat boxes, WhatsApp is one of the most popular ones. It is a very outstanding platform and is also very quick and handy to send information to people. It has millions of users worldwide and thus, it offers a lot of benefits and features.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging app that provides the option of voice and text messaging. It was launched back in 2009 and it has become very popular since then. Also, its features and flexibility have kept on updating after every passing year. WhatsApp is a free service and it can be used on the smartphone and laptop both. Apart from that, the best part about this app is that you can use it to perform calls as well.

The messenger provides so much that various businesses are planning to have a special WhatsApp marketing strategy to reach out to potential customers. This app is preferred by a lot of people because it works on various operating systems. It appeals to a lot of people as it helps with messaging drastically. With the help of cellular data and Wi-Fi, it can also help you make one to one or group video and audio calls.

Why WhatsApp design is beneficial for business?

Features and Advantages

Text messages for free

It is important to understand that you can send text messages for free while planning a WhatsApp marketing strategy. Even a normal text message given from your phone charges you for every message you send. This is the major benefit of Whatsapp and the reason behind people finding it really appealing.

However, you need to have cellular data or Wi-Fi access on your device. Only then it is possible to operate WhatsApp. Thus, a lot of businesses are using this feature to their advantage. They are getting special WhatsApp DP design made, so that their customers can identify them from there itself.

Unlimited real time messages for Whatsapp Marketing strategy

The best part about this feature is that you can send a message in real time from being anywhere in the world to your client in another part of the world. Sending real time messages can be really beneficial for your business as it is a great way to reinforce relationships and be in touch with customer feedback and demands.

Also, there is no restriction on the amount of messages you send. You can send unlimited ones and thus, as a business you can be on Whatsapp, so that your clients can contact you in real time to order, give feedback or solve a query.

Send various files with Whatsapp design

WhatsApp does not only offer texting. Apart from that, you can always send various files, images, video files, sound files and even your location. You can share multimedia messages as well. The best part is that there is no added cost for the same.

Having the liberty to send any kind of files can prove to be very beneficial for your business. This is because you can curate a video which describes your brand story or gives detailed information about your products. This will help you to keep your clients updated with aesthetic files. However, it is a good idea to contact a graphic designer for WhatsApp design post, so that your posts are visually inclined and you compel your audience to watch it.

Group messaging is very easy

With WhatsApp, you can form groups and send messages to hundreds of people at once. Apart from that, it is possible to create broadcast lists where you can send one message to various people without forming a group. Thus, with this one your message will be delivered to the customer in their personal chat only. Hence, they can reply back to you individually, without other people seeing it.

You can use this particular feature to send WhatsApp invitation design to your clients. You can use it to announce the launch of new products, coupons and even various offers. If you have a website, make sure to add that in the WhatsApp DP Design post as well.

These were some of the features which has made WhatsApp the most preferred application for entertainment and even business. However, some people are misusing WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Wrong Myths about WhatsApp Marketing Strategy and disastrous practises

There are a lot of businesses that are indulging in to disastrous practises because they find it easy. However, it is important to understand that these shortcuts and practises can bring disastrous results and your business will reach a stagnant point, instead of growing.

A lot of companies prefer to buy data and send a group message on those numbers. The problem there is that you do not know if they are your target audience. For example, you might be selling toys for children. Now, messaging with bought data can be disastrous because you might be sending your WhatsApp DP design to teenagers or young adults who do not have a child. So, buying data and spending money will not offer you any ROI because it is not targeted.

Also, buying and selling data is illegal. Apart from that, some of the numbers are switched off or do not even exist. Hence, it can be a complete waste of your investment for WhatsApp marketing strategy. Apart from that, Facebook and WhatsApp both consider buying data as a violation of their rules. If someone complains for the same, they can ban your business from using WhatsApp completely.

Apart from that, there is a different way of using WhatsApp DP design for business.

Differentiation between WhatsApp Standard and WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has been specially launched for business owners who want to indulge themselves in to WhatsApp marketing strategy. It works in the same manner but, it does have added benefits and features. The purpose of WhatsApp is to connect businesses and clients instead of connecting friends and family.

Things that you can do with WhatsApp Business

With WhatsApp business, you can create a business profile and add details about your company, location and even its website. You can get a special WhatsApp DP design made from an experienced graphic designer, so that your profile looks professional.

It is possible to message your customers by sending them updates and even answering their questions. The business version helps you have a better WhatsApp design and thus, you can use it to your maximum benefit. You can create a presence easily and communicate more efficiently to grow your business.

The best part about WhatsApp business is that you can even use tools to automate the complete communication process. You can interact with your customers quickly and automate some of your responses. Once you start a business profile, make sure to create a WhatsApp invitation design for your clients.

The other added advantage of this is that you can create sales funnel of messages with subjective products. You can send the main message to all your clients and then, send the next set of messages to consumers who show interest in your first WhatsApp design post.

WhatsApp business profile has a similar logo to the regular WhatsApp profile. However, the green bubble contains a symbol of white B instead of the black phone symbol.

How to attain the WhatsApp Business verified badge for your account?

It is important to understand that a verified symbol is important for your Whatsapp marketing strategy. It is a verification of trust and thus, clients will be more comfortable contacting you.

Initially, WhatsApp was providing this badge to only big brands like Makemytrip, RedBus, and Goibibo among various others. However, now they are giving these badges to more and more businesses.

Advantages of acquiring the WhatsApp business verification badge

1. A standardised green tick
2. Complete access to WhatsApp APIs which will help in sending notifications
3. Access to WhatsApp CRMs to manage customer support with shared inbox and bot automation

If you are aiming to become a brand, then you must aim to get the verified badge as, it will help you attract a large following of consumers.

For getting the verified badge for your WhatsApp design, you will have to get a business API. You might require a certain amount of money for the same but, eventually the complete process will be worth it.

The correct WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

It is important to understand that just plainly sending messages is not going to help you acquire profits and leads. You need to have a clear and concise strategy for the same.

• Use WhatsApp invitation design to build awareness about your brand by sending in creative images and videos.
• Make sure to organise the data of your prospective clients. Always form different broadcast lists for new and existing clients. It is important to understand that there should be a separate broadcast list for your loyal customers as well. This can be done to be in touch and send follow up WhatsApp design posts to the clients.
• Have patience. It might take time for people to contact you on WhatsApp but, those who reach you there will be genuine clients who will be interested in your WhatsApp DP design.
• It is important to understand that audiences do not report or spam your Whatsapp design posts. This may be hazardous for your business. Hence, send messages to clients who are interested in your company and brand. They will not report you as you will be providing some value to them.
• WhatsApp has also introduced a payment gateway for money transfers with UPI and other media. Thus, it is a good idea to install this for your WhatsApp marketing strategy. So, engage with that and get your business done promptly.
• It is also a very important tool as it helps to stay in touch with prospective and existing clients. Thus, it is a good idea for you to treat is as a mini application for customer relationship management a.k.a CRM.
• You can also use tools to know the statistics of people opening your messages. However, the ratio of opening messages in pretty high when it comes to WhatsApp and thus, you should indulge in the marketing.

How to form a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

The main reason to use WhatsApp for business is that more than 60 billion messages are sent through it worldwide. This just means that your existing and potential customers are already on WhatsApp. However, it is important to understand that WhatsApp does not sell ad space or have business marketing features like Facebook. Thus, you have to dive in to an innovative approach with your WhatsApp invitation design.

Thus, it is important to have an innovative WhatsApp DP design so that it catches the attention of your customers easily. Apart from that, it is important to engage and connect with your audience regularly. Also, send those offers and information on new and existing products regularly. This WhatsApp marketing strategy will help you to generate repeat orders without violating WhatsApp policy at all.

Why is it important to have a WhatsApp design?

Social media marketing is all about being visual. If you want to catch your audience’s attention, then you must have an innovative WhatsApp design. Curate posts, GIFs and even videos to stand out. This is because there are a lot of other businesses messaging them as well. If you want your post to be the deciding buying factor, then you must be creative and different. Thus, such innovative WhatsApp invitation designs can prove to be really beneficial for you.


These were some of the basics of WhatsApp marketing strategy. It is a powerful tool and, if used to your advantage, it can do wonders for you. Make sure to create a brand persona while chatting with your clients as it leaves a good impression. Also, choose to offer one to one help for the uses and benefits of a particular product or service. You can also choose to offer discreet advice and services to your high end clients.

Apart from that, hire a graphic designer to make your Whatsapp DP design and WhatsApp invitation design. It will definitely set you apart from the rest. Focus on innovative strategies so that it helps you to gain ROI in the longer run.

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