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5 proven ways to avoid these Logo Design Mistakes

Building a brand is an important step for every business. A lot of time, energy, efforts and money go behind it. However, branding pays back in ways that you can’t even imagine. At the same time, building a brand in this competitive market is a task. You need to be really focused and dedicated to your business for the same. So, when you start building a brand, you need an impeccable logo. It is the first step of branding. Your logo design should be eye catching, convincing and attractive so that your customers remember it easily. 

Creating a logo is a very simple and easy job for a business. This is because the market is saturated with various graphic designers. However, hiring a professional graphic designing company in India, will work in your favour. Although, there are certain cases where your graphic designer can make some common set of mistakes which can make your logo look unattractive. 

There are certain common logo design mistakes that you as a business might face. Tell your graphic designer to avoid these mistakes so that your logos look attractive.

1. Bad Lines

A graphic designer is supposed to draw and modify the letters and design elements within a logo. You must make sure that all the lines and points in the logo must be smooth and have a clean transition in the logo. You can gauge some logos from afar only. Certain lines in the letters are bendy and it does not look nice at all. 

Logo design files comprises of various lines and points. When the logo is small, such errors are not noticeable. However, if you enlarge the file, you will be able to see these errors easily. Thus, you should hire an efficient logo design company, so that they can fix such issues easily.

2. Missing Fonts

It is possible to use any font to create your logo. When you have given the creative freedom to your graphic designer, they tend to get creative. Now, the problem arises when your designer uses a particular fonts and you do not have that font in your computer. Your computer will not be able to read that font and thus, it is known as missing font. 

However, a missing font is substituted by another font that is available. Although, it is a problem as people who do not have that font will not be able to view it. A professional logo design company will be able to solve this problem easily. An important step is to outline the letters used in the logo. Thus, they become an artwork instead of logo and so, it can be easily viewed on any computer.

3. Too many fonts

Having a creative logo is a very good thing but, creativity has no limits. However, it can create hindrance when your designer chooses to use a lot of fonts in a small space. Readability is very low as it gets irritating for a viewer to process the information. Thus, experts suggest on using two different fonts only. Do not commit to this logo design mistake.

4. Improper Alignment 

This is one of the worst logo design mistake. Logo design should be in proper alignment if it needs to be visually pleasing. If something is misbalanced, it will disturb the overall look of the design. However, graphic designers pay a lot of attention to align their design but, sometimes certain things can go messy.

This issue can also be identified once the logo is magnified. Any logo design company will be able to fix this issue.

5. Do not rely on colour only

Colours are very important when designing a logo. Colour can attract your clients and make a simple logo in to attractive one. However, do not rely on colour only as they will not be able to boost your brand identity. Always use classic combinations or monochrome colour scheme as it will impact in a better way.


These were some of the logo design problems that you must cater. Discuss with a logo design company at length and they will surely cater to your concern.  

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