5 web design trends

5 web design trends in 2020 that suits your business for best look

A lot of business and design trends have changed over time. Every time a change happens, it brings a lot of different features with it. Modern websites are a treat to the eyes. They are user friendly and offer an extravaganza experience to the audiences. The site have not only got better in appearance but, they are better in response as well. Many graphics design company in India are striving to create websites that are responsive on all the devices. A lot of different styles have developed over the years. Flat styles are also quite popular. However, some people question the future of these designs while some experts believe that they are the future. 

Although, many new trends are explored with the current ongoing trends. We have listed some of the major trends that are running right now. Please read on to find out.

1. Bigger Images

You might have spotted bigger images on the top of websites. This particular trend has received a lot of popularity instantly. Almost every website owner started following this web design trend. This is because is made the website look clutter free as a lot of text was not used in the images. Secondly, the images are usually done by a professional graphics design company in India. Hence, they are visually aesthetic as well. Also, the websites look neat and clean because of this wonderful trend. This particular trend will be continued for a long time. The text have their own importance but, the visual aid is always better.

2. Storytelling

Content has always been the king when it comes to the web world. Content is important on those large images on your website. At the same time, it is important in the website as well. However content made a comeback in a complete different form. As human beings, we are always intrigues to hear various stories. You cannot deny the influence it has on your mind. These days content is in the form of a story on the website. It actually adds on to the branding strategy and connects with the audiences. 

It is because such inspiring stories catch a lot of attention of the audiences. Your content can cover the story of how you started and what problems you faced. At the same time, you can also cover your future plans as well. Sometimes, you can weave a story with the help of graphics as well. Just contact a professional graphics design company in India and they will help you achieve it.

3. Flat but not also flat

Well, got confused reading that web design trend? Well, it simply means that it is flat-ish but, not exactly flat. You need to make things appear as if they were real. This is because human sensibility connects to things that are lively. Flat elements were working in 2018 but, the trends changed completely in 2019. Designers started experimenting and making flat lays livelier in the graphics.

4. Video Content

Video content is really appreciated by the audiences these days. It is gaining popularity quickly. They have a better presentation style and the audiences are intrigued in it for a lot of time. You can also receive a lot of engagement on this type of content. Videos have made their entry on websites as well. Businesses are finding it easy to create a video of their products and services. The audiences also understand the value of the product and get attracted to make a purchase.

5. Typography

High end typographies work really well on websites. Also, it is predicted to be more popular in the coming years. A lot of designs and style are available on web these days. A lot of graphic designers are using them to make attractive websites. The best part is that these fonts are free of cost and thus, you can use them frequently. These fonts also give a great look and highlight important points in a paragraph.


These were some of the web design trends that you should totally dig in to. Discuss them with your graphic designer and make attractive designs for your business. 

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