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Why Bigger isn’t the Best for Logo Designing?

There is a saying, which states that the bigger the better. This saying goes everywhere, no matter what it is, we always prefer if it is bigger, even if it is rivers, mountains, fruits, food, rooms, everything. However, there are some things which have nothing to do with this saying. The Logos that are there for every company fall under this category. Bigger isn’t the best for logo designing.

Logos make the first visual impact on your customer. Therefore, these are truly extremely important. If you ask any graphic designing company, you will know that most professional graphic designers prefer to have the logo in a suitable size. Often people think that bigger logo means more information, but that is a wrong concept.

A logo is supposed to be small and easy to remember. Therefore, big is an enemy in case of logos.

Big logos are not acceptable in mobile applications and even websites. When you have a smaller logo, it goes well with the mobile apps. In the case of logos for mobile apps, you have to concentrate more on the size. This will then turn out to be the smallest identity of your brand and yet it will also take the responsibility of conveying the maximum information about your company to the people in a very realistic way. If the logo will be of a bigger size, it will also be responsible for causing the over-crowding of the screen and will be distractive to the attention of the people. The logo should be small, tidy, and should catch the attention of the people.

When you have the responsibility of logo designing, you have to understand that this seemingly easy job is not actually that very easy. The logo is a small image which turns to be the face of the company, as visually, that is what the customers will remember you with. Most people don’t understand the importance of a good logo, until they have actually dealt with it. Apart from the size, there are also a number of other things that matter in it. Read on to find some of the matters that are extremely important when it comes to designing a logo –

• Stick to the original 16 colours pallet

With the speed that the technology has advanced over time, the graphic designers now get a lot more options in choosing the colours for the logo. The enhanced colours have a lot smoothness and depth. Even though these new colours have a lot of variations, there are a lot of things that vary here. In the previous set, there were only sixteen colours of extremely high quality, these sixteen colours are also known as the original colour pallet. Even though variety of colours is a priority for logo designing, sticking to the original colours will also give them a good depth and better hues.

• The best policy is readability and reliability

Two of the most important and necessary concepts of logo designing are readability and reliability. It is extremely important for your company that the logo conveys the important message and visions of your company, the offers you provide and the services you give as well. Apart from this, the logo should also convey the needs of the audience and refer to their side as well. You can also see to it that the logo has some connection to a parent brand which might also be a big help in branding and promoting.

• Make sure the logo is simple and clean

Mobile screens are much smaller than laptops. Therefore that is one of the important factors is that the logo remains, small, clean and tidy. Bigger isn’t the best for logo designing. Make sure to use your creativity as much necessary and to make the logo beautiful and trendy, but too much of it will only lead to a disaster. Too much of it will only take it away from its serious purpose of gaining information and will only stand to be a pretty image

One of the major graphic design trends is using gifs. Make sure to use enough gifs and small videos. These things seem to make the website seem more interactive. These also bring in higher conversation rates on your website. This combination of audio and video has proved to be a lot helpful for the website.

• Make sure that the logos are responsive 

Mobiles phones are now gadgets that everyone has. With a smartphone in everyone’s hand nowadays, you can be sure that most of your clients and customers will get access to you website through their mobile phones. If your logos are responsive, they act as a saviour and can be a lot helpful if they want to match the size and designs needed for the logo to be mobile friendly.

It takes a good portion of effort to utilise the sixteen colours for designing animaginative, advanced, enlightening, relevant, readable, humble, fresh, and unique logo. If you can make sure that your logo stands out then you are doing it great. Logo crafting is the art of balancing; you have to mixall in the right amount to make something faultless.

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