Riansh Brings To Mind A Feeling Of ‘A Ready To Cook Range Of Food’

Riansh, the name instantly reminds us of authentic, and a ready to cook range of food. We took up the responsibility to design the logo of Riansh. The members at Riansh was as engaged in the process as the rest of our team. Before starting with the work, we had a thorough discussion with the team of Riansh regarding its ideas, representation, and goal. We were focused on creating a brand identity that would help in promoting the Riansh’s business. With the perfect blend of ideas, we planned to deliver an elementary logo design where the graphic would be easily comprehensible. We stressed on the company’s branding while working. The ultimate purpose is to reach the target audience without much hassle and portray the USP of Riansh. We made sure that the audience should understand the uniqueness of Riansh with the logo for automatically forming a great brand image.

How our designing equipment helped us create the logo design faster?

Ours is a graphic designing firm based in Ahmedabad, where we prioritise simplicity and keep our eyes fixed on the client’s demands. Our primary agenda towards this assignment was to form a prominent brand identity for Riansh. The representation needs to be artsy and grab the viewers’ attention in an instant. We feel that graphic design is an art best expressed through clarity and intelligibility. Using several elements within a logo increases the perplexity and cuts down on purpose. We perceived this logo from the meaning of the term ‘Riansh’ that is ‘Ray of Sun’. Our designing team depicted the same in a completely different way by using the basic elements of nature that is the sun and a leaf. We designed the logo in a unique manner such that it creates the letter R of Riansh quite differently. We used the right colour variation to give the logo a proper dimension along with a sense of reality. Therefore, we needed to create something where the brand identity flashes before the user’s eyes when they use any Riansh product.

The first step began with our search for an earthly colour. It would signify what the brand stands for and believes in. Our shortlisted logo design exceeded hundreds of samples.
The process was extensive but never exhaustive. There was an overflow of ideas and concepts that we incorporated and design techniques used. Finally, we came up with a magnificent company logo. Furthermore, we used the right colour variation to give the logo a proper dimension along with a sense of reality.. Thus, a brand identity is easily created with innovative, efforts and dedication from our end.

How did the graphic design of the logo help in the branding of Riansh?

Our logo design for Riansh was, in every way a mirror image if their ethics and function. Our design was so poignant and perceptive that Riansh decided to use it even in their packaging design. We were indeed thrilled to see the connection made between the farm’s identity and its purpose through our efforts. Our client was satisfied with the results. Soon, the graphic design made by us was used for their marketing platforms, advertisements, merchandise etc. A customer base was easily created who identified the logo and recognised the brand easily. This gave the company a much wider acknowledgement.

What is the need for using the logo on the packaging?

The visual impact of anything attractive stays longer in human minds. Whenever a client sees the logo design on Riansh’s packages, they remember it more. As they see it more, a trust is automatically built up with the brand, and that is how a client base with thousands of people get associated with one brand name. The packaging design was much appreciated by the clients of Riansh who thought there was an authenticity attached to it.

Thus, in the entire process of logo designing, AdVoice as much a part of Riansh as the rest of the team working inside the organisation. Each of the team members was dedicated and passionate concerning their work. The ideas from the team members of Riansh regarding the graphic design of the logo were given a practical and beautiful shape by the entire team of AdVoice. We at AdVoice made use of the foundation principles of design approach to come up with the best solution in this regard.

So, at any point in time, you are in search of the leading graphic design company in Ahmedabad, no other option would be as good as AdVoice in this regard. We have a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced graphic designers who cater to the varied needs of users in the best possible manner.

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